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Pick ups and pre-orders

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New Pick ups


I took advantage of Blockbuster closing down one last time today, 50% off games and 40% of blu-rays is a pretty good deal.  My girlfriend got a few blu-rays too. I used to have Resident evil mercenaries before and traded it in when it was kinda new and worth a fair bit trading it in. So I picked that back up really cheap and new. I also picked up Prototype 2 limited edition for the same price brand new. I wasnt too keen on the original but it was cheap and I thought Id give it ago for that price, So far its not bad.


God Dimension Neptune PP limited edition


Not really saw much of it, I dont think much has been announced apparently its an idol game :? But I have the rest of the game and it does look interesting and Uni is in it. Its out June and now I get paid I thought Id import it.


Time & Eternity


I liked the look of it ages a go and saw the pre-order for July so I pre-ordered it

Tales of Xillia


Zavvi was doing a one day special of 10% off pre-orders.

Gundam Model kit finished


Finished my Jesta  Cannon Model kit, Im  happy with it theres some more pics on my tumblr




Finished Tomb Raider :)


It was amazing :P If you get the chance to play it you really should

Been playing Hitman Absolution getting near the end probably finish it next week


Im off maybe to sleep laters :P

Char Aznable on Gundam Seed



Lots of new stuff, Parcel from amiami arrived and gaming

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AmiAmi parcel

My order from amiami arrived yesterday :) but nobody was in so I collected it before work


Senran Kagura Vita



Played a bit of really like it so far, I plan to play it a lot later on after my vita's chargerd a bit

RGM-96X Jesta Cannon 1/144 HG


Fujimi Suzu Card sleeves


For a new deck I'm making

Other stuffs

Haganai I don't have many friends vol 2


Currently reading

My local block buster is closing :cry: but they're games are 50% off so I picked up

Pokemon Conquest


I got it for only £15 so I'm really happy. I've wanted it for a while but either couldnt find or it was either too much for me to justify, So Far its a lot of fun. Samurai Warriors meets Pokemon.


Because it was only £4 :P


Tomb Raider


...... Is so AWESOME!!! I love it I think I'm getting near the end of the game. I'm planning to play it tonight

Ragnarok Odyssey


I've really got into this game, If anyone has it we'll have to team up its a lot of fun.

I figured out a way to maybe get my save data back which I'm going to try saturday fingers crossed.


thanks for reading

My PS3 Died =[

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Yesterday myPS3 Died =[ I wassorting an email out while trying to finsh the syndicate and it just turned off and Yellow lighted =[

I'm more annoyed as I kept putting off backing my saves up =?

But I got a new one today =]


I had a declutter and traded in about 10 games I wont play or can pick up when they're cheaper. It camewith

New style PS3 with 500GB Red (wanted bluebut they didnt have them :cry:)
2 controllers
Tomb Raider
The Amazing Spiderman Film
£10 PSN store credit
30 Days PS+

I've not played it yet as I'm trying to sync trophies and its taking forever and I assume its going to take a lot longer yet ={

Gonna try out tomb raider as It looks fantastic. Gotta download about 900+ PSN Downloads too =? Its gonna take a while :? I;m keeping my old PS3 for the momentas a friend said he maybe able to get some of my saves.  then I'm gonna stick it on ebay for parts

I also put that £10 voucher towards Ragnarok Odyessy Just waiting for it to downloadnow =?


Thanks for reading

More Manga, Hitman Collection and gaming

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New Stuffs

Triage x vol 2


It arrived the other day, I love this series, I prefer it Highschool of the dead. Nearly finished though Ir read about a year ago on my iPad as originally it wasnt going to get released in English.

Negima Neo!? Vol 1-7 (complete)


Ive been struggling to find a copy of volume 3 at good price but found them all on ebay and won them for about the same price vol 3 was going to cost me in reasonable condition So Im really happy Im gonna finally start them now I have them all, Its a spinoff of my favourite manga Negima!.

Hitman HD collection


I traded far cry 3 in as I havent touched it since I platd it and It keeps falling in trade in price so I thought Id trade it in while it was worth something and basically swapped it for HItman HD collection, Which was nice as I havent played it or ages.  I started Hitman 2 played the first 5 levels though Im struggling to get silent assassin on the 5th level :? I always end up with professional. I started contracts and did the 1st level of Blood money.

Hitman Absolution


when I was in Tesco in the evening I saw it for £16 so I thought Id get as Ive waiting for it come down, and it was there, so far really enjoying it.

