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My gaming update #5

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Hi fols its been a while, i know but now am gonna post more updates much more...

I wanna ask a question... what games that are not available on your gaming system you would like to come to your gaming system...i got a small list here...(unwrapping list)

Lets see Battlefield bad company, killzone 2, mgs4, Army of two, Uncharted drake's fortune ...mainly warfare games or games with good combat system like uncharted....

I don understand its beeing a while but ill ost more updates more often from now on...

Ok lets start


Its a game similar to vice city starting with the vity of miami, the main gameplay is that you character needs to take over anything so you start and figure out that your character has a terrible movement in the game and moves pretty bad, the mouse aim is broken, you can hardly aim in the game, you also have auto aim but if you use it you get less points when shooting at diffirent enemy body parts, with those points you feel a bar and unleash a devastating first person mode that you cant die and you have infinite bullets, also enemies die with one hit, each time you kill someone you fell your own health. The health goes down pretty fast however and the game is very difficult at some times the enemies will kill you right away so you got to run around and headshot multiple times.

In the game the weapon soudns are pretty bad and perfom kinda crap.. you shoot and jump around but nothing beats the crapy mouse aim, you get points in the game by killin enemies and when you shoot them you can press a button to taunt them and call them names...which is pretty funny and cool, especially if you got nerves and wannat unleash your rage... but the enemies are not kidding they weill kill you for sure, latter on they got machineguns and grenade launchers or rocketlaunchers...

SOME OF MY FAVORITE TAUNTS (with the M and the MF words in the BEEP section)



Or while you hit people and you are inside a vehicle:



Pretty funny quotes... you can also talk to peopel with taunt key and start some pretty funny conversations... when you reach an amount of those points you find a girl and get it to your mansion,,, and tadda you get health upgrade. There is also driving which is very easy and driving missions are easy but they get amazingly hard and idiotic challenges latter on..

The game works like that... there are four areas in the city, each area is a chapter.. in those areas you capture enemy gang territories and do random sidemissions which are infinite and can doen and redone to get money.. with them oney you get you buy fronts which are shops that you sell your drugs, once ou got them all you capture a storage and make a phone call to contact a drug supplier, you go there and hold the taunt key till it reaches the center of an indicator to get a great deal with many drugs... if you dont hold it that long you get less drugs, hold it too long and you piss them off so they will attack you and if you kill them you wil get heat. In any cse after that you get the drugs to you safehouse and you distubute them to you fronts adn get many, then you go to the bank to store them, if you dont , you will lose them if you die...Sometimes around those missions you get story missions to progress the story, its pretty cool how the game is not only in miami but in islands too to get drugs.

Every time you do stuff you get points and you adavce a level, when you do, new stuff became available to buy, like new cars upgrades, or stuff like a space suit to put in your mansion :lol: which is even more impressive than vice city you also get a assasin or a driver and a enforcer, you can use the enforer to do sidemissions and kill gangs to lower you heat, if your heat is too high you will die for sure... eg too high heat with the cops and they wont let you go away, which is the fact that the cop cars dissapear after a while but the higher the heat the more cops are spawn near you...

The good

Making money by drugs

nice driving

Taunt and calling names the enemies when you shoot them....

islands :)

You can buy anything in the world, including incas mummys

The bad..bad.. bad points in the game..boo bad game.. bad.... :(

You cant kill civilians

You cant kill cops ( if you dont run away a counter appears and when the time runs out "YOU ARE BEEEEEP" appears in the screen and you die, what kinda crap is this? long live gta...)

The heat thing

Riddiculsy and unfair hard some times...


Pretty good ideas but the bad points are painfull annoying and the game needs fixes"


It amazes me that a such an old game has so good graphics

This game has the best water i ever seem...unfortanly you cant see it here :(

The idea of being in a huge jungle and island worldmap was great the game looked great , the main idea of a cia agent that can use a hook to grab a flying helicopter and get in, or a vehicle that speeds awat is epic , syo your character can pull he self on the vehicle and jump in, unfortantly it doestn always work good, the gunplay is kinda weird, some times its way too easy as people said sometimes way too hard, people said its too easy... i doubt they even bother to play it more before they review.

Another good idea is the ability to call for vehicle drop eg a james bond sea vehicle or an suv vehicle with machineguns and rocketlaunchers, unfortantly or vehicles drive awfull bug am talking about the worst vehicle driving i ever seen, completly undrivable, if you play the demo the game qualirty will seem good but theactual missions are pretty borring and bad in quality...

