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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

I don't really understand why Gamespot even thinks about publishing such a low quality video like which is below their standard. I mean, even if you watch the HQ-version, the quality really is bad but that shouldn't be the point. Having played Castlevania since the GameBoy- and NES-era, I pretty much wonder why this game should be called 'Castlevania'. Belmont doesn't look like he's a Vampire Hunter but more like a face copy of a rockstar, which is ridiculous. I wonder how many times they want to try to make a Castlevania in 3D only to see each time how it fails. If you look here at you will realize that a game of the franchise published 16.5 years in the past comes way cooler regarding the howl, the style and idea of the wolf. His flesh is rotting, the glass of the windows shed when he howls and even in death his cursed body still is twitching; giving him the finishing stroke sends him to hell with an unholy colored flame. It's Castlevania: Bloodlines. But Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is just.. Pathetic. Very, very pathetic.. The flesh not rotting, Belmont with a rockstar face, the howl at the end in the wrong time, absolutely no special effects like window glass shedding when he howls or unholy colored flame when giving him the finish stroke as well as no twitching body when his flesh is fallen apart from it; killing it like Neanderthal with a stake. And not to speak of the music.. Which always was a great factor in the series. His armor looks like.. Well, maybe they shouldn't have created those rendering scenes at all - it looks really bad. I just recommend everybody to play a game lying 16.5 years in the past to experience higher quality, way more ideas, atmosphere, first class music and a voyage through Europe included. (Oh, did I mention the idea theft from Capcom's Resident Evil 4?)