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Went out shopping for the day yesterday and gaming

Went shopping yesterday and been gaming a bit

So yesterday I went shopping with girlfriend in Milton Keynes It was really nice and we had a really nice day but I bought a few things

First off Cowboy bebop Blu ray Part 1


One of my favourite series of all time if youve not seen it watch it, I have the original DVD but the this came with an artbook and wasnt too expensive and the pictures a lot better re-watching it now for the 10th something time truly amazing anime thats still amazing 15 years later. Pre-ordered part 2 which comes out next month.


The most awesome Lego set ever from the lego store


Its a Minecraft lego set. Ive seen it online before but I could bring why self to leave the stopre with out, if it was stupidly pricey. Not built it yet, though its mainly a set to make your own stuff with. Its freaking awesome though. I'll post when I've built it.

I also bought a new jacket and wallet which was expensive


My girlfriend bought a matching one but peach instead of orange. I kinda have a thing for dark colours with Orange.

Other stuff I got beforehand

The Horizon on the middle of nowhere Season 1 Blu ray


Tiger and Bunny vol 2




I liked ghost in the shell origonal manga so I wanted to try some of Masamune Shirows other works

Some new earphones as mine broke =(



I started Spec Ops the line on hard it was on PS+ So far its not bad just a little hard the enviromnet is really intresting probably one the best I've seen its like rapture with sand


I finished Black ops 2 on Veteran, I like the challenge to do the call of duty games on the hardest difficulty. I cant beleive it was only worth two silver and a bronze =?


Neptunia V


I kinda fudged my file =? So I started again, Bought the school girl costume for Noire :P I <3 Noire

Anyway thanks for reading