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Farewell CoX

Sad news is all I got when I logged onto my favorite MMO this weekend...

I got bombarded with private tells stating things like "it was a great honor knowing you...., goodbye forever..., it's all over now"

NCSoft have decided to close down the City of Heroes servers for good :(

5 years I have been playing it on and off... More on than off lol.

It was like an old faithful dog, once I got bored of diff games I alwayswent back to CoX

Now it seems it's time to put tha old dog down :( :( :(

I will miss all tha people I met on there,hundreds of them, same came for short time others for years.

Tha community on there was fantastic and always Kool to run round with few pals causing mischief... It shall be sorely missed

From myself all I can say is #%*+#£!!!

Blood and No Glory

Well I tried to play some Blood And Glory for tha last couple of days...

But after finishing Infinity Blade 2 it just seems so slow and belittled.

I have downloaded a game on iPhone called Order & Chaos and am now giving that a go,

I seems alot like WoW which I havent gotten into as yet for I still play city of Heroes.

I'll do a few days on Order & Chaos then might yell abit bout it on here :)

Hack n Slashing 2

Well I finished infinity blade 2 and have grinned though a few new games to get some extra weapons and stuffs that I was after.

Got tha vile gear which is pretty wicked.

Also got tha holy band which is serious overkill and much prefer tha "ring of man"

Tha biggest problem when trying to obtain these extra bits was tha vile armor... Mainly because tha scene in which you wake tha bird creature up kept glitching...

The glitch was: tapping on money bags while tha fight scene was loading... I found you only tap enough bags untill tha video scene starts at, then you must stop tapping for bags and let tha fight load or it would glitch and tha scene would be in fight but you are unable to see anything, just a scene of your character standing there watching a sleeping enemy.

Onto some blood and glory next up!

Hack n Slashin

I been bashing away at Infinity Blade 2 on my iPhone for tha past week.

At first I thought it to be pretty basic and repeative... Which it is but....

I finding it quiet addictive and getting pretty hard making it more and more enjoyable.

I also have a game on iPhone called Blood and Glory which I downloaded tha same time as Infinity Blade 2 , but Ihaven't even loaded it up as yet because still liking I.B.2.

Once I get round to giving it a bash I'll prolly post something about it if any good.

Been a While

Has been some time since I did a blog on here, nothing too much exciting to report I guess...

Been jamming city of heroes on PC and still jump on Warhawk on PS3.

Awaiting PS4 to get a release date with hopes they will be able to play PS3 games... Maybe PS & PS2 also.

Tha rumor of not being able to play used games is a little daunting, but I guess we'll see what happens

Back Attack

Wow it'z been a while since I done a blog... or anything much here on GS

So what have I been doin... Clan stuff mainly, tha S!n Warhawk Clan has grown to 40+ memberz now an still goin strong, we have branched off to otha gamez such az KillZone2, Warhammer DoW 2... etc.

Also been usin PhotoShop a bit, mainly making Sigs fo clan memberz...

Here are a few o em:

Bunjy Sig

Hatchet Sig

Voodoo Sig

Sun**** Sig

CillaKlown Sig

LeftHandBlonde Sig

C-Drive Sig

Bali Sig

WildHeart Sig

Silvion Sig

Snipa Sig

RanRage Sig

SmokinGunzz Sig

Grenada Sig

Buzurk Sig

Also made a new forum site called S!nners

Click To Hell

Well Since I Have Been With GameSpot Our Warhawk Clan Has Grown From 7 Memberz To 15 Memberz, So I Have Spent Alot Of Time Upgrading & Updating The Clan'z Website.


Click To Enter

I really Liked The Emblem Idea Here On GameSpot, So I Kinda Stole The Idea And Made An Award System for The Clan to Get Emblemz,

They Can See How To Earn the Emblemz By Clicking An Emblem On A Memberz Profile Page, And It Will Bring Up A Page Of Awardz And How To Earn Them.

From The Home Page There Are Optionz Like Shoutbox (Where People Can Chat To Each other), Player Map (Add Emselvez To The Map And See Where Otherz Are From), Page Linkz (Click To Enter Playerz Profile Pagez), Stats Linkz (To See All Playerz Stats For The Game), Warhawk Video (Watch A Warhawk Gameplay Movie).

Memberz Have The Option to Have Their Own Face Put On A "Axe Murda Boy" or Have A Fantasy One made for Em With Thier Direction/Design/Ideaz.

And A Fantasy Murda Weapon Of Their Liking.

I Expect there Will Be More To be Done With More & More Memberz Joining, But It Seemz We Are running Out of Original Ideaz for Murda Weaponz And Fantasy Facez...

Any Ideaz Will be Welcomed... So Do You Have Any Suggestionz?

Metal Head

One Of Me Old Skool Favoritez


This is one of me old favorite music videoz,

back in da day when the mullet was kool... yeah thatz rite mullet were actually the sh*t once upon a time

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