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I would've agreed with you only two hours ago. Now I'm really pissed off at the game as I'm completely stuck and not able to continue the game due to a bug.

Spoilers: I finished all my quests. but because I had killed Garcia and sided with the inquisition, I can't access the Isle of the Dead. It just doesn't show up as an option on my map.

I wasn't having a great time until that.


Yeah, I was 30 hours in and had already summoned Steelbeard and the Skull Scepter would not summon him anymore, so after I finished all the quests I could not get past having all of the artifacts. I was pretty mad, but I started a second game, and I must say the game has more replay value than I thought it would.

Oh a separate note, I really enjoyed playing this game. Subpar graphics, an indescribable amount of glitches, and pretty jankty character movements aside... I did enjoy the game. I have waited years for a legit pirate RPG to come out, but I must say I am pretty disappointed with the developers on this one. I personally would lose myself if Bethesda ever decided to develop a pirate RPG!

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In case I confused you, the dirt merchant is of course, Crouse.

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I had a similar problem, it was just a glitch. Go to your map and fast travel to the dirt merchant at the bottom of the mountain and he should appear by the fire with you. If that doesn't work let me know and I will look into it.

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I just bought the Parrot skill and for some reason I cannot figure out how to use it. I know the monkey shows up in your inventory, but I can't seem to find the parrot anywhere. Do I have to buy one? If so, where can I buy one? Thanks for the help.

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So I killed Garcia and I talked to Alvarez and I know I need to summon Captain Steelbeard again and talk to him to find out where the Water Temple is, but for some reason I cannot summon him with the Skull Sceptre anymore. He is no where to be found on the Island of the Dead, and I cannot summon him either in the underworld or real world. Is this a glitch? Can someone help me, perhaps I am doing something wrong. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!