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FPS search

I would like your opinion about what game to choose. I think an Fps I would like. I am between BIoshock and COD5. They are differnt but they are both good. Unfortunately I can't take both of them. Please help!

XXL Blu ray disc!

PIONEER has produced the mamouth of 400 GB!!!!!

After the complete win of Blu-Ray against HD-DVD the market has recently concerned about this Storage media. In the exposision Taiper IT MonthPIONEER has introduced a Blu Ray disc 400 gb. The secret is all in the layers. Most BRD have 2 layers of 25 gb. This one has 25!!

That means that there is a huge amount of capabilities for us. The games will could have wonderful sound and extraordinary graphics. The TV series would be kept in a small BRD and not in huge box pack. But now the dreams stop. The usual games do not use more than 30gb. Only Metal gear solid 4 uses all 50 gb. So even when the companies use all the free place in the discs they will have a look to so much GBs.

Let's not forget that the cost would be too much and the companies cannot make different game for two consoles. Xbox 360 has dvd player so we have a long wait. However PS4 isn't far...>

Go Home!

At last the beta Home in playstation network has been on air from 11th of December. EVERYONE (except from them that live in a cave in northwest of moggolia) will have a free access there. Of course you know that Home is a 3D comunity from people all over the world. It allows people to communicate each other and take part in events. It is a second life as the area is huge...!!!******************************************************************************************

You make yourself and then make friends or enemies, co operate work and all of them in reall time. The Home aplication is free and in a while it will be expanded. As a result next gen gaming will have its own place in the world! (In Home there will also be a lot of advertisments from big companies which will also offer gifts and carry out events)....*******************************************************************************************

LOOKING FORWARD...................!!!

Top 10 ps3 games!

1.Grand Theft Auto IV

2.Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of patriots

3.Call of duty 4: Modern warfare


5.Little Big Planet

6.Uncharted: Drake's fortune

7.Killzone 2

8.Resistance 2

9.Soul calibour IV

10. Fallout 3

Game search

Which game should i take : killzone 2 , resistance 2 , or fallout 3???? I cannot decide but I think k2 is the best