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One year in Gamespot!

Since August 7, I have been member of this spectacular page called Gamespot, which has made me have great times and learn many new things about gaming. I'd like to thanks all those who have made my Gamespot experience the best there is. (My friends, leaders of the unions, members of those unions, and those who have invited me to the unions)

Lara Croft vs. Indiana Jones

Tomb Raider was one of the frst archaeological adventure/action games to have appeared and is now considered a classic. Yet the most famous archaeological big-screen hero, Indiana Jones, entered the video game world near 1990 with the Last Crusade, and following it, Fate of Atlantis and also caught a lot of attention. Both characters, Lara Croft and Indiana Jones, have made their latest appearance with Tomb Raider:Legends and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, respectively. Indiana Jones has another game in progress as well. So at the end, who wins, the classical good-looking Lara Croft, or the brave big screen hero, Indiana Jones?

Is the world forgetting the computers?

Over the past few years, new consoles have been starting rapidly and almost all the newest games are starting to appear only for them. But what happens with Mac players and PC players? Is there any hope for them?