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It's Been Fun

Well, I'm afraid I'm leaving Gamespot, and this will be my last blog post ever. It's been a tough decision to make, but I feel as though it's necessary. I'm hardly alone, yet many people still don't understand the need for people to go. As much as I would love to ignore what's happened and stay here, it's simply the wrong thing thing to do morally. Staying here is doing them a favour, regardless if you're a subscriber or simply just being on their sites and watching their ads - it all helps them.

Really, they don't deserve it.

So, I'm gone; my being here would be as if to say I don't care what they did, and I do. I'm sorry if you don't understand this, but I'd never feel okay with staying.

It's especially upsetting as Gamespot used to be such a fantastic site. I had nothing but respect for Gamespot and all its crew, but Gamespot has since changed, and regardless of whether or not it bothers you enough to leave, you can't deny it's true.

Anyway, enough about that; what I really want to say is how much I'll miss a lot of you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Gamespot experience, even though it had to end this way. Posting these blogs was a lot of fun for me, and it really made it worthwhile with your comments and support. There's no denying that these forums are great, and while we all know they're full of idiots, the intelligent and often hilarious people here make it worth it. Meeting you was an absolute pleasure, and I wish you all the best with your future lives - you've been great friends.

If you ever wish to contact me - and please, feel free - haokuaileyun@hotmail.com is the address.

I honestly will miss this page, and I want to thank you all for coming here.

- Happy_Cloud


If these rumours about Jeff Gerstmann being fired for giving his honest opinion on a game are true, it is the duty of everyone who takes games even slightly seriously to leave this site. I'd love for the rumours to be false, but it sure isn't looking that way, which is a dreadful shame.

Because really, this would mean a complete loss of the site's credibility, and already people have lost respect for Gamespot. One can't help wonder if this is an isolated case. It sickens me to think that any of the reviews I have been reading, and have been assuming to be reasoned and honest evaluations of a game have, in fact, been the result of bribery.

It's sad that such a great site has been (or might have been) reduced to something this low, and it's not fair that we can no longer read a review without wondering whether it really should be taken seriously. I remember that whenever Greg Kasavin gave a game a good review, I believed him completely, and often ended up buying the game in question.

I was never disappointed.

So I desperately hope that these allegations are simply not true, because I have really enjoyed being part of this community. But if it is true, I'm afraid I can no longer endorse a site that has become corrupt, and neither should anyone here. I think Gamespot owes us an explanation on this, as many people are already leaving, perhaps for nothing.

Hello friends. I am Potato.

It been a long time since I've been on this site, and as a result, I'm terrified nobody will know who I am. Should you remember who I am, you may/may not be pleased to know I'll be posting a lot more regularly for the foreseeable future. For those who have forgotten me...have a cookie.

Aren't I nice? (First impressions are essential).

Anyway, since you last saw me (well, since you last read me) I have gotten disgracefully drunk, and in my intoxicated state, I elected to write a wee story.

This has happened before, and most of you who read it enjoyed it, so here's my latest (I had to correct a lot of spelling mistakes and such, but it's otherwise been left intact):

When Billy woke up that day, he knew the cogs of fate had been set in motion. He didn't dare tell anyone, for fear of being given a slap, but Billy knew that on that day, the very foundations of the Earth would be tested to its limits.

It began as an ordinary enough day - there were no flying pigs, no exploding penguins nor any chazzbingles - yet Billy remained aware and alert.

It was when Billy arrived at school when things began to get a little funky. He sat down at his familiar desk with his classmates as the teacher addressed the class.

"Hello students," she said. "Today we have a new student."

Suddenly, the teacher exploded, and in her place was a potato, flying in mid air. "Hello friends. I am Potato," it said. The children may have screamed, but they didn't, choosing to laugh instead.

And slowly but surely, they each turned into hovering fruits themselves, until the whole classroom was shot up into the air by volcanic activity, coming to rest on the moon, where they populated it with fruit babies.

And so it was, that the moon became ruled by fruit babies.



It's been awhile since I made one of these. Forgotten me yet? I'm more than a little ashamed, especially as I don't really have an excuse; I've been busier. So what have I been doing? Not much really. I've been playing a lot of Sin and Punishment; its hard mode is extremely difficult, and I'm determined to beat it.

I have been browsing the forums a bit, but not doing much posting. Gamespot always seems to be especially slow for me, so that puts me off coming here a bit.

