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First Review!

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I was able to add my first review today. I chose to write about mass effect. please read and give feedback if you would.


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Holy crap, what a week it has been. But now that the dust is starting to settle, it's becoming clear that it's now business-as-usual time, let's all start talking about games again, shall we?

So, I was in florida all last week on family business, and havn't turned on my 360 since last friday. Seeing as that is such a depressing fact, I have decided today will be a day for game purchasing. I've had my fill of Halo 3, CoD4, The Orange Box, and even mass effect (mark my words, I will still get that full 1000 off of that game, it hasn't seen the last of me yet.). I'm trying to figure out what to pick up, but the choices I have left after the holiday release blitz of recent months are not no brainers to be sure. Im thinking maybe Assasins Creed, or even virtua fighter 5? Don't know.

BTW as anyone seen the Speed Racer trailer? Very interesting

The Devil and Jeffery Gerstmann

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The blow up of threads, blogs, and posts concerning the Jeff Gerstmann scandal is overwhelming, and understandably so. Still some bring it to our attention that we may be wrong about what happened, maybe its not the way it seems. I'm not sure whats going on, but I've seen enough evidence to come to the conclusion that Eidos and their mediocre game have everything to do with it.

This all means so much more than some would think. In the world of publishing, it would certainly be naive to believe that a publisher does not consider his advertising clients in many desicsions, that is true.Still, that they would actually chastise an editor for the negitive review of a clients product (no matter what pretext they choose to do it under) is dogdy business indeed. What all of this means is that the world of gaming is changing, in some disturbing ways. Just as the studio system became the looming art-killing giant it is today, the same kind of sleazy people are trickling into the world of gaming. Not beacause they like it, but because they go wherever the money goes. As if that isn't bad enough, they have their OWN ideas of how a game should be made

"Hey..remember that game...oh what was that....Grand theft automobile I think? Yeah, make something like that, dont take forever about it. I'llmake some calls to make it a big deal in the gaming press. Huh? Oh that budget isnt all for you to use on making the game. I'll give you a third and well spend the rest on banner ads and MTV spots."

Ifyou have even the slightest passion for games as an art-form, and a past time, you have a responsibility to show these people they will have to come up with a better strategy. As for me, I will not play another eidos game for the next 5 years. No matter how good a game they come up with, I won't play it. I'm looking at the bigger picture, they **** up, they have to pay, or they get control of what is ours, what belongs to us. After all, we have what they want we are in charge. And no one is going to **** up this industry the way they **** up music, or movies, as long as we just stand up.

What happened to jeff sucks, but this issue is bigger than jeff, it's even bigger than games. If you follow it as far up as it goes, it's about the fact that we need to start being educated consumers or the qaulity of everything is going to continue to go down the way it has been from the beginning. Let's just stop paying them for their crap, and teach them they'll get their damn money, once they earn it.

La Resistance (Boycott eidos)

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C-net has reportedly fired Jeff Gerstmann after all these years, and why? Over Kane and Lynch....the worst game of the last 6 months. SOMEONE NEEDS TO WAKE UP! They fired this man because he gave a negative review of a game that paid for advertising...Don't you all see where this is going?What do you think is going to happen when kane and lynch 2 comes out? Alex Navaro grining with his teeth clenched and two thumbs up? C-net and gamespot are guilty of unethical business practices and must pay! BOYCOTT EIDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stand up and post a blog in support of Jeff!

The birth of a new game-spotter

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Hello world! This is, obviously, my first gamespot blog. I'm not sure why it took me so long to create my own account, but here I am.

So, Mass effect, Mass Effect indeed. Played through that game twice now, working on a third. Just trying to get the full 1000, but i'm not sure I will. Funny thing about that game is that it really dissapointed me in alot of ways, but still managed to get me by the balls in such a profound way. I love that game, but a lot of things about it really pissed me off from the get-go. The main story is really well put together, but the sidequests are lacking the depth I expected. Don't get me wong, they are fun enough but all of the 'uncharted' planets are virtually identical, as are the various 'hideouts' and 'outposts'. The 'revalutionary' dialouge tree system is clunky and misleading. Many times you really have no idea what your spacfaring hero is about to say apart from the fact it will either be renegade, nuetral, or paragon in nature. Aside from the various annoyances however, it's a really good game, your descisions affect the gameplay in ways not many other games allow them too, and it can very engaging. There were times when my controller rested on the coffee table for a good five minutes before i knew whichpath i would take in a critical situation. If you havn't seen it yet, you really should check it out.

Call of Duty 4's single player may be the best of it's kind this year. There i just something about the way the action pans out that makes it a really special experience. The player will witness most events through the eyes of the charactors, which is just very cinematic and immersive. It would certainly get my vote against Halo 3 for best shooter of 2007.

On another note, still havn't had a chance to play rock band, yeah...really sucks. I would buy it but...nearly $200 after the last few months of Bioshock, Halo 3, Orange Box, Call of duty 4, Mass Effect, two friends birthdays and christmass just around the bend? Yeah...it's going to be quite some time before I can serve up that kind of bread on a whim. Eh, oh well, thats life.

Well, that's it for the first blog, I hope someone out there reads it. More to come, in days and weeks that follow!