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HumbleNewb Blog

Take the Route(s) that Diverges.

by on

Time and Space traveling is a lot of fun.

This isn't a return. More like a quick visit.

Hello to you all.

Take care.

"Too much television rots your mind. But what is 'too much?'"

I'm gone, but still here.

by on

I'm leaving for a while... I've grown bored of this place.

I don't know what it is... if people are intimidated by me or what? Every time I'm into a discussion with someone(mostly me versus a group), the debate usually devolves into the other party name-calling, repeating themselves, and/or abruptly stopping their involvement when they feel they are "losing" the argument. And that leaves me quite disappointed because there are so few who can hold a worth-while learning experience. It leaves me empty. (See previous blogs with links to said debates.)

For those who've made me a contact, I should say you haven't bored me even the slightest. Though some of the familiars I'm used to chatting with have left one way or another, I have always enjoyed your company, granted that the time spent conversing with each other may be small or nonexistent(only expressed to show such factors are insignificant). Rest assured, even the newest of contacts are highly valued. Congratulations to all of you who may have accomplished something in these past few days/weeks I've been absent, and I hope nothing but the best for all of you in the future.

I don't know when I'll return to this site, but I hope each of you can forgive me. Especially those who are listed on my "Acknowledgment " blog.

However... If you want, you'll know where to find HumbleNewb. HumbleNewb will always be around.

Thanks to all of you for a new experience, an exhilarating one at that. As well, thanks to the fallen adversaries who were incapable of providing me with a fulfilled discussions(I know some of you like to read my blogs every now and then). May we meet again with both of us stronger than before.

I'll take my leave now, but leave you with this:

-Those who suppress their spirit will never understand those who have a free spirit.

-Rules established by someone else will always be broken by free-willed people. However, those same rules will never be broken by slaves.

See you later, my Friends. :)

Poor, Poor Moderators

by on

This is pretty much another epsiode of Wild Discovery of HNewb, episode 4 I think I'm on.

Check these two threads out:

Increase Moderators or Disband the Forums in the Idea Forum

Hypocritical Moderators in the Ask the Mods Forum.

I get much lulz from those two. Especially in the first thread. It baffles me to how the moderator can't acknowledge some of my points and ignores them all together. How hard is it to admit that you may be wrong about something? It's pretty much impossible to do when you think you're better than the "minority." And it's funny to see someone trying to talk to me when I told that person that I was no longer going to communiate with him. Why can't I find a decent user to have a debate with? Every person that I've debated with on here does the same thing; it's quite disappointing. Oh well, that's the nature of the internet. It produces cowards and bullies quite easily compared to the offline world.

Say what? No, not you. If you're tracking me, you are not one of those cowards/bullies. I like you. You all are my "friends." Though some of you are leaving, have left, or seldomly visit the site anymore. HNewb, signining off for now, and will probably be another month or so before I make a new blog. It all depends. "Like, whateva!" :D

Returning to the People

by on

It's been over two months since my last blog entry and the last time I have logged-in. And now, out of nowhere, I'm back.

What kind of "social" change have taken place during the time of leave?

Who's still here? Who has left?

Where has the new safe haven been established?

I've become a stranger in a familiar land, yet I hope you still view me as a comrade.

Comrade? How dare I hope for such welcome. What kind of comrade leaves her/his fellow friends for long periods of time, not helping with the good fight? I understand and I do not blame.

But, you were with me during my journey. I still fought along side you in a different, unexplainable way.

Did the effort bring forth desirable fruits? Was our labor executed in vain?

It's too early to answer those questions for the pot is still stewing.

Wild Discovery of HNewb's Folly Shenanigans Experience Ep. 3

by on

Opening Song

Episode - The Politician Lords of the New Era


This thread starts with a question pertaining to healthcare and welfare, but we all know that a topic of that nature will evolve into something further.

I make my first appearance with the 4th comment.

It burdens my soul to see people in pain, or in less favorable conditions. People shouldn't have to experience those displeasures, but it happens nonetheless. And those unfortunates should be helped, I'm not against that notion, but at what cost? I want to help people, but on my own terms. There's more than one way to help a person and no one way is right or wrong. What may be your method of aiding may come across as hindrance in my eyes.

I find this thread to be one of those few worth-while discussions in the Off-Topic Board.

Public Service Announcement - Check out a book titled "Free to Choose" by Milton Friedman. If you're going to whine and moan about your country, the least you can do is read material about how the system works. Or else, shut the Hell up. I say that with sincerity and compassion.

Closing Song

Your Blood Is Sweet

by on

Why am I making a blog? I really don't have anything to say at the moment.

Friday was the start of our Spring Break around this local area. What to do, what to do?

Once again, it's early in the morning, and I'm on the computer when I should be in bed.

My next blog will be better than this.

HumbleNewb, away! *flies away*

The Fountain of Youth

by on

Hmm. I suppose I should type an update.

Coming back on here after another long departure: This time around, it doesn't feel as weird as the last time.

It's currently 3:50 AM Central this Monday morning. I can't sleep because I'm not tired. That's what happens when you take a "nap" earlier in the day. And there is really nothing to do at a time as this other than sit around and watch some television, read a book, or get on the internet. Obviously, I'm not watching the tube, nor am I reading a book. So yeah.

I've probably missed a lot of interesting blogs and heated threads.

What else? I should do an episode 3 for my Wild Discovery series. I may do that some other time. Well, that's it for now for the update.

About the title of this blog - I have found it! I have splashed in its goodness and am now imbued with eternal youth. That is all. Time is now 4:02 AM. Good morning.

EDIT (4:45 AM): It turns out that RTS was banned! :sad:

Wild Discovery of HNewb's Folly Shenanigans Experience Ep. 2

by on

Opening Theme Song

Episode - Teach Me How to Live


Here, I graze in a field about teaching. I make another late appearance with the 10th comment. This is one of few decent threads that exist in the Off-Topic Board.

There's another thread that is somewhat similar to this one. It's called "Why do we hate high school." I may put that in the third episode. That's another decent thread that came along.

That's all I have to say about this. Read, contemplate, comment, or just ignore. Yup.

Closing Credits

Wild Discovery of HNewb's Folly Shenanigans Experience Ep. 1

by on

Man, I feel weird being back on here! I've been absent for about two weeks, I think it was, since my last log-in. I think it said the 1st of February.

But anywho, here it is: my debut blog for the new series!

Blast from the past!


That is a thread from some time back. I want the first blog to be a flashback. It's titled "Avatar: Overrated?" or something like that. It's funny, and my appearance comes at the 13th post. This thread is to show the kind of users I run into when I go posting in other areas. In fact, that's the whole point of Wild Discovery of HNewb. You can come up with any opinion you like from reading what I type or show, especially about me.

Well, that's about it for now.

And I might shorten the name of the show. That title is kind of long, but that is what makes it so funny to me.

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