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Got a 3DS XL

My DS started having troubles reading carts, so I traded it in. Loving Fire Emblem thus far.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Review

 Just finished the game and I liked it a lot. It's not perfect, but I was pleasantly surprised about how much content was in the game, for it being a $40 price point(I got it from GameFly) and you get the digital PS Vita version at no additional cost for cross play, for all 10 people who own the Vita! :o :P, You can purchase the standalone PS Vita version for $29.99. Saves can be transferred seamlessly between the PS3 and Vita via dedicated cloud saving, and the games play pretty much identically on both platforms. Graphics- A pretty rich and colorful, cartoon art style that's pleasant to look at. The game runs silky smooth but I felt there were excessive load times between missions or even when a mission has multiple parts.(right click, view image)  GamePlay- Stealth is the name of the game here. Being spotted by the enemy means failure and having to restart mission all over again. There are five levels in total and they ate rather large and feature plenty of collectibles and a good variety of missions all put together like a heist movie. The missions are a little repetitive between levels, but I never felt like they were a chore because each level you play with an ancestor that has unique abilities. Another pretty neat thing is as Sly progresses, he gets some costumes that allow him to access new areas, so revisiting previous levels is a must. The platforming can be frustrating at times due to camera angle, but the game is pretty easy and there is no difficulty settings. Each level has a unique boss, with unique attacks, but they too were pretty easy once you learn their pattern and most of the time that is simply jumping to avoid their attack. The motion control hacking parts of the game were easily the least enjoyable for me, they are often timed and failure means doing the whole section over again. Story-lol Audio-The characters in the game sound like a typical cartoon character and the VA did a reasonably well job. The sound effects were actually pretty good, fitting for the world you are put in.

I agree with the score that Tom Mc Shea gave it and I would score it the same. 7.5/10 Pros Long SP campaign that took me close to 20 hours Tons of Collectables Multiple characters, each with unique abilities keep the game fresh and interesting Cons- Not challenging in any way, including boss fights. Excessive load times Platforming and controls can be tedious at times.

So I got the WiiU.

Well the wife did actually, she loves her Mario. I have got Sonic All Star Racing and it's actually pretty fun and will tide me over to the next Mario Kart that will undoubtedly will it come out for the system. I also got Trine2 and a few days later they had for $5 off, go figure. I broke down and got GameFly for the first time to catch up on quite a few games I've passed up on PS3/360 and Wii and I got Assassins Creed 3 for the WiiU, it's not bad, for some reason I wanted it to look better than last gen games and it doesn't. I dont think I'll play 3rd party(lol) mulit plats on it, I'll just use it for exclusives. I was really looking forward to Rayman Legends, but UBI soft has other plans. I think I'll buy it used to show my displeasure. Next month I'm getting Lego City, it looks great and most Lego games are decent? As least MetaCritic says so. I'm unsure about Monster Hunter, which comes out next month too, I've never played the series, think I'll try the demo and Gamefly it to see if it's worth a purchase.

Going backwards?

Since the 360 has no games ;), I decided to buy this from my friend who was selling his GC and all games/accessories. I got what is pictured, plus a 51 block memory card for $15, how did I do?

It pays to wait.

Now I know 360 fans know all about this, with the recent draught of exclusive games, they are holding out till GeOW3 this fall, but this is another angle. ;) I just bought this game.  I got it for 11.77, which is 1/6th of what it started out at. Granted the game is a year old, but as I've been cleaning up my back catalog of games, it's nice to get these type of savings. I used to buy every "good" game that came, but I amassed a huge back catalog of games and since have taken the philosophy of MusicalMac. Buying games at less than $20 is very satisfying. Now I'll still buy some games at launch, like Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3 and GeOW3, but for the mass majority of games, I think I like playing less than $20 for them. :)

Going out for breakfast.

I thought I would test out my new Ka-Bar and some other goodies in the field . :) I woke up at 6:30 am and headed just 15 minutes from house to this spot.   I brought this collapsible shovel recently and I used it to dig the hole for the fire.  Ka-Bar, SOG Trident Tanto and Garmin 60csx GPS.  The Ka_bar worked as expected for creating tinder.   I'd say that's sharp enough to get the job done.  Batoning wood was effective with the Ka-Bar's 7" 1095 Cro-Van blade. Notice the powder coating is rubbing off. I expected this and I think it gives the knife charcter. No safe queen here. :hugegrin:  Tinder+dryer lint+magnesium+striker=start of a fire.  After some coals built up I put the food on the "grill"  I then started my MSR Whisperlite stove, which works as good as the day I bought it.  I used the MSR to boil water, which it did in about 6 minutes.  Kicking back, waiting for the food and rock'n my LaCrosse Burly boots. :happy:  Breakfast was served! Hash-browns, eggs, sausage with a side of fruit. Washed it down with some hot cocoa. MmMm Beats sitting at the dinner table any day! It was fun to get out and dust of the gear. I was only out for a couple hours but sometimes that's all you need to start your day off great!

I'm officially a Manticore!

Got the Wii tonight along with Resident Evil 4 .I never got to play RE4, so it seemed like a natural buy and at only $30, it's a deal. My friend is going to let me borrow Zelda TP and Metroid Prime 3, so that should keep me busy till Mario Galaxy. My wife and I actually laughed our butts off playing Wii sports together. Now that I have all consoles I wont miss out on any games and all are free game in SW's. :D