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Ubisoft's 3rd naruto installment

Well Ive been a fan of naruto for years now. If theres anything I love the most about the anime its the video games. Naruto has started out from games like ninja council on the gameboy to naruto generations on ps3 and 360 today. In between that time naruto was popular from its 2d/3d style fighting games such as the ultimate ninja series and the series produced by ubisoft. On that note ubisoft had made 2 titles already one called "Naruto Rise of Ninja" the other "Naruto the broken bond". I strongly believe even though there is another series of naruto (ultimate ninja storm) with a whole new view of combat, gameplay, and a further down the line storyline there should be a seperate game series that has a different style and approach of combat that fans of the ubisoft titles miss and go back to once in a while. There should definately be a 3rd title in that series mainly because gamers in favor of naruto can fall on a different fighting combat style in another game of the same anime every once in a while. Making the sequel to "The Broken Bond" would be the shippuden world with the shippuden cast of characters with new moves, combat styles, arenas, story free roam, and storyline in general as well.

Def Jam 2013: War of the record labels

I think the def jam series should have been further continued from def jam icon. In music alot of people have their mind set on rap. Its a very popular genre today. Its also true that there are no gaming titles that relate to rap music besides being in soundtracks of games involving alot of driving or def jam series itself. 3 Def jam titles have been made in the past. Ive observed that the first two titles had more of a wwe approach style gameplay with the rings and combat style moves. Icon took the approach of combat resembling in games like saints row or true crime streets of L.A. I was thinking why not have the developers of the def jam series further continue it? If the game was updated in a simular style as Icon was along with the new and current rap artists in various record labels in mainstream that people are aware today then the sales of the title would probably skyrocket. There was a very creative part of the combat system that I admired in the icon title and thats what I call "Turn table explosion" Where one player's rap artist turntables a disc in the air imaginatively and then at the end of that the music changes to that very artist doing the turntables move. Most importantly how awesome it would be to include the current rap music people jam to with the artists mainstreaming or on the sidelines today. Heck it may not have to be just rap alone. Who says u cant include other genres of music? Rock legends or current rock artists included too why not? DLC?

Exclusive platform games

If theres anything im annoyed about its certain exclusive platform games. I own an xbox 360 and well Theres games that are only exclusive to ps3. For example the god of war franchise is something that im willing to play. Unfortunately its only for ps3. Another example is a game based off of an anime series called bleach soul ignition or soul resurrection also exclusive to ps3. I am a huge bleach fan and nothings better than playing a game based on some kind of series u favor very much on tv or a movie. My point is why make exclusive games when there are big titles out there that share platforms such as call of duty?