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A Quick Note on Antivirus Software

So the other day I uninstalled AVG and put Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes on my computer. Why? Becasue AVG would give me annoying notifications and slow down my emails. Some of you might say "Well, MSE is crap and AVG or any other program gives better protection." True, but MSE works and the best way to stay safe is just browse safe, install legit software from legit sources, and so on and so forth. And besides, ever since i put MSE back, my network starts up faster than with AVG!

Now Playing:Summer 2013

Here is my updated now playing list for Summer of 2013, oh and Happy 4th Of July to everyone!

Now Playing:

Free To Play

-World Of Tanks

-Warframe (currently in beta at time of post but still GREAT)

-Planetside 2



TESV:Skyrim (yes i'm still playing this, there are so many mods and so much to do!)


Stronghold Kingdoms (be warned, it does require some real moneys in this game if you ever want to be good)

How the PC really wins the console war.

So every generation its always been Xbox vs PS and what not, but this next generation we see some changes. The next consoles are using... wait for it..  AN X86 CPU and an "Enhanced PC GPU" as shown in Sony's PS4 press conference at E3.


Now, seeing as the next consoles are essentially just using a "Supercharged PC Architecture" aren't they essentially a PC?? I think so, but I'll let you people decide.