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Tagged you say? Well alright

Okay not entirely sure how this works, but I'll roll with it.

1) I am European, for I live among the vast rolling green hills of England.

2) I am an on/off fan of survival horror games. And I mean old style survival horror, like Silent Hill 2 and the Fatal Frame series, not the new trend of 'survival action'

3) I largely despise the music of my native country at the moment, we seem to be flooded by a wave of bad R&B and talent show winners...

4) I am currently in the process of making an RPG, one that has been in development for about 2 years by this stage.

5) I remain to this day a great fan of Hideaki Sorachi and Katsura Hoshino's works.

Now it seems that everyone in my friends list has already gone through this, so no further tags from me. :P

Project Zero 3: The Tormented

Being a long time fan of Project Zero (Fatal Frame to many of you), I've finally filled a gap in my collection that has been there too long. I finally bought Project Zero 3: The Tormented.

My relationship with the Project Zero series has been a very strange one. I am somehow able to love them and find them as shining examples of games done right, which also occupy the space reserved in my mind for 'Scariest **** Ever'. A field in which until I first played PZ, Silent Hill was the proud forerunner. Since then, I have been converted to the subtle, psychological terror to be found from the fact that your foes are ghosts which could be anywhere, appear from anywhere including through walls and the stories I've been interested in from beggining to (often heartbreaking) end.

What better way to celebrate this obtainment than by inviting a group of friends over and spreading the terror? I can think of no better without publishing the results online. Which I will endeavour to do in textual form in this very blog, if I can get the consent of my buds. If anyone reads this blog any more, I'll hopefully be putting up posts as we play live with highlights of our terrified exploits. See all none of you there.


Premptive One Man Protest 3: Trinity Universe

Trinity Universe is an upcoming JRPG, the news of which was put onto the internet today, which I would love to add to my collection. It bears a similar idea to Cross Edge, even containing several of the characters, though this time it focuses on the Atelier series and the Disgaea series, which is great by me. The game is currently set to have two different story modes, Goddess path (Atelier focused) and Overlord (Disgaea focused).

Thought perhaps the most shocking thing of all is the graphical style they have used... full 3D. That's right, two series which extensively used little apart from sprite work are appearing in a cross over rpg in 3D for the first time. Hell, to me that alone justifies a lot of interest in the game. I shall be watching it with interest to see if the battle system is good, because if it is then this is a definate purchase for me.

This is a premptive One Man Protest just to already point out that there is a fair amount of interest in this game in the english speaking regions already, on the day the information of it's existance first became available. Please guys, you gave us Cross Edge, so be sure to give us this to.


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and other awesome anime

Today, the fifth of April, five days before my birthday, Full Metal Alchemist made it's return to the anime schedule in the form of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, a brand new anime adaptation that is set to follow the original manga plotline. The original Full Metal Alchemist was one of my favourites series I've ever seen, partially because it was the series that got me into anime, but even I must admit that the mangas storyline is considerably better. I expect the first wave of subs will hit the tubes in a day or so. And I can hardly wait :D

On another note, D.Gray-Man has made a return recently. The author had to put the manga, and consequentially the anime, on hold due to circumstances of which I am still not certain. She has thankfully recovered and has continued the manga series. I hope that this signals a return of the anime in a couple of months. Either way, I've started collecting the manga now, so I shall know the whole story even if they do not get around to continuing the anime series.

And finally, Gintama. I had heard rumours abound that the series would end at episode 150. But this milestone has come and past with episode 151. Along with the best op the series has had to date. This is especially awesome due to the fact that the subbed version of the series is now legally available on a couple of streaming sites. IN HIGH QUALITY! :D I love this series and I am glad that it is continuing onwards even now.

That about brings this anime themed blog post to an end. To anyone who reads this, please do tell me of any other good anime I've missed. I feel like trying some new series at the moment.


Persona 4, because it's just that awesome

I believe the title says it all.

My preordered copy arrived on launch day and I have hardly stopped playing it since. I didn't think an improvement was possible in the wake of FES but Atlus went and proved me wrong. So far the entire experience is perfect, great plot, great characters, brilliant battle system, great artistic direction and an incredible soundtrack (which was packaged with the game).

