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the new for 2011 top 10

iev been seeing alot of good games that are coming out and they are looking pretty cool top 10 games im awaiting for is here.

10.marvel vs capcom 3 9.L.A. Noir 8.crysis 2 7.silent hill 8 6.red facton armageddon 5.mortal kombat new 4.bulletstorm 3.brink 2.dead space 2 1.uncharted 3

the top ten of 2010 games

2010 had alot of great and remarkablely good games im counting what i thought was the 1# best out of all the games this year

10.kingdom heart birth by sleep 9.heavy rain 8.transoformers war for cybertron 7.god of war 3 6.kane and lynch 2 5.dj hero 2 4.fallout new vegas 3.need for speed hot pursuit 2. red dead redemption1.bioshock 2