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I have finished Call Of Duty: Ghosts!

Few moments ago i have finished Call Of Duty Ghosts for the PS4. First, i bought a PS4 in just 2600 CNY in a store called PrincessGames in a place called Bai Ne Hui on July 18th 2014 and 2 days later i bought from the same place CoD:G. I didn't like this game actually due to all of the bad reviews but i wanted to test the game on my hotel just to see if it works.

I bought Watchdogs Special Edition for the PS3 Today!!!

I have decided that this game is still not worth buying a PS4 so i bought it for the PS3. At their website it says 77 dollars and when i have reached the store they said it is 81$. lol but it is still the cheapest in the city. Anyway i have just hit my home.

Well, time to play :)

I bought Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros

Today at 16:39 i went to VGS and bought GZ. It costed 57 USD. Which is a lot considering it is barely a half game but i found yesterday 14 dollars near my workplace so i don't feel bad about that lol

Done with the SAT and now my Hard-Disk is dead...

On Sunday i had finally my second SAT test and it went well (i hope). Then, when i returned home and wanted to turn on my PC, it showed signs of death...I brought it to the PC lab and today i got it back with a new hard-disk. All of my data were in that hard-disk. My games, my SAVE FILES(!), my docs etc. And it is extremely sucks...They want 1000$ for trying to extract the data i had from that hard-disk...dammit...

I bought Pokemon X!!!

I wanted to do so next week but after i have finished my SAT simulation test, my friend texted me that he saw the game here in my city so i said i am going here ASAP. I bought it from a store i have never bought before at 14:15 PM.

I bought 3DS!!!

Yesterday my friend called me and told me that he saw a 3DS in one of the ToysRus stores in the downtown. As i said in my last blog we found out it's difficult to find any 3DS here which is not XL or as a 3DS+game edition. I told him to tell them to save for me and today i bought it at 10:18 AM.

I don't have any games yet and i don't plan to buy any until i will finish the SAT exam on December 1st.

Finished GTA: V!!!

A couple of minutes ago i have finished the GTA game. I got the game on Sept. 20th 11:13 AM and finished it now. The reason it took me that long is because of the SAT course so in the past month i have played only on the weekend and all i did is the side missions. I got the 100% game completion achievement.

I am very disappoint of both CoD: G and BF4 since they both seem to be "fine" games and not amazing. I read a lot of reviews claim they both disappointing. I guess i will buy both of them eventually but it seems like i am not THAT excited to get them.

Something i do want to get though is 3DS for Pokemon X. It is very hard to find 3DS console in my country (apparently there's only XL, if any). Me and my friend will probably go to a different city in 2 weeks to look for one so i will buy the X (he has Y).

Expect a review on both GTA V and SC: B on December 20th as usual.

First Blog on The new site!

Today GS did its major change and i must congratulate them. It'll take me, of course, some time to get used to the new things but i am sure it will be great.

As for my gaming situation, i still play GTA V and already got 80% of the solo mode (about 12 missions left). I try not to play too much because of my SAT course but i do play from time to time. I did play a little on the Online mode with my friends and it's really nice. At general this game is simply amazing!

about 50 days left until i will have the SIT test and after that i hope to have a grade that will satisfy me (630+). Then i will have to go back to work but i am not sure i want to work as a security guard again because i need to sign for a year and i want to work just until October so i can go to the University which is in a different city.