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Quick Update

For those who care, I am going to be switching my blogging over to Giant Bomb. I have my first one up now. My username is HT101 so if you want to know more about what's up with me and some of my thoughts, head over there.

Party safely and have fun.


Spring Break '09

With another break comes a new blog post. In video game news, I have bought the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection which is pretty sweet but I still need to play more of the games on it as I have been playing other games. I also bought The Lost and Damned and really enjoyed it. I have all the achievements for that DLC but the achievements were not that hard. I thought it was a really good way to continue the GTA4 story through someone we met in the main story. The best part of it is of course the story but also the music they added in is truly excellent and really made the experience so much better. I am now psyched for the next part of the exclusive DLC.

The other game that I bought is Burnout Paradise and that game is pretty freaking sweet. It is so much better than Burnout Revenge and they continue to support it with awesome DLC like the Legendary Cars pack, which is one of the best buys just for the fact that you can drive a reimagining of the Dukes of Hazard car, with the horn that toots Dixie included. I am very glad that I purchased it. I now have almost 13,500 points on my gamerscore and I am going to work on 100% Mass Effect for my first 100% of a 360 game. The game that I am most excited for is the Ghostbusters game because it just looks like it will be amazing and I love Ghostbusters.

In HT news, the KSU Wildcats are in the NIT and won their first round game last night in OT. They are playing tomorrow night at San Diego State and then hopefully they will play in the 3rd round back in Manhattan. Not much else has been going on with me as I haven't bought any new DVDs so I am just waiting for summer. So in closing, have fun but party safely.


A semester's worth of updating

Well, it has been almost a half a year since I wrote a blog so I think I should put up one. In movie news, I have purchased many in the past few months including Tropic Thunder, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk plus others. I saw Quantum of Solace over my thanksgiving break and it was a good follow up to Casino Royale and it helped move the story along. It seems like Quantum will still be the focus of the next movie and that is fine with me. The movies that are coming out right now that I want to see are Valkyrie and some others that I can't think of right now.

In HT news, my computer has been on a roller coaster of a ride this semester from not being able to get on the network here at KSU to getting a trojan virus a couple of days after I was back on the network. I do like that we have an IT help desk here on campus and they do all of this work for free so I am saving hundreds of dollars most likely with the help they are providing me. I also finished my one and only final today so I will be returning to KC for Christmas break tomorrow and that lasts until January 14th or 15. I will then be going skiing over MLK Jr. weekend at Monarch Ski Resort in Colorado.

In video game news, I eclipsed the 10,000 point mark in gamerscore a month or so ago. I have been playing through GTA San Andreas and it is the most in depth of all the GTAs, including GTAIV. I would highly recommend it if you were like me and never played it before. The soundtrack for it is not as good as Vice City's but it is still much better than GTA IIIs or GTA IVs. I also played through many of the early fall releases like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Saints Row 2 and Mercs 2. They were all pretty good titles but I have turned all of them at Gamestop. Saints Row 2 was probably the biggest disappointment because it had a terrible glitch where it would freeze up randomly and that was the reason that I traded it in. Over Christmas break, I am planning to play GTA 4 again to get some of the other achievements that I missed in my first playthrough like the under 30 hours playtime, survive on 5 star wanted level, wheelie and some other ones as well. I got Gears 2 and it is truly an excellent game except for the craptastic matchmaking that keeps it from being a 9.5 for me(on a scale that goes by .5 point increments).

Keeping with the video game news, I may get Rock Band 1 and 2 along with new guitars because I am not that interested in GHWT. I will also be playing more of Oblivion and The Orange Box because I am a horrible person and I haven't played through Half Life 2, Ep 1 and Ep 2.

That is about it for me so enjoy your Christmas or whatever you and your family celebrate this time of year and your New Years festivities.

As always, party safely and enjoy life.