There are 2 factions, guirellas and drug dealers.. you liberate enemy bases or amry bases and you get safehouses full of new weapons and vehicles, the game has 2 tanks and 2 anti air tanks, also 3militart hoppers with no weapons, 4 choppers with machineguns and rocket launchers and 4 aircrafts with rockets.... holy damn so many military vehicles... click here for a list

the map is huge and full of great areas plus cities... however the game is crap, the sequel is on the way

The prons

The grappling hook that you can grab youself to chopppers

The heavy lock and loda military tanks and choppers

The setting

the cons

Awful driving and completly undrivable vehicles

Weird gameplay at some times

very short

bad quality missions


Believe me it worths it.... but again check the ratings of those games in gs and ign, see completly difirent... GS 6, IGN 8.5 , GS 7.7, IGN 6.


Shadow ops red mercury is a fps that features very impressive blockbuster movie story, you start every mission with specific weapons and few shots are enough to kill your enemies, the game plays really fast paced you ahve to run around and shoot and there is no innacruracy a faster cod4 experience since cod4 was short well this game is not short it has nice and diffirent levels and you play fast to survive, honestly i think it would be better if it played slower... so its a nice game but nothing amazing, but a good generic linear full of action fps... my favorite


Also if you like cod 4 mabe you wanna try rainbow six lockdown or frontlines fuel of war...


Ok so the james bond game is not bad, its about 6 hours, unfortantly it maybe uses the cod 4 engien and has similar loadscreens the gameplay isnt full of action and shoting liek cod4, just not a game that you should pick if you are a cod 4 hardcore fun... not a bad game but nothing amazing, the graphics in the beginning were pretty bad but they got much better later on...

The game maybe looks like a fps but its not if you look at the screen below you will see that is very hard to aim with weapons in first person view plus that few shots will kil you right away

The game must be played by 3rd person and gears of war ****of combat, by the way if i have to choose for the best take cover game that will be quantum of solace it has the best take cover combat, stand up shoot and nto a red screen, take cover and as you shoot the weapons show recoild also enemies die fast....

I can easilly say its the best on that, also in some leves you can go on stealth and if you want, also the explosive action moments of cod4 are here and the inrto after the first mission is awesome...so if you like linear generic shooters or looking for a gears of war ****game its defently for you... ht ps2 version is more tactical , 3rd person withdiffirent level :shock: why did they fo that?


I was thinking of a 7.5 but what the hell 8 it is...


Honestly i got a bit dissapointed a bit from this game, dont take me wrong its a very impressve game for 2003 i was highly impressed, well its a stealth game with nice levels i got to say let me tell you what i didnt like:

1 you have to use the mousewheel to move slower and sneak behind someone and grab him, but if you accelarte at the last second your character wont grab the enemy and will alert the enmy :(

2 i am using a pistol but its very weak very innacurate if i move or even if i stay still, still the bullets hit always outside the aiming reticle :( can you say crap?

3 why because i shot someone in a dark room everyone knows where i am and shoots me? :(

4 If you dont hide the bodies and you move further in the missio, no matter if you killed everyone still an alarm will appear because you didnt hide the bodies in the darkness :(

5 why the pc version has harder levels than the consoles version? are we some super heores and console users are noobs? i highjly dissagre about it i want them to be like the console verions.. why?

Console version: move forward and go up th ladder,

PC version... move shoot the lights, kill the patrol guard without letting the civilians see you from their balcony (and why THE HELL THE CIVILLIANS GOT AN ALARM BUTTON IN THEIR APARTMENT?) get passed the "patrolling" civvilian a and then as you go up the stairs the civvilian b.... and the stairs are at a different area... jeez why all that crap :( so its ok but i dont reccomend it.


The sequels are better however...


Easilly this is the best prince of persia but i havent played the two thrones yet... when i started playing the game i didnt like it so much and i experienced some epic control fail and the camera sometins was tricky.. but all round it was great latter on, unlike the previous game that was like disney Warrior within is more bloody and it has better combat, the respawning monsters from sands of time are gone, so did the hundrends of traps placed everywher, now the levels are awesome and combat even more awesome this game is so epic, epic story epic gameplay epic areas epic all theway, even the size of the game is long, unlike many games.. i was confused sometimes of where to go but still this game is so epic..

Also the soundtrack from Godsmack is awesome

I dont understand why people are calling him emo, he stands alone and fights for his life...do fie haters...


Ohh and it worths every single point of it....as for people who got dissapointed, dont worry ill am working on some weird shooters right now...

