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Fable 2 Is it going to be Awesome?

Fable 2's online co-op was cut out and will instead be released in a form of patch online.
(No bigge) I rather play offline and with my Bro.

Collector's edition was trimmeded.

(Again No bigge) I just want the game....

I am seeing a trend here, and franky worried, that what else might have been cut, off.
I am hyper excited for Fable 2. I have played and beat the first one, (even got the Lost Chapters) and have enjoyed it as my Fav RPG game on the XBOX.

But now, I am worried if Fable 2 might be rushed or lacking. I sure hope not! As the Offline Co-op mode is going to keep me and my Borther playing this game till the Next Black and White or Movies Ex-pack is released.

But anywho, this I am sure if a minor annonyance, but it is still a setback. I just hope Peter keeps up his end of the bargain.

Wish List 08

Coming this falll, is a whole platoon of games! Anywho, Just keeping tracking of the games, I wish to own. (Maybe school will go by faster? Or I drop out....)

Fable 2 - Loved the first one!

Gears of War 2 - Loved the first, but never got into multiplayer, maybe Gears2 will change that.

Fallout 3 - I am hooked with this end of the world theme, I am also hyped after seeing I AM LEGEND.

Splinter Cell 5 (I know it is not coming out this year, but it is a game i am waiting for.....patiently..) Sam Fisher looks like my dad now....

Saint's Row 2 - Loved Saint's Row, and got hyped with GTA4.

Halo Wars - (Halo Fan, and love to control some covenant forces)

Bioshock 2 - I am in love with this game, and the sequel already. (That and I have another thing for a secret city under water....)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Fusion - This is going to keep me and my brother locked in our rooms for the next month or 2.....

This is all for now, and with the new dashboard update incoming, I can say this fall is going to feel like summer again.....

Xbox 360 is coming home.......(Soon)

It's been awhile, but my xbox 360, after going to Microsoft therapy, has return.....(Not Yet)

However, makes me feel uneasy, how long till it happens again.....

Any way, curious how many of you Xbox 360 owners had your Xbox fixed? How is it. Did it break again? Feed back is nice.

Sound, but no picture!! (Xbox 360)

Of all days, With the dawn of GTA4, my Xbox 360, went black...I mean It worked great for 2 and a half year, now when ever I turn on my 360, I hear sound, but no picture!!!

So I reconnected the cables, and restarted the console, even resetted the resolutions! No avail. I have a felling it's my cable (Component) My console works fine, Sound but no picture, thinking of buying a new cable and instead of sending the whole console in for repair.

Any advice would be greatly NO GRATEFULLY RECEIVED!

Grand Theft Auto 4

This game is coming closer than I had hoped.....Serious monies is to be made when this game is unleashed.

Anywho this is a thread dedicated to the release of GTA4!! Drink up!

Hudson Catholic Regional High School is Closing.

I, myself am dishearten....Hudson opened in 1964, (40 Years or so) Has been in debt for 650,000 dollars.......

June 30 is when it is set to close it's doors.

Of course, This really sucks, I love this school!!! (But any way, enough of these sad news)

All Hail the Hawks!

Parents playing video games with their kids.....(RANT)

I mean, the ideal is almost unheard of! But, when I do manage to have a family, I will certainly play video games with my kids, or cousins what ever, if they are 3 years younger than me, I will.

Also another thing, do parents even know how to use a video game console? Most parents buy consoles for their kids and that's that, they never mention or even think of it. But, then on Fox or CNN, or The Morning News what not, A story of a sex scene in a popular video game or a lawsuit against a certain company, and they go nuts.

If Oprah (I hope I spelled that right) says on her show, Video games are bad for kids, you can bet alot of parents or any mothers, (Fathers ) watching will have second thoughts, about getting Sam that Nintendo Wii for christmas.....And it sucks too!

1. Internet (I mean really COME ON!) Porn, torture videos, uncensored movies, porn, child stalkers, trolling, pron....

2. TV, Movies, Books, Media (300 beats God of War in terms of Nudity and gore any day, IMO) (Alot of books I've read has curse words spelled out - Examples are Of mice and Men (Good Book) Monster (Another good book) That Boy's Life so forth...

3. Parents themselfs, first off do some research about the game or consoles you are buying for your kids, and even watch or even better play with them. Know what is up in the gaming world, (It's not nerd or geeky) Don't take for granted on TV either, do some work yourselfs. Educate yourself about video games and Xbox Live, and PSN and WiFi. (Trust me, your kids will be alot more interested in talking with you if you mention Call of Duty, or Ninja Gaiden once in a while.)

Thanks for reading. I am open for comments (keeps flame shield handy)

GTA4 is coming, Jack Thompson be'a ready....

First Person or Third Person View?

Shooting games are becoming more on the cover and tactical side, Gears and GRAW are one of the major third person shooters. Halo and COD 4 are the major First person shooters. But the question is which is more accepted?

I am a First Person Shooter by heart, but after playing Gears and GRAW I have went to Halo to collect skulls, I find it really difficult to not be able to look around corners with out side stepping as much. Recently released, Army of Two and KnL Dead Men were all third person shooters, meaning alot of shooters these days are more over the shoulder view.

Anywho, who here hopes for First Person to countinue?

Valentine's Day!

Just a shout out, to all who are planning on getting their loved one or Ones gifts and hanging out with them.

Time to buy those small candy shaped hearts that have horrible spelling. (Even worst than me)

Also games can be romantic too! (Sort of) No Not Mass Effect's Sex Scenes...