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Most wanted games from E3

1, Pikmin 3

2. Rayland Legends 2

3. NSMB Wii U


5. Star Wars 1313

6, Watch Dog

7, AC3

8. Sony All-Stars

8. Dead Space 2

10. Rabbits

11. Lego City

12. Trine 2

I would list Halo 4 but I am not willing to pay for live to play the game.

Don't know about ZombieU yet. And the new platinum game looks like it could be fun

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Someone stole my propane Tank on the 4th

So I went to wal-mart at the last minute. Picked up some charcoal, a new lighter, some cheese and some beef. Came home and going to the back yard to start my grill. What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear, but no Propane tank to grill with. Sure I could have just normally went out and bought another tank. I made a extra large payment on my car so that I could pay it off. So in another words I am broke. No BBQ for me. :(

A unknown gaming Hero

One of the unknown hero's of gaming is Al Quinn. Who is Al Quinn you ask. What game did Al Quinn make that changed gaming? What idea did he have which impacted gaming? Well none, that matter he was a salesman for Sears. Understand gaming bombed with the launch of the Magnavox Odyssey. Magnavox made around 100,000 units and sold only 85,000 units.

So when Atari came out with Home Pong, an at home version of Pong no one wanted it. Gene Lipin an employee of Atari was given the job of trying to sell Home Pong to retailers. The problem is after the failure of the Odyssey no one wanted it. He tried toy stores and Electronic companies who did not want it. The toy stores said they would not sell anything that cost $100 expect bikes. However Gene did not give up even though he kept getting turned down.

Gene found out that Sears had sold the Odyssey in their Sporting Goods Department. So Lupin contacted Sears and spoke to Tom Quinn who had stated that the Christmas numbers were based on people filling their rec room and the Home Pong might fit in with that. Gene knowing the Odyssey was a failure wanted Home Pong in Sears. The problem was he wanted it to be exclusive to Sears only.

When the Atari executive team saw Quinn enthusiasm for the game they decided not to sell it to Sears. They did not want the system to be exclusive. So they tried to sell it elsewhere with no luck at all. They went to a trade show and did not sell a single unit. No one was willing to take a risk on another home gaming system. The Odyssey was a gimmick that no one wanted to repeat. Well expect for one person Al Quinn.

Understand at this time Atari was losing money. Al and Nolan had already been speaking about being broke. So they went back to Al Quinn who loved the idea of making the home pong system. If not for Al Quinn believing in the Home Pong system console gaming may have been dead for many years with the Odyssey.

Gaming History and Steve Jobs

The personnel lady came in with young candidate who had shown up on our doorstep. He was this real suzzy kid. She said, "What shall we do"

I think I said, "We should either call the cops or we should talk to him." So I talked to him

The kid was a dropout and really grungy. He was 18 years old and he knew something...He has a spark of brilliance. Don Lang, one of my engineers, was asking for a tech, so I said, "Great, I'll give you a job working for a real engineer."

The next day Don came to me and said, "What did I do to deserve this?"

I said "What? You wanted a tech, you got a tech."

He said, "This guy's filthy. He just obnoxious. And he doesn't know electronics."

The kid worked out in the end. His name was Steve Jobs.

- Al Alcorn "Atari"

Some co-workers complained that Jobs smelled bad. He offended others by openly treating them like idiots.

If he though you were a dumb ****, he'd treat you like ****. That pissed certain people off, I liked him a lot...still do.

- Nolan Bushnell

Anyone who thinks Jobs is new to gaming and that Apple will not make more games. Does not know the history of Steve Jobs.

Random gaming history facts

Random gaming history facts out of the mind of Captain Harlock. I love studying gaming history here are some random thoughts. Let me know if you read this and I will do more latter.

1) Atari made 12 million copies of Pac Man when there were only 10 million Atari 2600 on the market. Total sales were around 7 million. Most of those were returned.

2) Pinball was banned in New York from January 21st, 1942 up until 1976

Updated- The mayor at the time (Fiorello Henry LaGuardia, as in LaGuardia airport) made a big spectacle by smashing up a large number of pinball machines in front of a fairly supportive crowd! The first pinball machines were to close to machine called "Pay-outs". These pay-out machines were used for gambling. At the time Pinball machines did not have the skill in them that they have now. It was not until 1947 did flippers get designed for pinball machines did skill become a factor. But still took until 1976 when Roger Sharpe went up tothe NYC City Council when they were having hearings on the ban. He said something to the effect of: "I can pull back this plunger and make the ball go into the lane I want at the top of the machine." He proceeded to plunge, make the lane, and right away they voted to end the ban.

3) Many expects said that the NES was doomed to fail due to the gimmick controller. The use of the d-pad was said to lead to the downfall of the NES. Well that and because gaming systems were a fad no one would buy them. So Nintendo packaged in ROB the robot and called it a Nintendo Entertainment center. ---- Fact the Wii which has gimmick controller just outsold the NES

4) Pac Man was the first game designed to target female gamers. Ms Pac-Man is the most successful arcade in America. International however the game failed.

5) How Pong came to be..Bushnell "one of Atari's owners" hired Al Alcorn but had nothing for him to do at the time. So Bushnell gave Alcorn an exercise to test him for another game, Bushnell was hopeing to design. Buchnell told Alcorn that they had got a contract to make a electronic game based on ping-pong. This had not been true it was all just a test. So Alcorn came up with the design which is now know as the first truly successful video game arcade.

6) The first video game arcade was based off an old game called Computer Space. Bill Nutting made 1,500 arcade machines, but not all of them sold and in the end the game was deemed to complex.

7) It was a better verison of Computer Space that Buchnell had originally wanted to have Alcorn help with after he proved himself with the small exercise of designing a ping-pong like game.