My gaming update #4

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This time i try out gmes with a cover system


First of all i wanna place my thoughts on gears of war.... bad weapons bad combat system, you ake damage everytime you stand up to shoot.. kinda lame, well not a short game but it was short when it came out :) also the levels dont give you the feeling that you progress its the same thing all over again... not psychics apart from corpses well no epic moments and a bad checkpoint system, the bosses were also lame, evn lamer that the areas...eg shoot those specific psrts to defeat the boss, plus if you step into the darkness some bats arr gonna eat you an die just like that, the game plays completly linear and there are some lame "push stuff" sequences that kill the action and they are making you wonder what the hell to do now, as for weapons, well they are all bad especially the sniper and the rocjetlauncher that got only 1 shot, the only good one is the pistol:) Not even the graphics, i mean no dynamic lighting.. in any case still great...

Sigh u cant believe that is is that hyped game that got a 9.6....

However gears of war 2, has dynamic lighting, more psychics and and an actual story, and better combat, plus diffirent sutiations eg fighting and shooting while you are on a transport vesse, plus vehicles, also levels are impoved eg inside a worm :) the only thing sucks is the epic fail in voice acting when they try to use more emotions.

well only on x360 as Cliffy said but he also said that for the previous game so we might get a pc version...



Now a similar game that you propably never heard of, killswitch

An old simmilar game like gears of war but with better combat and weapons it came years ago and got few hype to almost none, well it offered a nice story and a it was tooo short, 2-3 hours...however it offered more shoting than gears of war plus some trikcs, eg fps aim and throw grenades while in cover, especially the flashbang that allow you to flank enemies..gameplay here anf here comes a cutscene that you got to see this amazing cutscene, make sure you watch part 2.


CT Special forces fire for effect (or Nemesis strike)

This is a diffirent interesting game that has alot of good ideas, first of all there is a base in antartica with an AI called thesis that can predict when terrorists will attack, there are 4 female controllers, the commander of the operation general Banner and 2 operatives, the commano with a ballistic shield, Raptor and Owl the stealth infitrator...quite interesting story

It has plenty ideas like taking cover and using flash, explosive or magnet grenades that attract metal boxes to be used as cover or to pull them away to expose you covered enemies

Or use a sniper rilfe with a camera to shoot without stand up at expose yourself, or my favorite stealth cloaking system

But my favorite part is this

Cool ha? also there are hovercraft suquences... now why this game is bad?

Well no difficulity settings and its too damn hard, especially some levels are harder than others , i dont understand whyin some specifi points they got to add so many riddiculus stuff like a trap area full of rocketlauncher troopers, seriously those guys are sneaky bastards and blow you up when you dont expect it , and you can destroy the rockets either,

In any case i got to say that 1- 2 hits are enough apart form the elite enemies with a heavy cool armor, similar to the one on fear, did i mention the game has nightvision, thermal vision and x ray vision, plus a weapon that penatrates walls?

In any case back to the point, the shots can miss even if you aim right and the nemies react very nice, eg they take cover immediatly and try to find you, if you are not invisible that is... but even is you are invisible they can see you if you cause suspisions... crysis ai sucks comapred to this :), in this game you got to move slow, its unexpected when they notice you or not.

Well all these are good apart form the very high difficulity with the grenade launcher troopers and some unfortanate parts, also after a while the quite amazing skydiving gets repettive but harder, kinda annoying but its good when you want a challenge, the main problem is the unbalancement, eg the last 3 levels are far easier for me than the rest of the game... unbalancement sucks...


Kane and lynch DEAD men

Well basicly is a good not very, very reallistic 3rd person shooter that can be played coop, it has a cover system, not very good, its a nice game with a nice story, at some parts especially.. nice weapons too, the only problem with this game apart from being too short is that it doesnt offer too many enemies to kill but it focuses on story.. kinda wrecks the gunplay.

The graphics are not as good as promised

You also got some orders that you can issue but they are not neccesary...Anyway i enjoyed the gunplay when it was fully available and not too much objective gameplay to help the story.. the cuba level is quite awesome

Final rating:7


This game is based on a comic i dont kow which one... the story goes that the blue troopers (genetic infantry= GI) are made to fight a war by them selfs and they got all kinda stuff, eg take cover, assault rilfe and sniper or grenade launcher and shotgun mods, shock grenades, or micro mines set to explode remotely, a hologram that attracts enemies, eg snipers and you move out of cover and take them out, or quick stimpacks.

Another cool thing is that you can set down your weapon as a machinegun and start fending off enemies while you doing something else, ef sneaking in or defending a diffirent side, the story isnt much could have been better, the game aint long either, it has some cool ideas and collecting salvage to make bullets and upgrades is nice and easy no need to worry for health and ammor or weapons you can make your own, the problem is that the game isnt much at all its average the only great thing is its graphics for a ps2 generation game... could have been better but hey at least its good and not bad.


