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Im Back B*tches

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Im back thats right Im back, say hello to your little friend. alot of changes about unions for me I think Im going to resign and start all over again. thats a maybe though Im not too sure.


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My computer Virus is not a problem now, however my computer is going away so I wont be on for a long period of time.

Anyway what the hell is a gamespot badge?

Wont Be On...

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I wont be on anymoredue to a virus in my computer, Im lucky ifI can even finish this blog post...

...its 9/11...

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well its been the five years since 9/11 happened, though Im Canadian some I dont know how this affects me.

The LOL Union Remembered.....

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The lol union was a great union and I will always remember it. that prick NHLfreak had to destoyed it and changed it some total different @$$wipe union called Bobs Gaming and Off Topic union, how corny is that? I was an officer in the lol union and I sure the hell dont wana be an officer in some corny @$$ union. those who dont like what NHLfreak did to the union, Join the rebellion and resign like I did. Fight the Power!!!

Its Over.... And So Ends The Legend Of Homie25....

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well summer is over, so see ya I wont have much time for gamespot, and i will mostly be on only on weekends if Im not doing anything with my friends, so any union Im an officer in, I wont be there as much nut leaders please dont demote me.

since Im leaving I will tell you the current things going on now:

1. Its been 2 months since I have been a member of gamespot

2.well I just Leveled up to 13 (Toobin').

3. I have 4 emblems, And I lost 1 emblem.

4. Changed my user icon.

5. I have ober 1000 posts.

For the 2 months I was a member and Before I go I would like to say my thank yous,

 I would like to thank big_old_tom for taking over the david chappelle union while Im Gone.

 I would like to thank deathmaster9000 for making my banner, though it was like a long while back when he made it, but I still wanna thank him.

I would like to thank all the leaders out there who promoted me to officer in their unions, their following names are: 3eyedrazorback - jedi fury union leader, Spurs_fan - the lol union former leader, mal_251 - comedy fans union leader, and TheoKratos - All about off topic leader.

one more thank you and it goes to mal_251 for making the chappelle union header image.

peace out

 - Homie25 

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