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I say $250. The PSP was $250 on launch day and that was in 2005. Just my thought.

Funny thing is that consumers will be dumb enough to purchase it no matter how much it turns out to be. If you just wait a little while you'll find better colors, better bundles (free game bundle), gift card offers, etc etc.


I don't find funny getting a console at launched. What do you call a little? What i find funny is ignorant people with the money who want a console and keep waiting up to 4 years for a price drop and then they keep babbling thinking they are more intelligent. I prefer getting the console i want the first or second year and start having fun and playing games than waiting 3 or more years like a loser having the money. It's been a long time and the DS has only keep increasing in price. Do people wait for the next iphones and ipods before getting one? LIFE CAN TAKE MANY TURNS. IT'S BETTER TO LIFE THE PRESENT THAN THE FUTURE.


Well I don't think it's very intelligent to buy consoles at launch time except for the unusual situation of being very rich. Of course it's better to wait until at least the biggest teething troubles have been solved. Let's look, for example, at the 360: The slim version maybe is the first version that really works and yet people still have to wait to see what other buyers will report about it; for example if there still are major problems like RRoD, etc. Fully living in the present is as foolish as in the future; it should be a good mixture of both since you're a thinking living being thus being able to plan ahead which contrasts people in this society from animals.