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Pony Sonar online!

Hostile trees detected!

Take evasive actions!

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Still has a long way to go in comparison to the DS though.

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I've found it has never really mattered which version you get and this continues to be backed up generation after generation as they're making it easier than ever to trade with people to complete your Pokedex. Getting both versions is essentially if you like to collect games or have the money.

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I'll most likely wait until it's out, but I have some interest in it from what I've seen so far.

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It's sort of like people that use SAM for Steam. I believe it is free, but defeats the whole purpose. I know achievements/trophies aren't for everyone, but downloading third party software or paying someone to get them for you defeats the point. I guess if a person really wants to take pride in trying to show off something they themselves haven't achieved........

In terms of what humanistpotato said... you would like to think so, but you're giving someone potential access to personal information by giving your account details away. That alone isn't worth the risk for anything.

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When I bought my PS3 recently I had my plan of not getting a PS4 until there are some model revisions and a larger/worthwhile library to own. I am a little frustrated that some of the titles I had bought are coming out for the PS4, but most are trying to target people who didn't have a PS3. It's also easy money for a time when everyone wants the newest and shiniest thing - regardless of quality/changes. That is where I am not frustrated as I was able to get many of these titles cheap for PS3 or for my PC (where we can mod it to look better, etc).

The only time a remastered/re-released/whatever they want to call it version is useful, I find, is when you no longer own the system it was originally for (or the game itself). That is where a recent remaster like FFX comes in handy. On PC it is more difficult as I've bought remastered/upgraded versions where I forgot I had/beat the original.

In terms of taking away from the original it doesn't necessarily apply to all titles. Something like The Last Of Us being on the PS3 and PS4 within a year can be seen this way - especially if you take multiplayer into the mix. It's bad enough we have to worry about yearly releases of some franchises dividing an online community over the course of a generation.

Then there are cases where the new/upgraded version basically takes a dump on the original in terms of new content and the developers essentially say "deal with it" and have no intention of even selling the new content as DLC to the original game owners (or a discount on the new version if you own the previous). I suppose that is more of a PC issue though as I understand it is expensive to even patch games on the console let alone spend the money to support an older version/title when you can have people spending money on a new one.

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Realistically I only see a few of those coming over if we're lucky. Which is a shame - as usual. Guess I'll add half of those to my on going list of games I'll never play because I'm Canadian (and don't know Japanese to import them).


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I got a couple of the cartridge cases awhile back and got a Yoshi shirt for myself and a friend (800 coins each). Otherwise I think I purchased the odd VC game, but the coins just sit there otherwise.

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It is one way to split the user base, but we will have to wait and see. I would hope that Nintendo isn't holding back information to try and increase initial remodel sales. I realize that it isn't standard for handhelds/consoles, but I'm looking at this like PC hardware where you can't always play everything. Of course that won't pass in a market where every device is identical and expected to run for anyone. I'm interested as I usually upgrade to the newest version handheld at some point, but afraid how it could damage the 3DS community for online play.

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It would be nice if they raised the the daily limit as others have said. My commute to and from work is approximately 5000-6000 steps give or take if I stop for a drink or to buy dinner at the grocery store. If I go to our cities major mall I can easily rack up 10,000+ steps throughout the day. Seems kind of crummy that I'm only getting rewarded for 1/5 to 1/10 of what I've recorded.

It would also be nice if they were worth anything outside of Mii Plaza games to be honest as well. I wouldn't want to see a game be crippled from excessive use of Play Coins, but beyond puzzle pieces in Mii Plaza I hover around the play coin limit quite frequent.