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Thank you James for being the voice of truth in this thread. Nothing copies WoW. WoW copied other MMOs.

Also, why not go and watch a trailer or a developer's video? You can see that the gameplay will be nothing like previous MMOs. The gameplay will be very similar, if not the same, as in Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind. Listening to all these blockheads ramble on about "Its a copy of WoW" "It looks like WoW" is not a good way to base judgement on a game. Do your own leg work and your own research before basing your opinion on other people's opinions.

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WoW Clone... hm thats rich. Have you even seen the work being done on Elder Scrolls Online? They are being very innovative with this project. From what ive seen so far, it is basically going to be Skyrim, Morrowind, and Oblivion in an online MMO form. No hotkeys boringly blasting in a single rotation. There will be no true classes, excellent. There will be unlimited possibilities to how to play your Character. This looks like an epic installment into the Elder Scrolls saga.

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I know how to fix your PS3 glitches.

Step 1: Pick up your PS3

Step 2: Open Window

Step 3: Throw PS3 out the window

Step 4: Go buy yourself a PC.

Problem solved.



This is the easiest solution. Also, You will get way better graphics. Enter: World of Xbox360 and PC. Live long and prosperous.

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Steam reads 247 hours... Good lord man. Where has my life gone?

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As much as I love this game, and hate to say anything bad about it, I have to agree. At first I was like. "Oh yeah! Tearin the world apart!" By about Mission 18 where you are at, I was just tired of all the rubble and jumping around, hooking, etc. I also agree with the poster above me. I would have much rathered have more puzzles in place of the jumping.... Only real puzzle I remember... maybe I need to replay it to jog my memory, but the only one I remember is the one near the end running through the tunnels, then alternating the signs around to their corresponding statues.

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It wasnt a bug. His hair stayed white at the end of the cutscene.

Also, wtf? The battle with Vergil at the end of DMC held up to the same standards, as all the other Dante vs Vergil fights. That was and epic last battle.

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We will always remember, recognize, and love the original Dante for who he was. But Devil May Cry has needed this for a while. We know all about who Dante is in present day, but his history has always been somewhat spotty, with gaps that were left unfilled. Developers may have done this purposely to add speculation, but it may have also been just a flaw in his character design. Who knows? I preffer to believe the former.

Anyway, I love it that DMC is showing us the young, Dante. I feel like this game has successfully filled in many history gaps. I also think that having played this game and knowing a bit more about Dante's history, it will enhance the experience when playing through the previous Devil May Cry games. Cheers.

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This thread has gone on for quite some time and after re-reading it, I just thought about something. Did it ever occur to us (myself included) that when we were playing the original RE series and getting scared that we were tweens? And now that we are 20+, we just arent scared as easy? Lawl, just a thought.

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I could never bring myself to level up Alteration on my Breton Mage. I dunno why, I guess im more use to just an all-out-offensive method seing as a mostly use melee classes.

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Argonian/Thief/Dual-wield 1h

Breton/Mage/Dual-wield magic