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Iron man 3

Iron man 3, Originally the mandarin is oposite of what iron man is, stark comes from the west so his enemy must be from the east, the hero has highly technological weapons and body armor, his enemy has martial arts with no body armor but with 10 supernatural rings with multi elemental powers, so in conclusion about IRON MAN 3.....The mandarin is NOT a rich blonde pretty boy with the powers of flaming menopause.

Fighting the iluminati

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret fighting the iluminati is irrelevant, well we can fight by not fighting, the collective in beings of light must cover more ground in gaia, maintain a relationship to the earth mother, the sun (father), the stars,and the planets.

Let us all express our ideas and begin limitless foundatiions to make this planet a better place for all, to do what the governments and religions have restricted from us, to love all and break all bounderies for our new spiritual education, to train our children in the abilities of elchemy, numerology, sacred geometry, vibration manipulation, telechenesis, telepathy, quantum leaps, chakra flame enhancements and teleportation abitlties.

This planet requires teachers, for the end is in that what god is ? a teacher ? jesus ? gautama buddha ? .....a teacher, thats what we need ......we need to teach others....so educate whats going on on this planet, teach with goodwill and not with emotional atachement by attacking and insulting the illuminati, that will gain absolutely nothing but empty threats to an enemy that holds no imrpint on your existence and your path.

be well children of the light, teach your children.


What's this i hear about people thinking for themselves and not listening to what the government tells us ?....... remember folks mankind is born free.....we are all FREE, religions and governments will not have all the answers but what the heart vibes has a direct line to those answers of what YOU want and need, listening to those vibes makes the heart echoes to the universe to unravel more and more answers to more questions and the more your see and listen the more you evolve.

These vibrations of course are infinite, in the end, not because someone says it (teacher, doctrine) does not make it so, question how we are treated, question how everyone uses the word "B@%ch" to describe a lady, its important to question is this really how humanity should surface even further ? to find inappropriate things appropriate, much love and peace to all your gamers out there, and know that whatever pain you're going through.....You are not alone so again, lots of love for all of you.

I found a Jay-O-Be !!

That's right folks, your friendly neighborhood honenheim or Alex for some of my close friends in GS :P, has found a job!, i now work at UACJ (Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez) i now work as a professor of introduction to the university for all the new coming freshman.

For 15 bucks an hr its actually pretty good, i would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the GS users who supported me in my quest for a decent job (you know who you are :D) thank you all and especially to god. I thank the celestial father, Jesus and all my brothers in the kingdom of light for their support, they never gave up on me, from the bottom of my heart.....thank you.

Another Birthday

Sadly i don't have the income to get myself something nice, so my family treated me to a nice chinese meal in el paso :). After careful meditation ive come to realize that theres lots of things im grateful for......things that ive taken for granted through out the years.

I'm grateful to god for putting food on my fridge, for my family, for my friends, im grateful for the air molecules i take deep within my lungs and finally im grateful that god hasn't given up on me.

I'm 25 years old, a quarter century......*sigh maybe i should go back to school, learn a new language or something idk...

5 things you don't know about me (tagged)

Lets see....

1- I like to snuggle 10-15 min when waking up.

2- I've crashed my car almost 6 times now.

3- I'm very open minded when it comes to sex or foreplay.

4- Im a real sap when it comes to dating the wrong type of girl.

5- I enjoy taking long hot showers.

Still looking for work.......

Yesterday i went to an independant bilingual research company for a job interview, sadly they were no longer hiring (at least thats what the manager said)...*sigh...ya know its sucks that i have to eat out of my savings, its so frustrating:(, but i have to be positive, it won't be long until i hear the phone ring for a job offer....i just know it!

So anyways....hows everybody doing today ?:)

Made my first sig on GIMP.....rate.

Alrighty so i decided to reinstall GIMP on my pc and make my first Sig, i was also thinking on giving my name a little more blurry effect idk.....ahem anyways ....here it is.

Voila !

Please rate and give out your honest opinion, also if you have any advice or tricks for GIMP i would kindly appreciate it.

My Art collection

The pieces of art im about to show on my blog today, are paintings that ive found to be quite inspiring and incredibly awesome. Also some of these paintings still carry their original name.

enjoy !

- Black door -

- Black pepper -

- Gumbo -


- Gumbo Limbo -

I do hope that one day i can buy these paintings and hang them all over my house.

B-day !

Today i'll be turning 24 in exaclty 3:00pm @!....i feel like i need a cane now :P

lets see whats in store for me............ what presents shall i get ? :D

maybe ill go out to dinner with my family which is pretty cool since i dont see them very often

heres cheers to mine and all gamers b-day this august , happy birthday to all of you @!

* big hugs

(update 8:51 pm) i ate awesome pizza made by my cousin, shes a sweetheart

dig in people :D

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