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The Evolution of Combat Sports: Preview of FIght Night 4 vs UFC Undisputed

For decades boxing has been the dominant combat sport, but in past years things have changed in a dramatic fashion. In the past 5 years the UFC and mixed martial arts in general have gone from underground to without question more popular than boxing (don't feel bad boxing it's more popular than most sports these days). Now is this just a phase fight fans are going through, or is boxing destined to play second fiddle to MMA forever, only time will tell. Now the question is how will this play out this summer when 2 highly anticipated fight games come out within a couple months of each other. Who will sell more? Which will actually be the better game? Will the UFC's popularity be enough to take out Fight Night as simulation combat sports #1 game?

There are a lot of factors that will come into play when deciding which game to buy. Obviously a big factor will be how well advertised they are andthe reviews they get once released, but lets throw those 2 out the window for now. The first factor;do youlove one and hate either one?For examplemy dad is a boxing fan and hates MMA, and if he played games there is no way he would get UFC Undisputed because he just thinks its a bunch of dudes trying to grope one another. So I definitely see, love of the sports being the most important factor to the less hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers are going to dive a lot deeper into it if they have to pick between the two.

A big concern of mine and I'm sure many others is the track records of the 2 games. Fight Night is a game you feel you can trust, in my opinion they've done a real nice job with the First 3 Fight Nightsand before that EA set the bar pretty high with Knockout Kings, whereas, it pains me to say this, but there hasn't even been a respectable UFC game to date. So Fight Night already has a good formula that all they have to do is improve it and not re-invent. UFC Undisputed has to pretty much start from scratch, I'm sure THQ can take a little bit from Smackdown vs Raw but hopefully not too much because MMA is not wrestling. So right away you have to give Fight Night an edge because you know it is going to be an improved version of an already good series of games.

Now a strong argument for UFC Undisputed, what if THQ pulls it off and makes a fun, realistic MMA game? If they do they've got the edge because its something new and for hardcore gamers an new type of game to master andalthough Fight Night is a good game, no matter what there will be a "been there done that" aspect to it.

I think the determining factor in the quality of game UFC Undisputedis will fall on the ground fighting, I'm confident the stand up will be acceptable at worst, but the ground fighting is going to be tough and could kill this game for me if not done well. Are the control schemes going to be a little bit too much to learn for someone who doesn't want to log serious hours into it? For boxing what are they going to do that makes it so much better than the last one?

So come late spring, early summerfight fans have a tough decision to make,do I buy UFC Undisputed or Fight Night Round 4? I know I will be getting both, I'm more excited about UFC Undisputed (something new), but I'm also skeptical about it. So will the UFC steal boxing video game sales as well as pay-per view buys? or is it too early in their gaming days to dethrone Fight Night?

Weigh in, tell me what you think!