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2 parts in my blog today :)

Ok. First part. It seems one of our most valued vets on Gamespot has been banned. His name is SpeedDemon821. Many of you don't know him, because in the last year he wasnt in OT, he was more in the unions and such, but he is a vet, he paid for his account, was like level 23 or something like that, and had like 20 thousand+ posts. It is truly a sad day to see this great vet and awsome person, who was smarter then most people who use this site, but the mods are dumb and they banned him. Luckly I have him on MSN, so its all good. But, like I said, it is truly a sad day :'(.

Part 2. Isnt really much, except I wanted to say I am back from my 5 day suspension (but it lasted 7 says... : ). I am happy to be back.

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