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My Weird Mod History

Alright gamespoters, I havent written a blog in some time so I'm gonna write about my mod history. So far I've had 15 offences, 7 being warnings, 4 beings suspensions, 3 being pointlosses and 1 "nothing". As you all know gamespot is really strict and the things mods suspend/ban you for can be really stupid at times.

First Warning - Posting a thread about when giantbomb forums would be opened/started

Second Warning - In a thread about people leaving gamespot for giantbomb... I said GOODBYE GAMESPOT!!!! apparently it was distruptive posting even though it was on topic

First Suspension - Called a guy israeli and a noob so gamespot saw fit to suspend me for this...

First pointloss - In a thread "who would you save" I said i would save my love and have intercourzeors (s3x) and they though it was offensive...

Third Warning - Askign what games I should get for 360, they told me there was a sticky I go to that thread and there was around ONE game there.

Fourth Warning - Someone said something about lemmings, i quoted him and told him i dont care for annoying asian women gifs that wont stop smiling.

Fifth Warning - I said I smoked canabis... which in a thread about drugs... my post was modded but the thread survived, pretty oddddddd

Second Suspension - In a thread about the american economy and how they gave 85billion to aig i said "Americans *rolleyes*" apperently it was Trolling

Sixth Warning - I had a rather long post on how gamescores dont mean anything, its user preference and how ive played lots of 7/10 games and they rocked. It was "censor bypassing" what ever that is.

Third Suspension - I had a thread where i needed help with PC... people didnt bother to read my post and people kept posting the same thing i got pissed and said dumb a$$es.

Seventh Warning - telling people something wouldnt work from above ^^

"nothing" - One night there was like a gamespot heart attack meme, I made a thread saying Michael Jackson had a heart attack and it got deleted... pretty stupid considering there was around 900 other threads of heartattacks

Fourth Suspension - This is the worst I got, 2 weeks for telling Kevin Van Ord hes a wanabe jeff gertsmann and cant review worth a damn. Seriously mods thats low

Second Point Loss - Excited about the possible MGS4 on 360... yeah pretty dumb one, they said i was using system wars terminology outside of systemwars

Third pointloss - Telling someone who made a thread in 360 forum how 360 sucked, i told him im reporting him because he was basically making a system wars thread and i had just been pointlossed for saying "cow"

So there you have it, my mod history... post some of your funny/stupid mods here too :)

Why Fallout 3?

So a fgew months ago the Fallout 3 date was supposed to be released on October 7th... which happened to be my birthday. I was so hyped that I would get this awesome game on my birthday!!! Then they changed it to a week later... October 14th so Im like hey who cares its just another week but... NOW THEY PUSHED IT AHEAD ANOTHER 2 WEEKS :( Im so pissed at them for pushing it 3 weeks after my bithday and not being able to pick on date.... get your stuff together bethesda!!!

Hi all

Just sayin Hi to all gs user's. I'll be doing more hopefully unless giantbomb is too good. ;)

Message me for my xfire