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Selling my game collection.

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It seems I have lost interest in video games the past year and no longer want my games collecting dust.

I plan to keep my ps1 collection since I grew up on them but will sell the majority of my PS2/3 games.

I will also keep all my posters and figurines since they are better to display.


If anyone wants to see whats on offer, I will be gradually adding listings to this ebay link.


The next generation of console gaming has also turned me away with the Offline pass and tighter restrictions.

I don't see myself buying a PS4 anytime soon but I will still continue to game on my vita/PS3 and the Last of Us/GTA 5 look great.


New Video/ Twitter account!

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That's right everyone, I now have a twitter account. Link here

Also my new Mass Effect 3 video is up, Link in the image below and here again.

In other news I completed Journey. I had a wonderful experience with my buddy. We were total strangers only communicating through random cheeps but we were soon working together as one. We were bouncing off one another through song which enabled us to continuously fly and shared locations of powerups and hidden art.

Those monster sections were tense as I did not want to lose any of my precious scarf and I soon found out the monster could smash through our little stone shelter. In the end I received a friend request and a note of thanks from my buddy and I was very satisfied with my Journey.

Price wise, I think $20 is a little much for a 2-3 hour experience though especially with it being $15 in the U.S. But if its on sale, I say pick it up. The level of enjoyment may drop though if your buddy is un-cooperative and I had a friend tell me his buddy quit before the end which left him sad and alone.

I hope everyone had a great easter too, I filled up on chocolate and enjoyed the weekend.

I'm thinking of introducing a hypothetical to my sign off's for you to ponder so please tell me if you enjoy them or not. Here is the first:

Would you rather live without the use of your legs or go without technology for the rest of your life?

New Video up

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Whats a happa with chu?

I have a new video up with the link here and in the pic below.

Work has been pretty good, it's great to learn on the job and I realise the old cliches of I.T crowd are becoming true as I ask clients to restart their PC's and make sure they have followed my instructions.

My gaming has slowed and I really need to work on my backpile. The problem is they are mostly RPG's including the Witcher and Dragon Age which take along time to complete and I'm just not up for the hours.

Right now, I'm playing Skyrim, Shadows of the Damned and hopefully Arkham Aslyum if I can get it to work.

This year seems to be going by really quick for me, (March already?!?)So I guess I better ask now 'What game are you looking forward this year?'

For me its Bioshock Infinite, Though I'm not really pumped, just interested. Nothing much this year has me excited. I would say gta5 but 4 really did not live up to the hype at all for me so I'm just going to ignore it then buy it cheap.

Need your opinion, KTHANX

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In regard to my videos, would you like to see me review items or produce original comedy shorts?

I'm thinking of the later atm, as it would be cool to write up jokes and act them act out. I think the key is to make them short (5 second films and other videos show this).

Feedback would be appreciated

Rest of the blog:

I have completed another review video for my channel, Link here!

Other occurrences:


I picked up Enslaved and Shadows of the damned recently for a good deal. Enslaved is the kind of linear game that I am just going to enjoy for the adventure since the gameplay is nothing new.

Shadows of the damned looks pretty awesome so I'm looking forward to jumping into that soon.


I saw first blood, which still holds up today. The sequel 'Rambo First blood part 2' has more action, cheesiness and less quality of the first but still worth watching.


(Spare some change?)

I was thinking of making a top 10 old films to watch but I'm not sure how much interest there would be for it.


Game of thrones is pretty damn good, I already watched the TV series so I am looking forward to the second season.

My backlog of games has grown alot too, Skyrim is pretty awesome but I just don't have the time or the energy it deserves.

No game of the year(re-edited)

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Yeah, so Merry Christmas and Happy new year despite my delay of this blog.

When I think of the games released last year for 2011 , I keep thinking of how some titles could have earned my game of the year achievement but ended up disappointing me in some way.

My considerations were:

Uncharted 3:

I did not feel as impressed as I was with Uncharted 2 when I played this one. Although a fantastic game, maybe it was just not the improvement Uncharted 2 was to 1. The little things also bugged me such as the same big ape from the opening English pub seemed to pop up through out the whole game and how trying to be stealthy in some parts was thwarted by cheap AI and other quirks which lead me to keep restarting the chapter to get that satisfying ninja streak.

Plus the frustrating multiplayer bugs are back with a friend on PSN swapping game invites with me and Uncharted not accepting either of them.

Deus Ex Human Revolution:

A great game with alot of ways to play but the weak boss battles undermined it for me. It was either this or Skyrim for my game of the year. The enemies did not really seem to change that much either.

Elder scrolls 5 Skyrim

Although this was about to be my game of the year, I hesitated and thought back to previous titles. Skyrim seem to lose something from Oblivion that I cannot put my finger on but it did introduce some new features and a annoying meme.

