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Change of Plans

At first, I thought of getting a Wii. Once my first semester of university finished, I made a final decision and got a PS3 instead. So far, I have GTA IV only and the game was alright. I am open to recommendations for any good action-adventure games.

PS: I should have posted this about 3 weeks ago since that was when I got it.

The End of PS2

Since I have decided to buy a Wii during early december, I have decided that I will consider the long-awaited and underrated game, Yakuza 2, to be my final game for PS2.

Once I finish that game, I'm gonna be crossing over to the Wii. Unless something happens and that ruins my plan.

Given Up

People have said that Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition was one of the hardest games made for the PS2. I finally understand why that was said. I am on level 18 (two levels away from finishing the game) and Im calling it quits. As Im making the post, I have officially given up playing this game and gonna move on to other games there are not as hard and Im gonna start it off by playing some Kung Fu Panda.

After the PS2 game production has died (maybe in Q4 2009), I may go back to finishing off movie rumours have said, you will never know

GTA IV PC Actual Release Date?

After the release of GTA IV for the consoles, I went to do some searching around the internet for a possible PC version of the game. After weeks for searching, I found this website that indicates a possible release date for the PC version, along with evidence to prove it, even though I haven't actually seen it.

According to this website, the PC version's release date was found in the manual of the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV as December 13, 2008. Unless this is a typo or something thats made to mislead people, then it is possible that this release date is real, even though no release date has been confirmed by Rockstar Games by one of their representitives.

You people think about it, even if this misleading information, Rockstar will make a PC version of this game. They know that not everybody has a PS3 or Xbox 360, so that would not be stupid to corner themselves and not market the game to pc owners.

GTA IV will be on PC, its all about when it will, assuming the link is giving fake information.

Need a new game

It's been 20 mins after beating The Simpsons Game and i need a new game!!! Now that the games are all made for PS3, 360 and Wii, i dont think i can keep up with the times now, in terms of video games.

I'm currently waiting for Mercenaries 2 and Indiana Jones, but by this time, the PS2 may be dead so u can give me some recommendations for which game to play

Thats it, screw this game!!!!! (quote from Stan Marsh - South Park)

I've been waiting for stranglehold to come out ever since fall 2006!!! That time, it said that it will release during christmas 2006 and it got delayed to spring, so thats ok. Once it was spring and close to the release date, delayed yet again to august 6. Weeks after that, changed to 20th, the 27th and now its changed to sept 5 as release date.....that wont be summer 2007 release, thats fall 2007 release.......i've waited to long for this game!!!!!:cry:

unless the pc demo is f$%#ing worth my time, guess what......TO HELL WITH U JOHN WOO PRESENTS STRANGLEHOLD!!!!:x

Man...I'm horrible

Wow, today I tried playing The Mercenaries in Resident Evil 4 and I really, really horrible in this mini-game. I only got 10 kills in a row and at least I didn't die:lol:


Apparently for the last 2 months, I have been playing Resident Evil 4 main story every single day from the beginning to the start of the castle. I keep telling myself to stop playing but I cant because I am too bored and have nothing else to do. I have tried to take my mind off Resident Evil 4 by playing NFS: Carbon, Bully, Scarface, Street Fighter, but they all don't seem to work. Maybe this is starting to turn into an addiction. God help me!!!!

If you have a suggestion for me, feel free to leave one and u can recommend an Action/Adventure PS2 game if you want :D.

Looks like I won't be getting Time Crisis 4

The title is self-explanatory. Yes, I'm disappointed in something. This something is the news that Time Crisis 4 wont be released on the PS2 but on the PS3.

Just like the others who are justed as pissed as me, this is bullcrap. I dont see why would Namco invest money to create an HD Gun and putting this on an over-priced video game system. I thought that Namco could actually analyze the market that nearly everybody in Canada has a PS2, so why couldn't they put it on that and Namco was suppose to be full be miracles (according to people on forums). Although this is sort of a hate speech, but I'm guessing that Namco does have their own reasons to put Time Crisis 4 onto PS3.

Well, I guess that I have to play this game in the arcades if I get a chance. :cry:

Screwed Myself Over

Well, yesterday I formatted my computer because the internet is screwed up even though i m connected (i know, it may be confusing). After the reformatting, my computer still can't go on the internet and now my computer is actually lagging whenever i drag any window on the desktop.

Great, my computer had South Park and The Simpsons episodes, GTA: SA and VC, Max Payne 2, Photoshop, Illustrator, DVD Decryptor, and many more programs that were really useful, and now they're all gone.

My Situation: At first, my computer can't go onto the internet even though my computer is connect to a router which was working perfectly. Later, I kept on rebooting and turning on/shuting off my computer and the exact same thing happened - still not working. On the bottom right hand corner, my computer was getting a speed of 100mps, the packets sent was in the hundreds and the received was at 0. What the hell is that suppose to mean. So I thought that formatting my computer would fix everything.....Guess I was wrong! :x

PS: If you are wondering how I managed to write this blog, I had to use my bro's computer to do so. If you have had this happen to you, send me a comment about how to fix this or your experiences about this.
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