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My favorite games of the 2012 - Best of the best ^^

Hi there guys! ;)

It's time for me to make the list of the best games of the 2012 in my opinion and also I will reveal my game of the year. All right then, let the good times roll baby! :D

Best action adventure games:

5. Dishonored

4. Ninja Gaiden 3 - Yeah, for me the game is pretty good

3. Resident Evil 6

2. Assassin's Creed III

And the number one is... Hitman Absolution!

Best third person perspective shooter:

3. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

2. Neverdead

And the number one is... Binary Domain!

Best first person shooter:

For me, only Far Cry 3 counts.

Best role playing game:

3. Final Fantasy XIII-2

2. Dragon's Dogma

And the winner is... The Last Story!

Best racing Game:

Need for Speed: Most Wanted!

Best action/puzzle game:

2. Deadlight

The winner is... The Walking Dead!

Best sports and action game:

WWE 2013!


The title of The Game of the Year 2012 goes to... HITMAN: ABSOLUTION! This game is stunning and highly addictive. I started playing it the second time right after I beat it which means that Hitman: Absolution made a HUGE impact on me. I really like Hitman games, but Absolution is one of a kind.


My top 10 'MUST HAVE' games

Hi there! ;)

Here it is guys - my top 10 must have games. I really can't wait to play these titles. Man, I'm so excited hehe. Cheers! ;)

TOP 10:

10) Medal of Honor Warfighter - PS3 - This FPS finally looks pretty good. The story and characters seem to be interesting so I will give it a try.

9) Need For Speed Most Wanted - PS3 - I like NFS racing franchise very much that's why new Most Wanted is on my list.

8) Metal Gear Revengeance - PS3 - a slice and dice MGS game? Why not? :)

7) Far Cry 3 - Xbox 360 - interesting story, an island and protagonist who finally can talk. This can be a really good Far Cry game.

6) Watch Dogs - Xbox 360 - My biggest surprise this E3. WOW! This game sure can be superb.

and now top 5:

5) Residen Evil 6 - PS3 - I hope to see some scary moments and stuff like that instead of never ending action.

4) DMC (Devil May Cry) - PS3 - I will give this new DMC a chance and I'm gonna find out if new/old Dante is really as awesome as he was before.

3) Assassins Creed III - Xbox 360 - This third installment looks absolutely stunning and I'm talking about both the gameplay and graphics.

2) The Last of Us - PS3 - A game made by Naughty Dog simply can't be bad and the gameplay videos of this title prove that it will be one of the best games on PS3.


1) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist - Xbox 360 - An absolute must have for me. I love Splinter Cell series and Sam Fisher is one of my best characters. Unfortunately Michael Ironside is out so this made me VERY ANGRY. Michael Ironside IS Sam Fisher. Bad decision Ubisoft. But despite this fact I'm gonna buy new Splinter Cell for sure.

Binary Domain - beat the game and overall it's awesome!

Hi there :)

I beat Binary Domain and all in all, the game is just outstanding. The characters are really interesting, especially the protagonist - Dan Marshall, the plot is very dynamic and the overall gameplay is fantastic. I can say that I really cared for each person in the team. I'm surprised that Binary Domain is such a great game. This title is so underestimated. I really hope to see the sequel. I know I'll sound funny or weird but in my opinion, Binary Domain is better than Gears of War. Really recommend buyin' the title.

From me, it gets 10/10.

My favorite racing game of 2011 - Need for Speed: The Run!

Hi there! ;)

I decided that my favorite racing game of 2011 is gonna be Need for Speed: The Run. I completely disagree with so bad scores which this game received. In my opinion The Run is a very exciting and dynamic racing game. The story mode is really interesting and addictive and the racing duels are just amazing. I love the cars and the climatic soundtrack which this title offers. Really recommend NfS: The Run to each and every racing games' fans. :D