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First Blog on my new laptop

This is really cool, I love the fact of wireless internet and being able to lazily sit on the couch and use the computer.  And now in my downstairs I can surf the web....... while I game!

Snow Day!!!

For the first time in 10 years I got a snow day!!! I"m so psyched, I never thought it would happen in my city, but with 2+ feet of snow and blazing wind....it happened:D

I Love the Holidays!

Things are lookin great this holiday season, I got a Wii and Legend of Zelda TP........also I get reimbursed for the repairs on my 360:D! Now I just have to decide what to use $200 on.:wink:

Why I Hate my Neighbors

See I don't mind my neighbors here at GS they're pretty cool8), but the ones around my neighborhood are terrible! I could go on and on about how much I hate:evil: them but here is a small list of reasons, that will be updated as they do more and more things that tick me off.

~ Freeloaders, are always asking for help and to borrow stuff

~ sneak up on me in my own backyard, and scare the living crap out of me.

~ just walk around on my property, they even went in my garage once and looked through my stuff

~ They dont announce there arrival they just go looking for you

~ Almost ran me over in their car once

~ I am forced to share an internet connection with them(and if I had a say in the matter the connection would be all to myself)

~ To many little kids that are brats, and make me want to slap em

~ Dont make any sense when they talk, and get mad at me for not understanding

~ Come over to my house at least once a day and ring the doorbell an endless number times.

~ When they come over they dont even have a reason, so they expect you to bring up a topic to talk about    (July 14th)

~ yelled through my bedroom window asking me where my parents are at like 11 pm  (Sept. 3rd)

              Something really needs to be done!

The 20 Glitch

Well I finally got to level 20, but I only got like a 8% level increase in the last 3 days!  And I liked being a Gitaroo Man:roll:.(level 19)