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Herzog_Lothar Blog

Last day of school!

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Today was pretty boring. All we did was sign yearbooks. Basically all my friends signed it, but I was too scurred to approach any hot female-types to sign it. Then, everyone was let outside and someone blasted crappy music. I couldn't find my friend, so one of my other friends told me he was in the band room in a Guitar Hero tournament. Naturally, I went to watch (though they played songs I've never heard, and don't remember being particularly memorable). After those games they played Through the Fire and Flames. TWICE. I wanted them to play Anarchy in the UK or The Number of the Beast, but for some reason they decided to play it a second time. Don't get me wrong, I am a DragonForce fan, but I hear that song far too often (and their other songs, like Operation Ground and Pound are better). Then I went home and did nothing.

Slayer is overrated

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While most metal bands, like Metallica and Megadeth have heard of something called variety, Slayer seems to think it's alright if all of their songs are the same-old speed metal routine like they are on Reign in Blood, their undisputed classic album (personally I prefer South of Heaven). They seem to think offending people is more important than their music (some musicians, like Alice Cooper, can do both). They don't seem to realize that they can still be "hardcore" without the often-blasphemous lyrics. Slayer is by no-means a crappy band, but they're highly overrated.

F*** you, Apple!

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My piece of s*** iPod Shuffle died on me! I'M PISSED!

Anyone know of any MP3 players that are worth more than the packaging they come in?

People need to get a clue...

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I'm sick and tired of people claiming that metal is satanic and coming up with conspiracy theories about it! Even bands like Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Iron Maiden have been accused of it.

People need to do their research before spewing such bull****.


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I started using it after Firefox was being gay and shutting off on me, and it pwns. It's supposedly the world's fastest browser.

I've got a feeling...

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... That something big will happen soon. Iran is close to having nuclear weapons, Islam, wars and natural disasters seem to be increasing, it's Israel's 60th birthday, and liberalism and the presidential election are just a few of the things happening right now.

It seems like we're rushing headlong into something. Rapture? Who knows?

Anyone else have this feeling?