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Now there is an military operation going on. I feel stupid because i am flying to a vacation now (after i press 'post reply' i will be on my way to the airport lol)

I won't be called, nor my friends, for reserve military units. It's the 2nd time i go aborad while there are clashes. The operation is still on a low key. No ground forces entered yet only airforce. Over 160 rockets fell on south Israel from 8 to 12 PM and the Prime Minister of us didn't want to enter Gaza but he probably suffered from pressure came from the many citizen there.

Hope for peace everybody :)))

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probably threw stones at the police. A lot of palestinian teens do that often. (I do not justify the police reaction though)

OMG i am not believing i am saying it on gamespot because it sounds like a troll or a spam but i am actually being fired by rockets. There was an alarm in my city's far suberb.

EDIT: False alarm but in the news they ask the people to stay alerted. WTF

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EDIT: Now it seems that there IS something serious going on near Gaza Strip...

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@pie-junior said:

ITT: ali doesn't understand that the american public is constantly bombarded with images of similar actions done by american police to american citizens, and so does not understand why noone is as outraged as him

lol. in the US we call that a tuesday

It happenes on every country honestly...

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There are many false rumors now through Whatsapp mostly about a large military operation that is soon to happen in the next few hours...

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I wanted to post this event few weeks ago before this "balagan" started and have a topic on the 3 teens who were kidnapped but i was like prefering not to because i would probably get bashed with comments such as F--- Israel...

Now there is a mess since the jewish extremists did what they did (which i oppose to no doubt) in respond to the no-less brutal murdering of the 3 Israeli teens. This post may got posted in a time that could a bit distorting the full picture of the whole chain of events.

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OMG Nooooooooo Costa Rica *Cry*

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Well...bye Brazil...

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@johnd13 said:
@The_Last_Ride said:

Ahahahahahahah! No Thiago Silva against Germany! :3

If Neymar is absent from that match as well due to injury then Germany will have a clear advantage. Him and Silva the brazilian team's leaders.

I want Brasil to defeat Germany but it seems Germany will win if that is the situation.

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Eastsidin' - Glasses Malone