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Motherf***er. Mouse double clicked during highlight (on-going issue), I didn't notice, hit backspace to clear a highlighted section and it sent me back the topic (outside of the 'reply' page).

Boy, if only someone had suggested to use Outlook or some other Word document to avoid these stupid types of snafus. Oh wait, I did. My usual problem with using the box on the board is when my pinky swipes the Esc key which clears the entire box with no "undo" option to bring it back.

The use of the 'reply' page was only necessary due to length and highlight issues in Chrome.

Highlight issues? Like you can't highlight stuff? Good Lord. Just use IE, for goodness sake.

For some reason when I copy text from this board to Outlook it shows up as white text so I can't see it. No big deal really since I don't really need to see it and I could change it to black if I really had to. Ah, the adventures of message boards.

I don't have the patience or time right now to start all that over.

Quitting because it makes you redo a certain part? Perhaps the message board should have more checkpoints. Lazy casual.

I've had that a few times. Have you been diagnosed with it before by other doctors?

I have when I went in for coughs in the past. I kinda think that it's the go-to response for most doctors when you have a cough and they can't quite determine what it is. The doc I saw yesterday was at least willing to admit he wasn't sure what it was but the x-rays showed a bunch of flem. Lovely. Looks like I'll just get to DEAL WITH IT for a while.

It makes sense in the context of the story but as far as gameplay is concerned it is disheartening to lose all the progress you made before.

Plus it was just kinda boring in general. Wander around an area and shooting folks just to start the war could get very tedious, especially when no gang members would spawn or you didn't kill them in succession quick enough. Then this leads to...more dudes to kill. I guess I didn't mind killing folks that much but there was too much of it. If I play it again, I'll skip doing it the first time and just take over territory when I return to LA.

Foreman did lose, but I've come to understand he suffered a really bad cut in his mouth during training, and because of that couldn't spar for a whole month prior to the fight

I've seen Foreman talk about the fight and don't remember him mentioning that one...he even says he was the "dope" in the rope-a-dope. I more blame Foreman's corner who sat there watching George throw useless punch after useless punch round after round and didn't seem to pull their fighter aside to maybe suggest something else. It was so obvious what Ali was doing and no one in that corner figured it out? Just stupidity all around.

You can't take away Ali's victory or his amazing performance, but his victory was in part due to luck.

No way. That was all strategy and George being stupid. Ali played him like a fiddle. It also spoke to how tough Ali really was...very few dudes could take that many shots from George but he could. That dude must have had ribs of seems like he almost never took damage to the body. The hot weather definitely helped Ali but that's all part of the strategy...George had plenty of points in that fight where he could have backed off and rested.

He was called Smokin Joe, but I don't think he even smoked.

I believe the name came from his style where he's constantly bumping up and down like a smokin' train engine. Dude never stopped moving.

Mike Tyson later ducked a fight with Foreman for this exact reason.

I never heard of this one. Which era of Tyson was this proposed? I have a hard time believing that Iron Mike would have ducked anyone in his prime (he took on Larry Holmes who was certainly younger than George). Was it after his jailtime maybe? But it's pretty well known that Mike struggled against really tall dudes so it likely wasn't a bad decision. But if George had fought Mike in his prime, I have a feeling it would have ended up just like Foreman/Holyfield. George would have probably been unable to hit Mike but George would have likely been unfazed by most of Mike's shots (due to the height thing) and it ends in a Tyson unanimous decision as everyone is impressed that George absorbed all those Tyson shots.

I remember that comic existing but I never read an issue.

They had a series of these with a number of Marvel characters...all of which were pretty weak. I don't even know if they're still around but considering that basically every comic has a ton of alternate universes to it these days, I'm sure they are.

That's happened to me and I was really looking forward to what you had to say.

As I mentioned, I type all of my responses in Outlook or Word and then copy/paste them over for this very reason. It's too easy to lose them on the board window while Outlook and such has the highly convenient "undo" function if you delete stuff on accident. Outlook even autosaves the messages in the case it is closed on accident. Mucho useful.

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Shaak Ti has fallen.

And apparently it's canon this time around.

Hmm...maybe I'll hijack this thread when I get around to play this one.

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>bail after Season 4

That's pretty much what I did.

My brother's a Dexter slap and he's in the same spot after Season 4. I'm trying to get him to bail on it and start watching Game of Thrones but he's resisting.

GMG with the kinky DP.


hat's interesting is they complained about us using it.

Well they need to pretend that they're still a unique flower.

What show/s is this discussion on? I saw mention of Avatar? What's with the arrow on the head? I think I saw some futa-on-male Avatar doujin once...does that mean I'm an expert? Or maybe that was Naruto. Either way, it's funny how I never knew certain anime shows like Queen's Blade and Bleach existed until I came across countless hentai doujins based on them.