Miku Flick 02


I've been wanting for a while but its on sale as its Miku day :)

Liberation Maiden


Intrested mewhen it was released on 3DS but was a bit pricey. But they ported it to ipad today for less than half the price so I got it. So far its pretty damn awesome.




Im really trying to finish this game but Im kinda finding it really frustratingly difficult at sometimes :? It just gets really hard. But Im trying to concerntrate on finishing at the moment

Dynasty warriors Empires 7


Ive finished another play though using a kind officer well Da Quai Her new weapons are awesome!!!



Like I said before Ive been playing a lot of Hitman :P


Well Thats it for this weeks blog thanks for reading Im going to go catch up on some games

I got a Job =] Purchasesand FFXV looks confusing as hell!

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Arrived this morning Ive not read it yet I need to finish the last chapter of Air Gear 27



I got it on Wednesday as it was half price like the others, So far Im not too fond of it, the whole vampire thing is stressing me out a little with gathering exp

Senran Kagura


I paid for my amiami order this week, which was mainly Senran Kagura, Im hoping it will arrive in a few weeks, but it looks a lot ecchier that I thought :?


I got a Job :)

Im getting kept on in the accounts department of the hospital Im volunteering at, Im getting kept on for 3 months at first while I cover sick leave for a women in the office who broke her wrists :?

Final Fantasy XV Looks confusing as hell


Trailer It looks more like Resident evil than Final Fantasy. Though as its square enix I doubt it will come out anywhere near ps4 release and itll come out in a few years, if anything like XII-versus and their financial position at the moment it may never some out. I may get it if it close to release of the PS4 and depending what it looks like later on.

Gotta go Play some Empires and catch up on some anime so thanks for reading


I went on the Internet and Pre-ordered....?

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I'm having one for christmas, Well my mum is paying half, I'll pay half and get games off of other people for christmas

I also preordered Killzone shadow Fall,


I thought the trailer looked really good.

I'll probably pre-order some more games when they're announced and nearer the time. and any JRPG's when they're announced :)

I can't wait to see what else gets announced. If its delayed or we get screwed over here in the UK by a month or two I'll just save the money till its released 


Also pre-ordered MS-06R-1A Shin Matsunaga`s Customize Zaku II 1/144 which will come with my next amiami order.


I also got my 29th platinum today =] Long story why and what so I'll leave it with I have my 29th plat :P


Now patiently waits for PS4.

I think I'll conquer china for the 3rd time

DW 7 Empires arrived, New manga, Gaming stuff and I am the UNDER DEFEAT MEISTER!

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New Pick ups

Dynasty Warriors empires 7


finally the day has arrived and its here!!! Though I've not had much time to play it ¬_¬ It came yesterday and My girlfriend decided it was the best day to go see Wreck it Realph :? Gonna play it all day to day though :P

Air Gear 27


Not read it yet need to finish the manga I'm reading at the moment, Covers a but Ecchi this time.

Hayate the Combat Butler 21


Only read upto volume 14 so far but I like to keep on top of these things:P Volume 22 isnt out till August though Which will giveme pleanty of timeto catch up.

Dragonborn and Hearthfire


I got them both on PSN as they were half price for the 1st week, I plan to get Dawnguard next week too

Gaming Stuff



My 28th Platinum, For Under defeat HD, Was it hard? emm kinda I guess I had to finish the game 6 times twice on easy. twice on Normal and twice on hard which was hard. The first time I tried the last boss it took my 8-9 attempts but beat it eventually. The 2nd time I found out you can kinda piggy back continues off a 2nd player :P. I really enjoyed the game as I really enjoy the Genre. Just makes me wish we got more of the genre on PS3 =[



I finished the dragonborn and did a good number of side quests in the new area, but I have not got all of the trophies just yet as I've been busy with other games. I've only just started to build my 1st house in Hearthfire so far its quite intresting.

Dead Space 3


I've been playing it on and off as I've had dragonborn and Under defear HD to play. But I'm getting near the end of the game I think. Its still a pretty awesome game so far.

Dynasty Warriors empires 7


Not played it too much which I'm going to change today, But so far the games a lot more complex than the other empires games and they have also changed the strategems in the game too, You now use them in Battle and they play a small cutscene which is awesome and the character maker is geat too.

Wreck it Ralph


I went to see it last night and honestly I really liked it I liked the Metal Gear solid refrence the best :P I like ralph I may play as him on Sonic all stars :)

Well It's time to conquer China So I'm off thanks for reading


New stuff and Gaming, and I know what I'm getting for my Birthday!!!

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New stuffs!!!

