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Okay, so Wii Sports Resort looks really good...

Is it wrong to love Wii Sports Resort? While I still say Nintendo's conference was terrible, this was one of the good announcements. It looks incredible in my opinion. Wii Motion+ could be huge if developers develop good games for it.

It sure looks like Wave Race 2. :shock:

The ConduWUT?

These game just went from no where on my radar, to the very top.

I didn't understand the hype for this game at first. I thought it looked extremely mediocre, with graphics that were way overrated. The IGN preview REALLY convinced me otherwise.

Looks quite beautiful. Can't wait to see more footage. I'll buy this no matter what, just to support a 3rd party developer that actually tries on the Wii. Plus it looks hella fun.

Buy Toki Tori

Look at him. He's so cute. He's also tough. Are you smart enough to figure out his puzzles. BUY TOKI TORI! It's only $10 (1,000 Wii Points) and it's a great game all around. Charming and tough, with nice music and graphics. There are over seventy levels, and it's probably the best value out of any game out on WiiWare. It's my favorite WiiWare game.

Nintendo's E3 could be huge...

Let's face it - last year's E3 was disappointing for Nintendo. Actually, let's not even stop at Nintendo. Everyone's E3 was disappointing. Nintendo just flaunted their success and showed some games, and then spent 30 minutes on Wii Fit.

This year, I feel, or at least I hope, it will be different. As we all know, Nintendo is having their conference in the Kodak theatre. That theatre is known for big things. On top of that - IGN has reported numerous times that Factor 5 is working on Kid Icarus and it will be at E3. In addition, we know about Wario Land: The Shake Demension, which I'm guessing will be shown off... as well as Fatal Frame IV. But what else could there be?

Rumors, and even a confirmation by a Nintendo rep, have stated that a storage solution is coming. I'm guessing that it will be access to run games off your SD card since the rep said it won't be hardware related. I expect this at E3.

We also know that Animal Crossing Wii is in development, as well as Pikmin 3. Could these be at E3? Also, we've known for a long time now about Disaster: Day of Crisis, but we've seen nothing besides a few screens and a short video. If this isn't at E3, it's dead.

We know that Castlevania is coming to the Wii as well. And, Capcom has two secret games for E3. I would be extremely surprised if at least one of them isn't for Wii.

And qutie possibly the best news of all - King Story will be at . :D

Would anyone be interested in a WiiWare Union?

Would anyone be interested in this? I started the WiiWare thread in System Wars. I'm a really big advocate for WiiWare, and I think it's really great and has a lot of potential, but I'm not exactly sure how many people would be interested in a union dedicated to WiiWare. :P