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You don't need help, just a good set of armor and a strong two handed sword. Just keep swinging away and healing as fast as you can until they're dead.

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Should be called Halo 3.5.



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I really can't wait til next week so I don't have to hear anything more about Halo, the game sucks. COD is king, Black Ops 2 biatch!

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LOL Absolutely guarantee you will be back to COD for that 60fps goodness. You'll be at Gamestop for the Black Ops 2 midnight launch, it's obvious you're in denial.

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Sony really needs to hire someone who knows what the f*ck is going on, this is really a mess. The old layout was easier to navigate and more user friendly, who's idea was this?? It's absolutely terrible.

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It's pretty ridiculous when a developer cuts content from a game to sell a month later to get more money. If the game feels complete out of the box and doesn't need DLC but gets it, I don't mind as it's a choice for the player if they want to buy the new content. If it was built before the game came out, could've been in the game but was intentionally taken out to be sold as DLC, that's not ok. Dark Souls' Artorias of the Abyss DLC is a good example of DLC done right, the game felt complete without it and the content was built due to fan demand and was more of a fan service. It did a great job of expanding on the lore of Lordran. GTA4 felt like a complete game out of the box as well, the expansions R* added were amazing and did a great job of weaving all the characters' stories together as well as adding to the sense of realism of Liberty City. I think COD gives gamers enough maps out of the box so their map packs are fairly priced for those that play the game daily. Fallout DLC is always fairly well done despite the bugs, they feel like large expansions generally. Not all DLC is done poorly, it's the Devs that hold back content that should be on the disc that ruin the concept of DLC, which is to expand on an already complete game and please the fans that want more.

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I enjoy some many games this gen for different reason so picking one is hard since some other game does what that game is poor at.

For one of the worse I would say Dark Soul. I enjoyed FF13, Two world 1 and 2 and many other JRPG and WRPG but Dark Soul is just taking everything that is bad in WRPG and combine it with what is bad in JRPG.


wtf are you talking about? You sound like you just smoked some crack and then posted.

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I'd go with Portal 2. Short but oh so fun. Unfortunately I'm a huge RPG fan and I wouldn't consider any RPGs from this console cycle great.NeverMore0

Demon's Souls won GOTY at Gamespot in 2009 and its successor, Dark Souls, scored a 9.5 here at Gamespot. They're great RPG's so I have no clue what you're smoking son.

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From Software's Demon's Souls and Dark Souls for the Sony Playstation 3. If you let them, they will consume your life.

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It's true, though anyone who hasn't played Demon's Souls and only Dark Souls is really missing out on the only competition Dark Souls has which is Demon's Souls, the inspiration for Dark Souls.