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Reference level only works with RGB selected. I have my resolution set at optimal resolution. Which gives me 1360x768. And leave color space at auto. Which uses rgb for games, and ycbcr709 for everything else. If you had to select one I would go with ycbcr709, because on Mass Effect 2 I noticed it made dark scenes a little better.

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Some people would say yes.

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Does anyone know what the requirements are? I stuck an external hard drive on my 360, and formatted it, but it said it didn't meet the requirements. It allowed me to use it though.

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I live in tha US, and I bought a PAL 60 hz version of the game because it was cheaper brand new. But that was maybe 2 years ago.

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I really want an RTS on the Wii.SF_KiLLaMaN
I wouldn't mind an RTS for the Wii either. As long as it's not Halo Wars, that game is garbage.

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I want a Resident Evil 2 remake for the Wii. They remade RE1 so they should have remade RE2. I wonder if I send threatening emails to Capcom, they will make the game. Also a port of the wind waker, since I don't want a crappy used copy for $20. For new games I would need World of Warcraft, and Team Fortress 2.

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thats great, now what do i do with my Roku player that i was using for netflix?jcopp72
Sell it on eBay, and buy Fallout New Vegas, or Black Ops with the money.

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I just recently downloaded it, and watched some South Park. There used to be a problem with the disc version where my screen would flash like it was going from rgb to ycbcr or something, and would start the loading time over. They seemed to fix that problem with the app version now. I have this on my Tivo, and 360, and I must say the new ps3 version is much better to navigate now that they put so many movies to look at on one screen. I've also noticed the load times before watching a movie has shrunk quite a bit from the disc version. And it loads faster than my Tivo, and 360 version.

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I got some cheap component videos from Monoprice, and they work fine. But I saw a review on Amazon.com for some other brand of cables, and one of the reviews said that his system broke, and Nintendo customer support blamed it on the cables he used. Can that really happen. Please respond, I don't want my system to break.