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The day I turned 30 (April this year) I received 15000 gold and a request to join the battlefields of World of Tanks.

I already knew a lot of beta players but had problems to share their fascination for a game with tanks only; no AKs or grunts needed here. Oddly enough I let my self lure into the madness and the crazy thing about it is that I SO LOVE IT!!!!

Well have to say that I'm still anticipating BF3 and ARMA3 as a child Christmas morning, but this game is a great substitute for my tanks-driving-needs. Frack it's so great I joined a CLAN. Always thought the clans were a little lame when I was playing BF2, but man that is a good way to keep these things interesting. And it's so much funnier to share something with 100 people you know than the ordinary flamer on the on-line server.

So guess what? Next installment from DICE I'll probably be the lame one with an actual clan tag next to my nick.

Make sure to look for LardVader [VI], official representative from the Victrix Legion :twisted:


Oh Holy Membership!

Come to realize have long I've been a user at Game Spot. Think it was the old adventure games from Lucas Arts and Sierra that drove me here in early 97, still I didn't register unto 2004. Well it's been on my everyday surf routine for over a decade know:)

Bluggerz inc

Wellwellwell - time for my annual blog, at least 1 of 4...

So what to write? I'm usually full of sh.. but today I'm more or less empty... of sh.. I meen.

First of all I've been doing my homework since christmas. For instance I bought RE5 sometime in December 2009! Same thing with both L4D witch I've barely touched. Finally it was time to clock some hours in BF: Bad Company 2. I really don't aggree to this game being top pick of last year but it is delighful and very funny - too bad I suck and everyone else rules. Hermiro/LardV or Steve Cook will have his revenge when BF3 is released in Q4!

So what's next? Well beside of building a strong recruit in BC2 it's probably time to play through Mass Effect 2, then Uncharted and then Episodes from Liberty and the list goes on....

Happy fraging!

California Son

In absence of any new game title with the name brand such as Zelda or ... Theft Auto bloging will be the time killer until my basicgameplayingneeds are met - hopefully HL: Episode 3 or maybe HL3 for that matter will sees the light of day. Any DLC for Fallout NW will be greatly appreciated and what about iD software's latest engine? I made sure to spend my last dime on a supercomputer for time consuming winter activities (inside of course).

Blog off:twisted: