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I've always looked at remastered and collection bundles on new systems as a bonus to those who might not have owned a previous generation console(s), but to each their own I suppose. I personally chose to buy a PS3 this year to go back and play all the exclusives I missed, but in no way am I upset or am demanding compensation for PS3 titles I bought that are now moving to the PS4. That would be ludicrous... in no way, shape, or form was I promised a copy of any games I've bought for future generation hardware. That's like saying, for examples sake, that anyone who bought Final Fantasy titles for their NES/SNES are entitled to the PS1/PS2/DS/etc versions that came out since.

I understand that at the base of this argument it comes down to backwards compatibility, but that isn't something they HAVE to promise the consumer. I agree that it is frustrating, but developers are in no way scamming you/lying to you/cheating you when releasing updated or remastered versions. As a PC gamer I understand that I won't always be able to play my older games as hardware and software become un-supported. With my 3DS I am happy I can play my DS library, but don't fault Nintendo for not allowing 3DS games to be compatible with my DS (I would call this common sense).

I suppose the simple answer is to not buy them, but that seems to conflict with some peoples view on the matter. I am by no means a game developer, but I imagine some people picture someone in a dark room hitting CTRL+C and then CTRL+V.... and voila!!! Time to sel... I mean ripoff unsuspecting gamers! Last time I checked no one is holding a gun to mine or anyone elses head that bought TLOU on PS3 to buy TLOU on PS4. I bought the PS3 version knowing the PS4 wasn't backwards compatible at the time, but I'm not upset that they are making it for PS4. If gamers want to buy it again then good for them, and if someone who bought a PS4 wants to buy it because they didn't have a PS3... guest what? Good for them too!

I think some gamers don't realize that people buying these remasters, HD collections, and franchise collections are those who might not have owned a previous generation console or can't find the older version legally anymore (and don't want to pirate it). I don't think the developers are sitting in their offices rubbing their hands together thinking that everyone who previously owned the game will buy the new versions - regardless if there is new content or not.

I get it though... gamers feel cheated. When you bought your PS4/XB1 you were fully aware (or not if you didn't research) that it didn't have backwards compatibility. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and all developers do not owe gamers anything if they decide to release a game on a new platform. I think it is a very entitled viewpoint to only look at yourself any deny new gamers or gamers who didn't own "x" console to play game "y" the opportunity to buy it on their new platform. It's sort of (more so the entitled attitude) like Steam sales when people piss and moan that nothing good is on sale, but to a new PC gamer it's heaven.

One gamers "rehash" is another gamers new and interesting experience.

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Weegee legend continues

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It looks better and better with every update they release of art and gameplay on their kickstarter. Certainly one of my more anticipated games I've backed on kickstarter.

Of course they still have plenty of time to polish it up and I really hope it does well seeing as it's practically coming out for every platform. No excuse for those interested :P.

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I bought one a few months before the PS4 came out so I could catch up on all the PS exclusives or console exclusive games. Can't say I've been dissapointed in the least. I already had PS+ from purchasing a VITA a few months prior and I've been able to get a good amount of games off of it and many PS3 games for $20 or less digital or brand new through eBay etc.

I kind of wish I had held off until more was known about PS Now, but I don't plan on getting a PS4 for a few years so not a huge loss for me.

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Mind you this is taking the system, library, and gaming experiences into account.

DS (Probably my favourite overall library of a system after PC. The variety and sheer amount of great games, whether mainstream of a hidden gem, was amazing.)

GBA (Besides my computer this was the first system I had a large library of games for. Spent many nights playing this on the long bus ride home after high school/part-time job during high school.)

3DS (3DS has potential to move up once it's cycle is over, but I always dislike comparing systems to others when their libraries aren't finished.)

GBC/GB (Wish I could put higher as I have fond memories of receiving my GB for my birthday. I simply had more/better experiences as I got older on the other handhelds.)

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Great to hear. 3rd gen Pokemon was the first ones I really got into overall and actually cared what I did in the game. This news also reminds me I need to go back and finish Pokemon X/Y.

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I've only played the original and then got it again on the DS. I have a VITA and am really torn between getting either 3 or 4, but most likely won't get both due to how time consuming a Disgaea game can be. They both seem to come with all the DLC too. Hmmmmm.

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Quite a few games on there I'm missing for my collection. Getting a PS3 recently I thought I was going to go physical only, but it's easy to cave into splitting between physical and digital with sales like these (being a PC gamer helps too - all digital). I feel really bad moving forward for people who go strictly physical, but I understand.

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Is it co-op only? I think I might be confusing this game with another one. It also seems to have a monster hunter vibe coming from it.

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Have they announced how many courses will be in the vanilla game?

108 holes translate to 6 full courses as some have mentioned. $2.50 a course if it's $15. Not exactly sure if I'll bite, but it sounds more attractive than a few reskinned maps or cosmetic DLC most games offer.

I'll wait until the game is released/more information about content in vanilla game before I take a side - although I do tend to skip on games with Season Passes/DLC heavy on PC until a complete version is released.