The Dark Knight and a Giant Explosion

Well, I saw the Dark Knight twice this past weekend and that should tell you everything you need to know about how much I liked it. For those of you who want more, all I have to say is "disappearing pencil trick" and that sums up how sweet this movie was. And if the part before this is not even, this is the best movie of the summer(better than Iron Man, Hulk, and every other movie I've seen this summer) and is the movie of the year as well. Quantum of Solace may take it's place as the best movie of the year in November, but for now, Batman and the Joker rule the year. I still need to see it in the IMAX but that will come at a later date this summer before I go back to K-State.

In gaming news, I am making my way through Saints Row, I finished Battlefield: Bad Company but I still need to play more of the multiplayer and I have not played Oblivion since I started it. That game will definitely require my full attention but it will probably have to wait since so many great games are coming out in the next few months. The games that are on my must buy list include The Force Unleashed, Mercs 2, Fracture and Saints Row 2. Some that are making their way up my list include Gears 2, Prince of Persia, RE 5(even if it's out next year sometime) and some others that I am probably missing.

The other part of my title of course refers to Giant Bomb now being open as a full website. My username there is the same as it is here so send me a friend request if you decide to go over there. I will still be here because of the NFL Union and my officership there.

In HT news, I gave my two week notice at my job last Wednesday so I have about a week left of employment at On the Border as a waiter. It has been a good job but I need to be able to enjoy at least some of my summer since I have been taking a class that finally comes to an end this week in the morning and working in the evening so I can hang with my friends and be on my 360 more, working my through some of my games and getting achievements.

In conclusion, party safely and enjoy life.


New Games!!!

Well, I bought three new games yesterday for my 360. They are Battlefield: Bad Company, Saints Row and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. All of them are excellent but I still need to try the multiplayer for BF:BC for a longer period of time than I did in the demo. With these new games, I will be spending less time in CoD4 but I will still be on it from time to time and the amount of time will grow as I get through these games(not Oblivion because I know you can put at least 100 hours into it). I also picked up Season 6 of 24 for 17 bucks since Best Buy has all the seasons on sale. It had the misfortune to come after the best season of the show so it received a little more criticism than it maybe should have. I'm not saying there weren't problems but I think it is not as bad as most people say.

In some wierd news, today at work I received a note from a hot chick that said if I wanted to have a good time I should call this number. I wasn't sure if it was a trick or not so I just threw it out and took the safe road. It may have been real but I'll much rather take the safe choice of throwing it away rather than risking being embarrassed.

Anyway, that is about it for me. I did see The Incredible Hulk last Wednesday and Hancock comes out tomorrow so I would love to see that.

In closing, party safely and enjoy life


I'll be gone a few days

Like the topic states, I will be gone on vacation from today until Wednesday afternoon. Not much else has happened since the last blog post of mine except that I am now only 60 points from the full 1000 in CoD4. Just so Bobbles knows, I have not seen the Incredible Hulk yet but I'd just go F***ING see the damn movie already. It looks sweet and about a million times better than the Ang Lee version that is a POS.

I will see you all on Wednesday so until then party safely and enjoy life.


Summer 2008

Well, I am now on Summer vacation and I am already having a great break. I bought a 50 ft ethernet cable so I can connect to Xbox Live here at home and I have tested it already and it does work. I am now going to watch the season finale of the Office online and then I might play on Live for a while.

In gaming news, I am on the final mission of GTA 4 and the story is excellent and I think it is the best story of all the games. I am wanting to buy Elder Scorlls 4 GOTY edition but it is still 60 bucks and I want to wait until it comes down in price before I actually buy it. I also downloaded the Bourne Conspiracy demo this past week and I really enjoyed it. I am more excited for the game now and I will rent it at the least.

In other news, here on GS I am almost to 6000 posts and getting closer to another level. I am participating in the NFLU Trivia Contest and will be more active in it now that I am home for the summer. I also registered at IGN and my name there is the same here but all I'll be doing there is posting comments and I won't update my page there like I do here. I also bought the Complete Rocky Saga today for 25 bucks which is well worth the price.

That is all for me so until next blog post, party safely and enjoy life.