By now you've probably guessed this blog isn't going anywhere. To tell you the truth, I just thought I really needed to post something.

Speaking of things that are redundant, I've always thought the letter C was rather pointless. It either has the sound of an S or a K, so why not simply use those letters? I guess there is the Ch sound, but that could easily be replaced by a Kh sound. "khokolate" might look a little weird now, but I could get used to it. If anything, getting rid of the letter C would save confusion; nobody would be unsure of what sound the letter is trying to convey.

...yeah, so, sorry I've not been very active here lately...and...down with C!

The Ballad of Deception

I saw the moon,

I sang him a little tune.

He gave me a balloon.

What a caring, loving moon.

I asked the moon,

"what will become of me this June?"

He said, "you're a buffoon!"

"I am not the real moon!"


It's coming...did you know that?
It's coming for you.

Don't worry, you'll really be fine.
If you like Indigo, you'll really be fine.

It loves you...did you know that?
It really does love you.

Its hand is indigo.
It's the very deepest of indigo

And it loves you.
It really does love you.

It's going to come for you.
It's going to come and stroke your face.

It's loves you, and it's going to stroke your face.
It's going to stroke you with its indigo hand.

Don't worry, you'll really be fine.
If you like indigo, you'll really be fine.

Its hand is the deepest of indigo.
And you love indigo.

Oh yes,

You love indigo.

My Least Favourite Question

There's always been something that has bothered me. I'm not talking about when people say "bet" as a past participle of "beat", I'm talking about the question: "What's your type?"

There are many ways to ask this question; I hate it in all of its forms. What are you supposed to say? "Well, I like tall/short/not too tall/not too short/my size/taller than me/shorter than me brunettes/blonds/red-heads, preferably Caucasian/Asian/black"?

It's sickeningly shallow.

Even answers that pertain to have a certain depth that describe a person with ideal qualities that would suit them are superficial. I can't stand categorising of people, and in my opinion, a person's perfect match is simply found (or not found) and people shouldn't go out looking anything in particular.

No, I'm not saying I believe in soulmates (because I really don't) but is somebody's ideal partner so easily definable. Nu-uh! True love can't be defined. :oops:

So don't judge or choose a person based on what they seem to be. Get to know them if you like them, and then make an informed decision.

Try before you buy people!

Give H Your Respect

I like the letter H. With H we can make words like hat, house and haemoglobin. If it weren't for H, I'd simply be Appy Cloud.

Yes, H is without doubt a fine letter. But H is not being given the respect it deserves. For example, words like sugar are hijacking H's sweet sound, without giving it proper recognition. It's not pronounced "soo-gar" so why not spell it as shugar?

The worst offenders are the French and the British. All too frequently they ignore the sound of H even though it's present!

"'ello luv!" an Engligh woman might say.

French words like habite are pronounced as if there simply wasn't an H there at all.

...'orrible...ah, I mean it's horrible!

I implore you all, give H the respect it deserves, because if you don't, it might leave, and our language and others will suffer for it.


When you think about it, greetings are completely unnecessary. It's not like when people meet, they don't realise they're doing so. It's like saying "It's you, and we are about to have a conversation."

I mean really, what's the point?

Candis Chatterley

I have a lady in my tummy. Her name is Candis Chatterley. I don't like her very much; she makes me do awful things. When Candis is happy, I am happy and I do nice things. Candis likes berries, so when she's happy I eat berries, and eating berries makes her happy. I like it when she's happy, and I don't mind eating lots of berries to keep her that way. Her favourite berry is a gooseberry, but I call them kiwifruit. I think they're just called kiwis in America. Candis likes them to be called gooseberries though. She says it like "goozbrees". When I don't call them "goozbrees" she gets mad. When Candis is mad, I really don't like it. That's when she makes me do awful things.

People get hurt.

So, I try my very best to keep her happy. I eat berries, and I say "goozbrees" as much as I can. It's not always enough though. Sometimes she just wants trouble.

Now she can't make me do anything anymore. I'm safe; the nice men keep me that way. I've even got a nice coat now, and a spongy room. And the best part is, I don't have to eat berries anymore.

...but Candis doesn't like that.

She can't make me hurt people anymore, but she hurts me. She's always mad now; the nice men wonder where all the bruises come from. Sometimes, she leaves, and goes exploring. She likes to cause trouble. Once I woke up, and my coat was gone. The nice men didn't like that at all. I got in trouble. They don't know what happened to the coat either.

I do.

You know, wh -