Dead space 3 Limited edition


I traded in black ops II like planned gained an extra £10 than what I paid which is awesome!! I got Dead Space 3 limited edition as I really wanted it. The limited edition came with some in game weapons and armour skins though I stuck with the N7 one.

Disaperance of Nagato Yukichan vol 3


I actually got it last week but forgot to put it in my blog =? Currently reading it now, I really like the spin off series especially Asakura in this series shes like Yukis guardian :P

Negima vol 22 Limited edition (Japanese)


My Limited edition Negima vol 22 came, the Japanese copies came limited edition as well which had a cd/dvd pactio card or other fun extra. I bought this volume as I came with the ALA ALBA pin badge that they wear in the magical world, and it came with a cool poster.


I'm getting the Ikaruga Model I wanted for my birthday :)


They havea few more in stock and my girlfriend said shell get it me for my birthday. I cant wait as if you may remember a few weeks back I posted about it but they had sold out =[ It comes out the end of the month around the same time as Senran Kagura on Vita which I've ordered. It should come about march timeMy birthday April so Its not a long wait :)


Dead Space 3


Currently playing and Im really enjoying it. I loved the 1st 2 games and the 3rd is great too, though there is a few things that are a little irritating like the weapons dont seem really strong at all. But I do like the weapon customisation on this one.

Black Ops II


Finished the game the future levels and strike missions were fun and pretty cool but thats about all, online was a bit sucky and the past missions seemed to slow the game down for me, so I traded it in,

Wipeout 2048


Downloaded in PS+ playing when I play my vita finding it quite fun so far, Ill probably play this more on the vita soon.

Under defeat HD


Im renting it at the moment and I really like it, I really like curtain rail shooters but Im not great at them :? I need to get some practice as Its been a while I think the last one I played was Caves Bug Princess 2 on my ipad last year.

Sleeping Dogs


Getting near the end of the game, But Dead space kinda took my time :P But I am enjoying it, Ill probably have finished it by then, I may try to finish it this week and think if to bother with the platinum or not as i have dynasty warriors empires 7 coming next week.

Off to fight some aliens in space now so thanks for reading, Can'twait for Dynasty warriors empires 7 next week =]

Plan C...
Plan B then?

Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid arrived =] Gaming New orders and pre-orders

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I picked up my nendoroid from the post office got screwed over by customs =[ My girlfriend also got Hentai woddy Its creepy and I dontlike it =? If you dont know what it is google it anyway I thought I'd post pictures like usual


Pre-orders and Orders

I pre-ordered Dynasty warriors 7 Empires which comes out the 22nd


I'm really hyped for it as I love dynasty warriors and love Empires even more as I feel its a lot more in depth, I am really hyped for it trailer here!

I've ordered and it has been shipped... Call of Duty Black ops II


Now before you say anything I'll explain why. I had a voucher for £5 off at blockbuster if I spent over £15 they had the game for £26 which is really good so I got it for £21 because I looked at other shops and saw it trades in for £30 =P


I got Playstation plus again as Sleeping dogs was added so I've been playing that so far its pretty good,



This week I've been catching up on anime I've caught up with the pet girl ofSakurasou I love this show so much as it reminds me of toradora!


I'll leave you with my new Sig image from the pet of Sakuraou =]

tumblr_mgnbukrgbj1qhrxsqo1_r5_250.gif  tumblr_mgnbukrgbj1qhrxsqo2_r5_250.gif  tumblr_mgnbukrgbj1qhrxsqo3_r5_250.gif

It's actually 3 seprate images I thought was cool

Newmodels arrived and gaming stuff

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I had two new models arrived and I pre-ordered another, I have some gaming stuff to talk about too so I thought Id do a blog, first off new models.

New Models

Asakura Ryoko
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Good Smile Company/ Max Facotry










Fate T Harlaown Figma
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Good Smile Company/ Max Facotry








Model Pre-order

Super Sonico Figma    Out in March
Good Smile Company/ Max Facotry



Persona 4 The golden


Now Virtues last reward is finished and I got my vita back :P I went and finished the new extra dungeon and then finished the game started new game+ gonna try max out all the social links this time around.

Resident Evil 6


I finished two more campaigns Leons and Jakes (playing as Sherry) Just about to start Adas which I am looking forward to. Honestly the game is growing on me but I still feels its half arsed :?

Lego Batman 2 (vita)


I rented and completed this, it was quite enjoyable but short :? Im going through the levels again to get everything and the plat now :)

3D Dot Hero


Another game Im playing and honestly Im really struggling to get into it :( I really want to but I really am finding it hard to get into :cry: I may give up on it

Thanks for reading like usual, Off to play some games and later catch up on some anime :)