Iron Man

Well, I just got back from seeing Iron Man and it is the best movie of the year so far. I am very impressed with how well it turned out to be and Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect person to portray Tony Stark. I would give it a 9/10 because it is really awesome and should be seen by anyone who is a fan of RDJ or loves Iron Man. The supporting characters are excellently cast as well and I am really looking forward to the sequel that will be coming thanks to the fact that this movie made 104 million bucks this weekend and over 200 million worldwide.

In my life, I bought GTAIV and have been enjoying it immensely. I am on the second island and I have been having a lot of fun just driving around and causing trouble. I don't understand why the cops chase you after you hit them and not when you drive on the wrong side of the street and run red lights but whatever. I was wary of all the 10s that were given to this game before I played it but I now know that it truly deserves them. I have not done much multiplayer but that will change once I beat the game, which could take me awhile. I have not bought any movies recently but I did buy The Last Samurai and Fletch about a month ago so those are my two newest movies that are now a part of my ever-growing collection. I may have to photograph all of my movies and post the pictures here.

The article about movies to books has been continually put off and will probably be coming this summer when I am done with school. I am now in dead week here at KSU and next week is finals, so I will be done before my brother's b-day on the 18th which is nice. That's about it so party safely and enjoy life.

Spring Break and other stuff

Well, I am now on Spring Break which is very nice and it gives me time to catch up with my family and friends back here in KC. I bought two more movies recently, Ghostbusters and Equilibrium, and I am just waiting for Equilibrium to arrive. My family is watching the KU game right now so I really don't care much about it. I got a lot of mail from my bank recently but it was to tell me that I had overdrawn on my checking account by 100 dollars. I am very embarrased that I did that so I will make even more drastic cutbacks in my spending money so I can get my account back to a good level of cash.

In GS news, I am a new level and around 5800 posts or so, which is very good. I need to become more active in the NFL Union but I have not been able to do so because of school, work and other stuff that still takes precedence over here. Since I will not be working for a while, I will be able to be on here more and I can make up some of the lost posts and other stuff here. Also, that sort of editorial on books being made into movies that I have been promising since Christmas break will be up by the end of this week since I do not have anything going on this week except work the next three days.

In Xbox 360 news, my 360 has been back with me for around a month now after I got it back from being repaired and it is working perfectly. I have been working on Mass Effect recently and I have got some more achievements there, including shotgun expert, geth killer and organic killer to name a few. I am also finished with the relationship achievement but I need to progress further in the game before I can do more with it. I have not done much of the main quest because the side quests are so much fun and they do a good job with immersing you into the game world. I would have liked the uncharted planets to be a little more diverse, but that is about the only quibble that I have with the game, besides the infrequent frame rate drops that can hurt it from time to time. In CoD4, I have really been playing the multiplayer a lot and I still need to work on the Veteran achievements in the game also. I am a member of the bsak clan with some of the guys from the NFL Union, and we tear it up on pretty much any mode we play. I would have joined the CoD4 tournament, but I don't have my 360 here at home and I don't think the high speed internet connection we have here would be able to handle my 360. I still need to try it out, but it will have to wait until summer before I have a chance to do that.

Also, since my 360 is still at school, you will not see me on Live until after Spring Break, which concludes Easter Sunday for me. I hope you all have a safe week and if you are a Chirstian, that you also have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

To sign off, party safely and enjoy life.


Back in the Saddle

I am now back since my laptop was repaired after having the registry files being deleted by some unknown force. With my 360 red ringing last month, I think Microsoft has it out for me. Fortunately, my 360 is fixed and Fed Ex tried to deliver it to my house but no one was home, so I just hope the next time they come by that someone is home. For those of you who are friends on Live, you have seen that I've been online, but it has been on a different 360. Once I get mine after I go home in two weeks, I will delete my profile from that 360 and play on mine. I have many games that are awaiting me, like Mass Effect, CoD4, The Orange Box and some Arcade games also. I am also not spending as much this semester because I need to save money for grad school for when I go for my masters. The blog I promised before Christmas will be coming soon, but it will probably next week when I have some more time on my hands that is not being used for studying and reading for my classes. I have to study for my US Politics test tomorrow, so I will see you after that test. Just remember to enjoy life and party safely.