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What about those stupid item balls? I don't remember if they were in reach and 4, but I hated them in 3.

Item balls? equipment? like regenerators/tripmines ?

Those things that generate giant shields or those that could eat yours if thrown nearby.

So yeah equipment.

Bubble shields and...fuck that electric shit(forgot the name). Yeah fuck equipment. Armor Lock maybe super lame, but still would suffer that bullshit over equipment.

Armor lock over equipment.

Lol, you're dumb.

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. Im sitting in my room hitting 1080p 60fps

900p, lower detail settings, terrible pop-in and FPS drops.*

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@HavocV3: 4 year long i have seen butthurt lemmings, but it's a good thing lemmings has a week celebrating a multiplat

That's cool.

There's about 4 years worth just between the two of those threads. They're the best at it for a reason.

And the lems need all they can get. I know I'm not going to hype that CoD-tier trash. I'm just going to make fun of cows for being so jealous of it.

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32 pages of Butt-hurting Cows,

that must be record.

Check out the Halo Reach and GT5 hype threads. There's a combined 750-800 pages with tons and tons of cow butthurt.

They do what they do best.

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Killzone is pretty, but let's not kid ourselves. Titanfall will be the better game of the two, no contest. KZ MP is super boring and dull. Might be why it has such a dead community.

Sony needs to face the fact that Killzone will never be the Halo of Playstation

And their fanboys need to learn that the series will never be relevant.

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Lol. Shit's weak.

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I'm sure Titan mode is great. Too bad BF4 sucks.

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Paying for "Steam-esque" deals.


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mantle made them wake up i guess

Thank you AMD.

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Except the GPU equivalent to the 360 wasn't released nearly 2 years before the actual console.

x1800/x1900 or whatever you want to use as the equivalent were released within a couple months of the actual console. Where as 7870/7850 were nearly 2 years BEFORE the actual console. 7870/7850 are comparable to high-end cards from 2010-2011. (use 6870/6850/midrange/2009-2010 in the case of the Xbone)

So that leaves you to find a single GPU solution from late 2003/early 2004 that can match an Xbox 360. Or better yet...a single GPU solution in late 2005 that's ~3x more powerful than an Xbox 360. Because that would be like comparing the PS4 to an R9 290x today.

Or you can use some crazy SLI/Xfire setup if you really want. Then we'll just compare 4x 290x/780Ti and come up with a system that's like 12x more powerful than a PS4.