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get rid of your ex-box, it only has 4 franchises that get spammed every other year sony has an actual game library AND MAKES NEW IPS dont forget the free network w/ bluray and PS Plus which owns ripoff xbl anyday hey its your money i dont care what you do with it OldSnakePS3

This is the truth and yet M$ has done better financially this gen. It's pathetic if you ask me, SONY has done nothing but cater to gamers everywhere and it bit them in the ass.

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Sounds like you're a pretty serious gamer, so you should be made aware that most PS3 games have a fair install to the HDD, and those new 12G units are NOT going to hold you over very long, you need one with a bigger HDD unless you'r only intending to play one game at a time, then erase all of that game's info to install another ("Gran Turismo 5" has a base install of over 10G, that's an extreme example, but you see where it can go).

The PS3 is a wonderful system and there are several games you've genuinely missed out on being a 360 player, but get yourself one with at least the 120G HDD if you're gonna join us. You'll be happier in the end.

C'mon over to the Dark Side! We have a lot of fun and there's free cookies!



and free online

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Try Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls. They are both amazing JRPG's.

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L4D is such a great Coop experience.

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I'm loving the game. Multiplayer is vastly improved over MW3, and zombies is as fun as ever. Haven't played the campaign yet but aside from the strike force missions I'm hearing good things, particularly about the choices actually having a significant impact upon the story.


Funny, I thought MW3 had a much better MP with better launch maps. The hit detection has been much improved over the original Black Ops though, I'll give it that.

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All content was included in Dark Souls. New content didn't come out until a over a year later which was developed after the game released. They're probably the only Dev that ever did this with DLC this entire generation.

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It's still unclear who will qualify for this, but the way it looks, gamers who have been xbox live paying customers since the service began in 2002 might be receiving a free custom-made 250GB xbox 360 (pictured above), which does look like absolute crap, but should sell for a nice price to collectors on ebay.

So, if you're one of the few who have spent over $500 along 10 years for xbox live gold access, stay on the lookout for suspicious deliveries to your home from MS in the near future.


lol yeah ok chief, M$ gives nothing for free. Nothing.

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That's why I own a 360 soley to play COD. The game just looks, feels, and plays better on 360.

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I bought the game at launch, only played about ten hours. Dark Souls sucked my life away and ruined Skyrim for me in the process. I will get around to completing it this winter though.

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Definitely Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.