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I'm Really Back!!! (I hope)

More work had to be done, then my laptop picked up a Trojan. Yeah. I just got it back, though, so expect to see me around. BTW, if you're interested, join the WSW VG club forum at http://wswvgclub.myfastforum.org Also, join my forum at http://ninjurai.myfastforum.org. It still needs lots of work (no topics yet!), but join up anyways!

I'm Back!!!

Hey guys! I'm back after a really long time with no explanations, no long stores, and, most importantly, no forwarding address. Actually, I've been real busy with school work, and I haven't been able to do stuff here. I've been working on my Senior Project (subject: Positive Effects of Video Games), my school started a video game club (wswvgclub.myfastforum.org), and other stuff. Some stuff I've been meaning to take care of has been delayed (Fan Fiction Union), and I now finally have a chance to take care of it.

300 is the

BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Beating out Team America: World Police) I saw it Saturday at Imax. Seriously, if you like action movies (and since you're gamers, I'd be surprised if you didn't), you HAVE to see it. The action is simply... beyond description, but the feeling if watching it is... Okay, you know the feeling you get when you're riding a roller coaster, when all the adrenaline is pumping because of the excitement? It's the same feeling. From a movie. 300 is just that awesome.

Well, The Fan Fiction Union was not formed...

But that does not mean I will not keep trying! More invites, more perseverance, more AWESOMENESS!!!! and the union will eventually be formed. April 6, 2007, I can try again. Meanwhile, I'll be spending a lot of time at Fanfiction.net, where I now have an account, and one story (In-Progress), posted; and at Gamefaqs, where I just like the board features more (Searching topics pwnz).

I want to start a Fan Fiction union!

...and I need 4 people eligible to become the first officers! In order to become an oficer, you need to be Lvl. 3 and/or a paid Gamespot subscriber. The union, will be devoted to all things fan fiction! All I need are the four union officers (and to figure out how I can post (links to) fan fiction pieces (although I don't need to know how yet) !