It seemed most of the great games of 2011 were sequels and thus were not as memorable as I had seen most of it before.

So that's why I don't have a game of the year for 2011, nothing really stood out for me despite the range of quality titles.

Gun to my head, I would say Skyrim but I have not put that much time into it and that's saying something as I remember my 100+ hours in Oblivion.

I have started to work on my pile of shame instead of buying more titles. This lead to me replaying bioshock somehow.

Where I also found this Pac Man easter egg,

Edit: Reading this again makes me feel too harsh but I guess playing so many quality titles have left me spoilt and nitpicking flaws.

I'm going to confirm Skyrim as my GOTY for 2011 since it just offers so much in terms of exploration and gameplay hours. If there was only one game I could own last year, Skyrim would be it.

Arkham City is slowly downloading so I should be getting my teeth into that soon.

Uncharted 3 Sydney Launch!

by on

The Video link,

I suggest to watch the video as it has alot of good footage of what happened at the event,

I also met up with alot of the people from my earlier Resistance 3 trip which was a nice suprise.

Here's some pics to get you interested into clicking the video link.

Opera house where the event was held,


A nice poster

Meeting Hex from Good Game:D,

Happy Halloween O my Brothers!

by on

I was going to make a short video for this but got lazy and decided to type it here instead:/.

So how was your Halloween?

Mine was pretty disappointing to be honest, My mind was full of costume ideas for the past 3 months from Scarface to Scott pilgrim. But no one ended up dressing up or having a party, so I'm just sitting here instead of dressing up alone and knocking on doors to get a blank response because:

A)They do not celebrate Halloween

B)I am pretty old to be asking for candy.


So lets us share what costumes we would have worn given the chance.

Mine was going to be Alex Delarge (clockwork orange) but annoyingly I have seen a number of kids with the same idea who wore it quite badly so I was leaning towards taping some white lines to my black hoodie and going Tron with my Identity Disk.

Resistance 3 Alice Springs Premiere

by on

My Video of the Premiere is here.

Arrive at the airport, I think I see outrigger boy but I'm not sure its him. We both get a text at the same time from the Sony guys so I guess it is.

We meet the Sony team and the rest of the group turn up including Gamespot and journalists from a range of media including IGN, Playstation Magazine etc. Plus the RE3 Writer (Jon Paquette).

The flight is pretty good, we get to Alice Springs and move to the Sanctuary. A camp where we form into two survivor type teams, even with the Survivor tv show coloured bandannas.


I get made team leader for some reason of the Thorny Devils and we get started on the activities. We learn how to dress a snake wound, throw boomerangs and wooden poles at fake kangeroos. Plus a weird boat thing where we carry a canoe in a 4 person team in a race which I was sure I was going to fall over.

The final challenge to see which team would win was the Dampa making contest, both team leaders had to make the best Dampar (bread). I lost, making it a even disappointing tie between the teams. (Everyones a Winner!)

Time to head to the bar and play the game for the night, We were also shown a baby kangaroo with the only other kangaroo I saw was not moving on the side of the road.

We were also shown the moon through a telescope and were given a star tour with a lazer pointer. I remember Scorpio being easy to see.


Sleep time, we set up our swags (kinda big sleeping bags) under the stars and it was surprisingly comfy with no bugs eating my exposed face as I was worried about.


In the morning we moved to a new camp that was originally a film set before the funding got pulled. Things started to look alot like Red Dead Redemption.


We then moved to our next activity which was Quad Bikes! It was awesome tearing up the desert mad max $tyle in my leather jacket. We only had one crash in our group, (two if you count outrigger boy heading into the barbed wire fence).

We headed back and I was looking forward to a shower after the sandy fun. Unfortunately the boy cabin shower had a huge window facing the path to the cabin covered only by a very thin lace curtain.

Lucky no one walked by during the shower but it was kinda awkward.

Dinner time and once again it was delicious, we were treated to salmon, steak, kangaroo. Not really roughing it was I?

The group was great to talk to, everyone was friendly and funny especially over the open bar with my old JD and Coke. I shared some hypothetical's everyone seemed to enjoyed including:

1 week in prison or 2 years community service?,

Alien or Man job?,

Zombie apocalypse or Nuclear fallout?

Lose you're hands or feet?

I also got to talk to Jon Pacquette about the Game and living in America and other random stuff. He was a pleasure to talk to and was even unaware guns are illegal here,

In the morning we were greeted by a surprise Helicopter trip back to the airport.

I also got Jon Pacquette to sign my Game and Poster I lucky enough to receive in a guest bag.


We headed home while I lugged my Goodies including a huge poster through customs and just having enough room for it in the overhead compartment.

Thanks again to Sony and Gamespot for the amazing trip!


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