Thats it for now next time i ll focus on some fps games and some sword fighting advenure games... then at some gta type, games and finnaly to the new games!

My gaming update #3

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God i love reporting people in the morning...



Also include 2 more 1 before the mass inbox and one after...

In any case let me show you some games.... i said no more horor till am done with silent hill 3 but those 2 also fall in the action category but they are also scary!

The suffering

The suffering

is an action and survival horror game about a prison on an island that a hellgate appears and.. well as the subtitle says "prison is hell"

The game is a first/third person shooter with a lot of scary moments.. that seriously.. they beat F.E.A.R. a pretty scary game and it has some creepy monsters and quite a few puzzles.. dont worry about that they are not like silent hill but simple ones and real!

The game also features pankillers like max payne and alot of ammo.. no worries about that.. if you kill too many the monster trigger turns on.. and you became bersek.. nice idea

The coolest thing is that you got a diary that shows you the areas you encounter and what is their history.. eg: why that place is haunted and what horrific accident happened there or massacre..:) nice background story... also you got a diary about the mosnters you encounter and what they really are and how were they created...

But the problem is that the game tends to crash if you open the diary during the game :) maybe the patch solves that...

In any case it has some really scary levels like the haunted asylum.... thats scary.... really scary!

There are difirent endings and some choices to make

You can download the suffering from here, thats a legal link that was uploaded by midway the publichers!


Ok now the sequel suffering ties that bind... it takes place after the first game in the city

Well better graphics and painkillers removed... sigh:) just pick up health.. also you can carry only 2 weapons and drop em to pick others.. its kinda cool since you drop weapons in the middle of the fight and pick others.. kinda survival horror...

Also there are human enemies that are tougher.. eg armors and guns but we got heasdhots.. killing human opponets is a great add-up to the suffering game..

It has even cooler monsters and diary pages... also many options and diffirent endings

I got it from ebay for 5 bucks

Overall a nice game but shorter and not cool endings... but the combat was great...


But i think the previous game is better...

My gaming update #2

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Merry Christmas everyone

Now to the update i will speak of the horror games here so the next up date will be based on action games!

silent hill 2

Impressive graphics for a 2001 game

The story is propably the best in silent hill series, however am dissapointed from the idiotic camera... i was amazed by the great camera in silent hill 1 but in 2 it reaches the downfall... its unfortanate not only its worse instead of a better sequel but still a good game.. i completed silent hill in 5 hours... believe me it took me weeks but the savefile says 5 hours... no argue on that, silent hill 2 took me about 10 hours ( i am always using waltktourhs)

The thing is that silent hill 2 isnt as scary as silent hill 1.. its either that or the fact that silent hill 2 on pc has issues with sound looping and you keep hearing the same sond or not at all.. so it litterly destoeyes the experience :( idiotics compability ports!

I dont recomend this game to casual gamers you get a really hard time playing it!

The silent hill 2 movie is on the works too!


I also tried alone in the dark 4.... well good in the first 5 minutes but after that .. just dont try it.. impressive for psx but the game is a rip off the series i hope alone in the dark 5 is better!

Nah i won't touch the guide ill drop the game...

Also i tried blair witch series.. the third one is awful its like the first game not the last one.. eg the first and second had models that can open their mouth when talking unlikely the last one....

The second one has a good idea/ storybut its realy a pain in the ass

The first is suprisingly scary and has some pretty scary moments propably the scariest game i ever palyed... :shock: suprisingly i know ill make a video soon!

Well am playing silent hill 3 rght not but in the next post i ll speak for action games!

My gaming update #1

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So for those who wonder what i was doing all that time, i was playing old games... yeah i know its kinda borring blog but i gotta post it so if you interest in those games... dont comment about them, talk about something else.

After my huge dissapoitment in re 4 i seeked other scary not non horror games but actuall horror games... first of all the silent hill series!

The first game wasnt available in pc but i found a fanmade port for pc that works in vista and dual core system and new videocards and supports its own intro main menu and key mapping even quickasve and quickload like it was made for pc in the first place.

The proof that people can do everything its just that game designers have no repspect for the buyers eg rockstar games :roll:


Its a pretty old game not for graphics but the controll is not terrible as yu might think you just hold the camera button and its placed behind the character.

The story is pretty complicated and you wont be able to understand it if you play the game... i reccomend wathcing the movie which is thanfully really simlar to the game but here are some theories

Anyway gameplay is goot dont worry about beign difficult there is an easy mode extremely easy hundrends of bullets and health packs pretty well done control for a psx game.

The game is scary allright its a must to scare yourself however some times it will require a walktrouth to move on.

Id say a great game for psx and a great port....:P not because its freware!