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Hey there Everybody

Hey guys and gals. I haven't posted a new blog in a LONG time, so I figured, why not right :P

Life's been hectic, lots of work and stuff. Hormone treatment is still going fine, only about a year left...at least thats what my doctor told me I should expect.

Christmas is coming up, but I don't think I will be going this year. things would be really awkward.

Steph, my roommate, took me shopping a few weeks ago, and I got alot of new clothes. Yay :D

That's pretty much it. PM me, I wanna here from you guys :)

Hey Everybody

So I had surgery today. Everything went well, and Im now one more step closer to being fully female (or at least as full as possible :P ).

Now Im sitting in a hospital bed with painkillers pumping through an IV. WOOO. :D :lol:

Thats pretty much it for now :)

My life since graduation

OK, so I graduated HS this past june. At that time, I was still living as a guy (in public). I used a binder to hide my breasts(its like an undershirt that pushes them against ur chest...its rlly uncomfortable) and I did my hair so it looked more boyish. So my secret was still pretty much a secret (except to afew close friends and my mom). But then after graduation, I finally got out of my parents' house and moved in with a friend in Green Bay (She's the absolute best and I love her [not sexually lol]) :)

Since moving out, I live as a girl full-time (yay!! :) no more binder, and I can wear make-up in public :P ) I've been working more on voice lessons, I had electrolysis (spelling??) to remove most of my body hair, and hormones are almost as much a financial burden as gas :P I am waitressing now at a nicer resturant, sometimes I bartend, but I'm not very good :P I go into surgery for my castration in a few weeks, Aug. 29 to be exact (and that'll help make me less dependant on the Hormones). Still no set date for SRS surgery tho...

Neway, on another topic, me and my roommate are looking into getting a dog(yes even more financial burden :P ). I want a golden retriever :) I also need to save up to get more clothes as I only have a few articles of female clothing, and I don't rlly like wearing my roommate's all the time (or my guy stuff for that matter :P )

but yeah, that's pretty much how my life's been since HS. It's stressful, but I'm loving it neway :P

Meet Andrea.

Hi everyone, as you know, I have a female side who is a bit more prevelant these days. heres a pic


and heres me w/ makeup and a filter



Homage to the female me

well, I changed my prof pic (it needed it badly). I chose this chick from Fire Emblem. she originally had blue hair, but I like brunettes better. I wish I had a GIF animator on my computer tho, cause then I could show her morphing from male to female, it looks rlly cool when I do a slideshow of it :P :) :D well thats all for now....

Im Back!!

Actually Ive been on and off for awhile, but this is my first blog post in almost a year, so hows it going everybody? Anyway, new news...I got a 360 so that I could play HAlo3, It is awesome. Im now saving for Mass Effect and Rock Band...I still work at the theater, but that has kind of gone downhill since my original Boss(who was the sh*t) got fired, and subsequently replaced by a dumba$$ fat lard who everybody hates, even the customers!

anyway I digress from my original point which is that Im back, so hello everybody, hope to hear from alot of you


I got a Wii today at 8:15 AM. I got everything I wanted, and its rlly cool looking. I havent gotten to play it though because of work.......

First Week of Swim Practice

Practice started on monday, and god dangit are my my shoulders shot. Its a good thing I weight lifted off season because its really helping.


anyway off topic, I rlly can't wait until summer.......I soooo tired of skool right now........*falls asleep*.............................

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