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Want a free iPhone?

As many of you may or may not know, about 2-3 years ago, I got a free 360 from doing offers online. Well I'm back at it again, but only this time I'm aiming for an iPhone. Please relate back to this blog for any proof and instruction.

If you're interested, please feel free to PM or comment me any questions. Thanks!

The link:



I think you won't see me on Gamespot anymore. I simply find GiantBomb more convenient and the site much more productive . I won't totally be away from GS, but don't expect frequent blogs.

Come over to Giant Bomb! Here's my profile.

E3 madness

E3 is coming to an end.

My thoughts?

Well, to make it short and simple, I'm going to take Talor's ,aka TheWesker,idea and express my opinions using Gamespot's emoticons.


Spotlights: Fallout 3 looks amajjing.Great new Xbox Live features. Diggin the new look of the dasboard. FFXIII announced for the Xbox 360.

Downers: Not too sure about the avatars. LIPS?

Nintendo: No emoticon can express the epic failure of Nintendo.

Spotlights: New Animal Crossing. That's about it.

Downers: Everything.


Spotlights: God of War III also looks amajjing. Resistance coming to the PSP. Loved the opening for Little Big Planet. Nice Killzone 2 footage released.

Downers: Not too much on Home. Lost FFXIII as exclusive.

I think it's safe to say that Microsoft came out as the winners this year.

In other note:

The Dark Knight is in theatres tomorrow!

Justin TV?

Hello everyone!

I've recently been addicted to Justin. TV and thought that I'd join the fun of broadcasting. I started off broadcasting with a crappy old webcam, but it felt totally wrong and pretty ghetto. So yesterday, I stopped by Office Depot and bought this,

For $50, it's not too bad.

I went through the whole installation process, which was not easy. The whole compatibility issue with Vista made me go nuts. I worked all night on trying to figure out why it wouldn't detect the audio. And with some help from fellow broadcasters, they told me that the audio only worked on Windows XP. So, I booted up XP, whola, worked perfectly.

Anyways, my channel hasn't gotten too many views, but I'm hoping it grows as I broadcast more often. If you guys are interested, check it out. And while you're at it, a fav. on my channel would be greatly appreciated. :)

As for some gaming, I recently finished up GTA IV and plan on moving on to Eternal Sonata, which I haven't touched since September '07.

Your new champion

In a seven hour match, Rafael Nadal finally pulled it off and defeated the world's greatest tennis player and 5 time Wimbledon champion, Roger Federer.

Ladies and gentleman, your new Wimbledon champion.

6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-7 ( 8 ) 9-7

It's about time.

Chrono Trigger is coming to the DS. I think I just soiled myself...

Thanks Square Enix. It's about time.

Now where's that FFVII remake? :P

PS3's Time to Shine?

Hello everyone -

There's been a lot of noise coming from Sony lately about their next update on the PS3.This next update is nothing minor. It's coming with a lot of new features that I think a lot of owners have been waiting for. And some, that should've been there at the start.

The new update will include the following:

Friend category
View, send, receive messages
Manage downloads
Set the vibration feature of the controller
Sign in to PlayStation Network
Register friends
Manage Bluetooth devices
Terminate the game
Music category
Use the system BGM
Work the system BGM operation panel
Settings category
Assign controllers
View profiles
Game category
Set audio devices
Use the voice changer

Oh yeah. And lets not forget the trophy feature, PS3's system of achievements.

Yeah. A lot of new features are coming. Some that are exciting. And some that we simply don't care about. The big one right off the bat is the use of BGM (background music) and the trophies.The BGM feature, I think, should've been there from the start. I just think that a simple feature like this can easily be there from the beginning. For trophys, this could be great news for achievement whores on the 360, like me. But seriously, I see this trophy system becoming more popular and useful than Xbox Live's achievement system. Maybe even more useful with it's compatiablity with Playstation Home. For Xbox Live, the only way to prove your achievements is through points. How exciting. But for some reason, I don't know why I keep craving for more. lol. With the PS3, their new trophy system will allow others to see the trophies with a gleaming display. I don't know. Numbers are always good. But trophies are better.

Now that Sony is releasing some major features, I could finally see Sony being a hardy competitor against Xbox Live. Sony just needs to get around releasing Home. Please SONY. PLEASE!