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It says there is a post by Hotel here. I see nothing.

I posted one then deleted it. Apparently just to mess with you all. Kinda strange that it still bumps the thread and has my name.

Let's just assume Hotel posted the most vile, disgusting, abhorrent pornography available, and mod him accordingly because we already had a copy.

Silly Wulf. There's no such thing as vile porn.

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I've already had one guy message me saying that he bought the God of War Saga purely because of my editor.

He's going to be waiting outside your house in a week or so. Then he'll kill you and have sex with your skull.

Unless not being judged is a fetish of yours.

I'm not sure how I'd know one way or the other.

Me: Dude!! Dude!...that old lady over there...I think she's not judging me!

Bro: How do you know?

Me: Well she's looking at a grocery list or something. She's clearly not looking at me. Which means she's not judging me.

Bro: Ooooookay....

Me: Oh, I'm so hard right now...

The point is doing fun things.

Fun? What is this blasphemy?

>won't judge

But I will.

If you don't want me hot and bothered, this is likely for the best.

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Dexter for instance...

Not hold up well as it went on?

I don't watch but I've heard that the best advice for that show is to bail after Season 4.

NOTE: Many on the DmC board are taking elements of our posting style.

To be fair, it's not really that unique.

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Hey there Hotel Security. You may not know me but i'm a big fan of yours.

See, I KNEW folks were watching all of those dirty webcam videos I was putting out!

Sorry to hear about your cough, hopefully it's something that passes by it's self.

Will see the doctor today. He'll tell me I may have bronchitis like all these doctors do. I'm there just for the stuff they can give me to fool me into thinking it's getting better.

>All 3 characters
Who is the third character after Bayonetta and that broad with a man's haircut?

There's the Little Zero character which you unlock by beating the Lost Chapter. From what I understand he's got really low health so I'd imagine he's good for challenge runs.

>SA too long and too big
I felt it was a good length. The bigger map meant a bigger and longer game.

Yes, but there was a bit too much unused open space. Some missions took too long simply because you had to drive halfway across the map. GTA4 at least introduced the taxi function so you could warp all over the map...SA needed something like that. Plus it didn't help that they didn't have just the hidden packages but also the spray tags, horseshoes and those super-annoying underwater collectibles. I know that's only a gripe for completionists but it was a bit much. Also didn't help that you could spend all that time claiming all the territory in LA only to have it ripped from you immediately afterward and you go to do it all again near the end of the game...a strange decision. Too many races too.

>Love my vices
I have mixed feelings about mine. I need to cut down on the drinking to lose more weight.

Don't have a weight issue...which is a bit deceiving since I think I'm healthy so I eat what I want and likely have a heart made of pure cheese.

You think they have a chance to go all the way this year in football?

All the way to what? I'm glad when they make it all the way to the 50 yard line. It's a disappointment since we have a defense that may be Top Ten in the nation but the offense is just horrendously bad. It's almost identical to last year. But we do have a fairly easy stretch in the Big Ten. I'm hoping for eight wins and maybe a win over UofM.

was a pure outside fighter who always like to maintain his distance and beat his opponents with speed and conditioning. He was lightning fast for a heavyweight, and used his legs to move around more than his upper body,

Oh, I know all about him. I've watched a ton of his fights. Good point on his length, though. The dude was never shorter than the dudes he fought and could always tag them with that jab. I suppose it would have been a bit more useful later in his career when he couldn't move anymore and just fought with rope-a-dope and ring savvy. Some of those later fights are even more impressive than his early ones...I still have no clue how he beat Ernie Shavers.

"Hurt a man to the body. Make him afraid of what's coming up top" - George Foreman

How'd that work in the Rumble, George?

Seriously though, I was just poking fun...there's been some awesome damage with body-blow guys...especially Joe Frazier. Man, I loved watching Smokin' Joe...dude just didn't give a crap about getting hit on the way in. Of course, that's the very reason that Foreman owned him.

Spiderman 2099

Who the heck names themselves after a loser comic like Spiderman 2099? Those comics were the red-headed stepchild of the mid-90's.

Yes, and? Do you intend to imply every foe is a Cyclops variant?

If the discussion was about CoO, this may be correct.

Toejam and Earl

And here I thought nothing was worse than Spiderman 2099...

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-Potentially 'BotG' outside Ares2

Isn't the point to make the game MORE challenging?

-Teleporting around levels and starting a 'game' at exact points (sort of a chapter select)

Ah. Wonderful for testing, I'd imagine.

-NG+ with NER conditions<


-Costumes in the Arena/Challenges *potentially*

I can't say I've ever cared for costumes in any game ever.

He's got the moves and the bulk in the right places to give the girls all the jollies and cheer they can handle.

Perhaps, but it's not that fun to watch.

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>exciting new update

Yeah, GoW:A is s***.

That's not new OR exciting.

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