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A million units within a few days is crazy for a handheld title not named Pokemon.

I'm still on the fence as I'm not a huge Smash player and don't see myself getting a WiiU anytime soon. Guess I'll give the demo some more time.

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I got a couple of the cartridge cases awhile back and got a Yoshi shirt for myself and a friend (800 coins each). Otherwise I think I purchased the odd VC game, but the coins just sit there otherwise.

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I am very curious to see where gaming will be in the next few decades, but I cherish and take care of all my possessions. For physical games such as my DS, 3DS, and PS3 collection I have all my cases on a bookcase and the cartridges and discs themselves stored safely in hard cases in another location (I do have a nosey cat and my roommate a big dog so it's a smart, albeit, weird choice). PC gaming is extremely easy as it's all digital, never have to worry about a games condition, and no extra plastic and paper being used to manufacture.

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At the moment I own a PC, 3DS XL, PS3, and Vita.

PS3 I bought around the start of this current gen to catch up on exclusives I missed. Vita I still regret at times, but I've bought a fair amount of games and PS+ helps. 3DS XL as I always have a Nintendo handheld. My current PC is the first I built and first that wasn't a horrible hand me down.

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Pre-ordering has become an everyday part of gaming that isn't going away anytime soon (never if we're being serious). People will rush out to pre-order "insert game here" months to a year+ before it is released, pre-order bonus/incentive or not, and are doing so without any gameplay released (choo choo here comes the hype train). At the end of the day a person is free to spend their money as they please, but it seems developers have recognized this and are getting lazier. Why try when you already have millions in pre-orders locked down?

I used to be terrible for this back in high school. At the time I only had my DS and would pre-order almost every game I was interested in. You can imagine how that turned out and due to that got sucked into EB's screw-the-consumer trade in system.

As time passed and I got older and had more disposable income I became more aware of my spending habits - especially gaming. I still spend more on it then I would like to admit, but pre-ordering is something I rarely do. Since I switched mainly to PC gaming the only time I pre-order is if there is a limited edition/collector's edition that is only physical - Diablo III comes to mind as the most recent. In terms of my Vita I am digital only - no pre-orders here. For 3DS I only pre-order if it's a game I think will be low in stock and hard to find - especially if limited reprints. Most recent example is Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright as I figured that would be hard to find in a few months unless you want to pay a marked up price from a reseller. Learned this lesson the hard way with some DS games I missed out on and didn't want to pay the ridiculous asking prices for cartridge only used copies.

I want to say that it's ok to pre-order a game if it's from a trusted developer or highly acclaimed franchise, but we're slowly being shown otherwise. As I said earlier it's easy money in the bank for the developers and they don't have to refund your pre-order if you didn't like the game.

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Good luck and have fun!

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How many more demos like this and Bravely Default before we can call it a trend? Either way I like the idea of having demos which won't spoil any of the full game (kind of irrelevant in Pokemons case), but allows you to try the game out.

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It is one way to split the user base, but we will have to wait and see. I would hope that Nintendo isn't holding back information to try and increase initial remodel sales. I realize that it isn't standard for handhelds/consoles, but I'm looking at this like PC hardware where you can't always play everything. Of course that won't pass in a market where every device is identical and expected to run for anyone. I'm interested as I usually upgrade to the newest version handheld at some point, but afraid how it could damage the 3DS community for online play.

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It would be nice if they raised the the daily limit as others have said. My commute to and from work is approximately 5000-6000 steps give or take if I stop for a drink or to buy dinner at the grocery store. If I go to our cities major mall I can easily rack up 10,000+ steps throughout the day. Seems kind of crummy that I'm only getting rewarded for 1/5 to 1/10 of what I've recorded.

It would also be nice if they were worth anything outside of Mii Plaza games to be honest as well. I wouldn't want to see a game be crippled from excessive use of Play Coins, but beyond puzzle pieces in Mii Plaza I hover around the play coin limit quite frequent.

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I think I'm finally burnt out on Pokemon.... at least until they change the formula or genre. I play it mostly for the SP and can understand why I get less and less motivated/excited with every new release/re-release. I think I got to the 5th or 6th Gym on X & Y the first week and haven't touched it since and no idea when I'll go back to finish it. I told myself with X & Y to ignore it, but I still bought them against better judgement. It seems there isn't really anything left for SP only Pokemon players that we haven't done or seen every generation.

Pokemon Conquest was alright and the Mystery Dungeon titles are a guilty pleasure, but the main series is just eh now.