It's ironed out a lot of the flaws in Persona 3 and imrpoved pretty much everything. I'll update further as I continue through the game.


Good news everyone in Europe! and a bit of a rant

Tales of Symphonia 2 and Tales of Vesperia seem to have picked up an official European release date. As those who have previously read my blog would know, this pleases me greatly. Now all that needs to be done is to announce Tales of the World 2 and I can finally completely forgive Namco for it's sins against the European gaming world, which rest entirely upon their refusal to release several incredible games over here.

In other news, I placed a preorder for Persona 4 as soon as the oppurtunity opend up. I look forward to playing it and I hope that it shall last me as long as Persona 3: FES has. I seem to have adopted the stand point of one who plays one gameof interest until the next is released, this is mainly because the vast majority of game releases either bore me or disgust me. Take for example the vast amount of shovelware being released on the DS at the moment. I brought a DS for some quality entertainment with some innovative twists, not for Yet More Brain Training or whatever they are have made now. The only thing that is currently slated for DS release that I give a damn about is the next Kingdom Hearts game, unless they've announced some actual games for the console since I last checked.

I believe the main issue of this is caused by Japenese developers not releasing the games they have out there in Europe, where I live. We've missed out on two Tales games and several other good looking rpgs. Though the release of Castlevania: Order of Ecclessia does please me somewhat, despite it's release being delayed for a looong time.

Unless things turn around I may sell my DS after I've completed KH: 359/2 days, and it would be the first time I've ever sold a console.

If anyone can point out some good DS games to me I would honestly appreciate it, I don't want to hate the console or those who actually put effort into making some good games, so please feel free to disagree and prove me wrong.


One man protest 2: Tales of the world Radiant Mythology 2

The subject of my previous one man protest, Cross Edge, has since been confirmed for release in North America. Which please me to no end. All that remains is a European release of it, or to import the american version. A huge thanks to the people bringing such a brilliant game to a global audience. :D

Now, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology is one of my favourite games on the PSP. In spite of it's somewhat poor critical reaction, it has been enjoyed by many people. Recently a sequel was released in Japan, suitably named Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. As of yet, there are no plans for an English release. This news annoys me. I loved the first game and I am still playing it after 100 hours or so and I would be willing to pay twice the normal price for a psp game for an english version of the sequel.

We here in Europe don't get many Tales of games released, most recently we've missed out on Tales of Symphonia 2 and Tales of Vesperia. So would it be too much to ask for this one? If it were to be released, I can guarantee that for me it would be a day one purchase, from me and all my psp owning friends.


Resident Evil: Degeneration

That's right, the film of the game that actually is pretty good.

After some disastrous live action films starring Mila Jovavitch, Capcom finally decided that the only way to get a good movie was to make one themselves. And in a way they are right. The film watches like resident evil plays, pretty well paced, interesting monsters and a lot of running from zombies. I was glad to see that capcom's writing department remained at their usual level of 'serious comedy', as most resi fans should agree.

So in the end I reccomend it for fans of resident evil, especially due to the advancement to the plotline, setting up for the release of Residen Evil 5.


My Excuse 2: This time it's not as good

The blog title says it all really. :P

As one or two of you may have noticed, I've been absent for almost a month now, popping up now and again to comment here and there. And the reason for this can be finally revealed as merely being a very busy almost-month for me. Nothing exciting like last time, I'm sorry to say. I've just been dragged out by my friends more :lol:

But with the holidays over, I doubt I shall get dragged out as much as before, so it is safe to say I have returned to haunt the Destiny Island boards once more. I wonder if anyone kept the fridge stocked whilst I was gone...


Happy Halloween!

I think that this blog title speaks for itself.

It's that time of year again, when ghosts, phantoms and wild trick or treaters roam the land as ridiculously common random encounters. I mean, they even come right up to your doorstep and demand sweets. :lol:

And if anyone has spotted my blogs title, Status: Penguin, I have an explanation for it. It basically originates from the ability on a certain blog based sight to set your blogs status as a laughing penguin. Naturally I didn't spot the laughing at first, so it stuck in my brain as Status: Penguin. Ridiculous, huh? :P

Well this was a random and seemingly pointless blog post... Ah well :lol: