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Not in a good mood =[, Amiami order and gaming, got my 31st plat

Not in the best of moods had a hard and stressful week at work, really looking forward to playing Tales of Xillia over the weekend, Then the place I ordered my copy of tales of Xillia still hasnt delivered it =[ Which means I wont get it till at least Monday, I planned to play it non-stop all weekend =[ But hopefully Ill have it Monday, I have Monday and Tuesday off so I could play it then and next weekend and weve got a bank holiday next Monday too so Ill have the time next weekend too =] Still not happy though  ¬_¬ I  complained to the zavvi and cancelled my other pre-orders with them :P

Anyway stopping the moaning and onto the other stuff.

My 1st of 2 amiami parcels for the month arrived with no import charge!!!! =]


So I got the limited edition Mio Akiyama from K-on! Model I was on about





I also got Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling


It will be my 32nd Plat

The art on the game is awesome :P


I have my guide ready to play it.

I also received my Steins;gate artbook during the week its really good



Got my 31st platinum this morning Killzone HD which I've been working on, ona dn off for months, finally tidied up the last 3 trophies this morning.


It wasn't too bad, but involved finishing the game 4 times and hard was was a bit tricky at times as you have health in the game that doesnt full regenerates extremely slowly in stages. I've plated 1 and 3 but 2 takes too much time and is too hard =? can;t wait for mercenaries.

I Finished Spec  Ops the line on Hard. It was really enjoyable and it was a really good game actually not what I was expecting. The thing I found best about it as it really showed the mental and physical injuries the main character takes. It also shows at the end where youve seen things in the game which werent actually there or youve seen it differently. I started the game on FUBAR mode (extra hard though I may have to give up on it at somepoint as it is really hard.


Ive been playing a lot of Tales of innocence R. Im quite far in it now though I think I am going to have to farm some levels as the boss fights are starting get quite hard now =? But Im really enjoying it.


Ive also ordered a copy of Tales of Vesperia for PS3 from Play asia, It says that it will be shipped in 1 week which I assume means its on back order or something Im just hoping they can carry out the order =]


I also finished my lego minecraft set its pretty awesome =]


Anyway Im off to play Neptunia V or tales of graces F or something as I cant play Xillia as Zavvi suck, If you have your copy I hate you till mine arrives =P


If I could shoot Zavvi in the face I would :P