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Comic book backlog

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Sooooooo, I got this huge backlog of tpb I'm trying to read, basically it's the whole backlog of DC. That's alot. So, to help myself keep going and to keep track I'll post here, just to keep me company.

So far I got through "The Superman Chronicles Volume 1" was a fun trip back to when Superman started and fun to see where he started out. The problem is that he has no equals. It's no wonder to see if he can stop the bad guys, more of how and how quickly. The enemies are all evil business men or some odd crooks who are just picked up and flown away to jail. Until we meet the "Ultra-Humanite" who actually hurts Superman but ultimately fails, but he is the only one who can escape Superman (kind of odd because he is paralyzed). And I learned that Superman couldn't fly, he could leap 1/8th of a mile and jump over buldings, but not fly, kind of funny how one of his powers that is considered one of his basic ones, he didn't have in the first place.

I started volume 2 and the first story features the "Ultra-Hunanite" again. This time he encases Superman diamonds (IDK how he actually did it though, it kind of just happened), Superman flexes and the diamons break (wow, really tough diamonds). The "Ultra-Humanite" somehow escapes in an invisble car! Oh, comics are so fun to read when you get to read stuff like this.

See ya next time!


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In all of my years I had star fox 64 I never beat the true form of andross. Last week I got to him again and got killed. But today, I faced off against the improved star wolf team, had all of my team mates killed, faced all 4 of them by myself, went in with no wings and got killed by andross. Lucky I had 7 arwings. Took me a few tries but I killed him! Then I followed daddy out in one of my now favorite parts of any game to freeeeeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooooooom!

Woo! Just feels nice after so many years killing that brain on an n64 with the oversized rumble pack.

Will WiiU bring us back to N64 days?

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Part of what made the past few gens have a main console that was well looked upon was due to the fact that there was no competition. You look at the PS2. It's competitor was the GC and Xbox. GC was mainly being used by Ninty exclusively and alot of games passed and went to the PS2. Xbox came along later and devs weren't familiar with it, and it's popularity wasn't big with the Japanese crowd.

These days we have the 360 and PS3 basically on the same page where almost all games come out on both unless they are thrid party (although alot of Japanese games still are ps3 exclusive due to the fact that the 360 isn't popular in japan like most Nippon-Icchi, forive my spelling, games). Basically exclusives give a platform it's identity, I think when we al look at 360 we see halo, when we see ps3 we think uncharted or GOW or some other game that we are all waiting for to come out (LG, FFv13).

Nintendo has always had a strong line of exlcuives but only started to bring some of them out in the last year. Where is Star Fox? I think we all know that the wii-mote would have been perfect for controlling an Arwing. You go to gamestop and look at the wall for the Wii, how many games catch your eyes that are being overwhelmed by the shovelware?

What the WiiU needs to do is put the characters we all know back into action. Now I know what made the PS2 popular was it's third party exlcusives which is mostly a thing of the past due to the ability of more than one console that has a large install base but this could allow some publishers to do thing that they want to with the new controller which should be given a chance. What also needs to happen is Nintendo needs to start some new IP's. Weather they are from a 3rd party or in-house they need to happen so that the WiiU is seen as diverse and not just a home for the cartoony characters that we all know and love. That is what made the N64 and PS2 successful, their diverse libraries that were grounded by franchises that became synonymous with the company. The WiiU will never get the exclusive third party support the N64 and PS2 did due to the reasons from before, but it can definately emulate it with new and exiting mixed in with the old and good (NO, do not mix genres! We do not need RPG Samus or Star Fox Racer) I mean a mix of games.

And although I do hate the name (WiiU? Are they walking into a daycare and picking the first think they hear a 1/2 year old say?) we have to look past that and realize that names like N64, yea I know it was named that for it's 64 bit CPU and it wasn't just "N" it was Nintendo but who cares? It sounds stupid, like it was the winning call at a BINGO game. And Xbox? WTF is that X for? I heard it had to do with Direct-X but again who cares, it sounds stupid like it is an accessory for prostitutes or something like that. Playstation is the only one that makes sense. And things like Saturn and Genesis and all that other jazz sounded cool and then there were the ones with numbers that were like Akoriama 7000.2347, like WTF IS THIS?!

In short, the WiiU needs to put the DO back in NINTENDO! And maybe we can mash the two names and get WINTENDO!

Me Bizarro!

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Me Bizarro! Me number 1! Me much worse than General Zod! Me make much worse villain than General Zod! Me should be in Man of Steel. Me would make movie much much worse! General Zod smells so nice and looks so handsome... it is not good! We like ugly, we like stinky! You sillies use alarm clock to wake up, we use it to go to sleep, stupid Earth people. We eat banana peel, and throw away banana! Us use Bizarro Code: "Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is Big Crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!" We am worser than Earth! We have slowest guns ever! We see movies in negative! You silly humans eat hot dogs, us eat cold dogs! Yum, yum! That is why me should be in film Zack Snyder me should be in stupid film to make it the worsest movie of all time! Not Zod! Me, Bizarro Number 1!



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I've never done a blog before. But after a little over 3 months I'm back to the forums! If anyone noticed or cared that I was missing in action in thye first place. There were some misunderstandings between me and some of the powers at be but it is all good now and I thank them all for their time and effort. So, let's get back to GameSpottin and posting, shall we?