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Vista Overview

Hey, currently making a video blog regarding windows Vista for those of you who don’t want to risk the deletion of all your files. Thanks Microsoft - I had them backed up before hand so its ok. Nevertheless Vista is awesome visually absolutely breath taking and sure it needs a GB of RAM but I have managed to play Counter Strike Source at 60 FPS high resolution and it doesn’t lag but bits of the level disappear occasionally. Here a low down so far of the things making me most frustrated with Vista.

• Gaming compatible? - no takes all you games and fails to display them properly, whether this is NVIDIA's fault or not never the less I can't play Counter Strike Source, well I can but it defeats the point as I can now wall hack without being called a cheater or banned, I'll show you all in my video blog.

• SLi? You would have thought this would be somewhat important again this maybe NVIDIA's fault.

• 4 click install, great for n00bies and people who want to go do something while it installs but there is no customisation - at all during setup apart for the language and keyboard layout. On a happier not Good job with the BIOS Microsoft! So yeh 4 click install ok and not so great.

• PC ranking system. Installed everything all good My PC got a 4 because of its 74 GB Hard Drive Capacity (haven’t got the other one plugged in but thats another story) anyways I showed Vista Off to my friends etc and then when I re-ran my system to get additional point because I over clocked my CPU I got a rather awesome score of 2, yes 2 WTF?

So that about raps up why Vista anit so great but I will have my first video blog out this weekend stay tuned.

AS Over! You ask what now? Games!

Oh yeh; games, games, games, games and more. Got my XBOX360 PC and N64 and Im not moving for a month. Hang on gotta get the phone, BRB

Ok, so thats no gone too well so far, Oh yeh Vista came out Beta 2 Installing that right now whilst typing this 1GB RAM minimum to run I hav on got a GB so no games on vista, just get to stare at it I guess, and I am also feeling a video blog coming up - show you guys me and my setups etc and Vista and mabye a Crib tour but I'm not sure out the last one as my house is a tip since we are having an extension soon. So thats like my plan over the upcoming weeks. Catch you all soon. Oh yeh Office 2007 rules.

AS Level Exams finish tomorrow

Yes – I only hope I have done well so I can return next year, I’ll let you know that I got come August when I get my results. My last exam, TECH is tomorrow at 9:00am GMT very nervous now.

Sony Press Conference

With less than 3 hours remaining until the Press Conference goes live I can only hope they show the following:

  • What the Play station 3 is compatible of and not pre-rendered movies
  • Killzone game play footage
  • UT2007 game play footage
  • Gears Of War game play footage
  • Information on Blu-ray devices and how they hope to rival HDVD
  • Sony’s PS3 "Live" Service?

What do you guys want to see at the Sony Press Conference?

A levels ):- z

My A Levels are coming up shortly and boy am I stressed my double ICT is driving me crazy! I also took Performance Studies and Graphics. I haven’t had a good nights sleep so far and I have just misplaced, ok completely f**king lost my exam timetable... my life is falling apart.

Never mind eh? Anyone else got exams coming us GCSE's STATS even?

Addicted ...

*Sigh* I am surprised I have even got to the computer, as sad as it is I am addicted to Geometry Wars, Despite still not being able to get past the 100,00 mark I am still play and getting increasingly frustrated. LOL - In short if you own an XBOX360 I highly recommend you download this game for it - it rocks! - Oh yes I have even stopped playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter just to get the hours in. *sigh*