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I got some good news

I got some good news from amiami, They managed to find a supplier for the Griffon Enterprises Ririchiyo Shirakiin I really wanted, Ive paid for it and its been shipped, only cost me £55 with registered shipping which is a ton cheaper than ebay


I cant wait for it come.

My atelier Meruru arrived with the artbook


Ive only played it a bit gonna give it another play after this

I had my KimiKiss manga arrived today


volume 5 is int the post from a seprate seller

and These Railgun models I won a week or two back,




Ive also requested on backorder

1/144 HG Kshatriya Mobile armour (3290 Yen) Its going be huge probably the size of a 1/100 model kit :P


1/144 HGSniper Zaku Yonem Kirks ver (1260 yen)


I started Resident evil revelations Its not bad so far, Ill prob get it on PS3 if I get this new job when it comes down.


I also finally got around to finishing Killzone HD today YEAY!!! I finished it on hard which is kinda hard as the checkpoints are soooo far away. I have 3 more easy playthroughs shouldnt take too long and a few weapon based trophies then I should get the plat.

Theres also 2 Ranka lee models On ebay at the moment UK seller that I am bidding on i hope I win as I've wanted a Ranks for ages =[


Anyway Off to Atelier Meruru

Some amazing deals I recently got with my paycheck

I get my first payslip tomorrow =] well today or yesterday or when ever depending when you read this :P So Ive been shopping a few times and bought some amazing stuff at even more amazing prices Ive got a ton of amazing deals this week.

Tuesday I went to game a picked up, Theaterrythm Final Fantasy Which Ive been looking for a while


It was 2 for £20 so I picked up The original Uncharted as I never actually had my own copy of this I did once but it didnt work ={ But now I have a copy

they also had the limited edition part of max Payne 3 for just £5




It came with this impressive model and a soundtrack, content and some art prints which is amazing for £5 :P I bought the game last year on a Whim and really enjoyed it

Today I went into HMV and got some amazing deals

Lumines £2.99 new


Super Monkeyball Bannasplitz £4.99 new


Resident evil revelation £9.99 new


Ive ordered are in the post



Tears to Tiara Gaiden


Kimikiss vol 1-5 (Uber rare I already have vol 1 so I'll probably stick it on ebay) I've read them all before and loved them


Atelier Merur £12.95 new zavvi were having an amazing quick sale plus 10% for the 1st 500 customers and I bought the artbook to for £1.81 :P


I bought two new models of Sasara Kusugawa from ToHeart2 I got both for about £57 with postage from amiami



On ebay the top one is about £70 and the bottom is at least £95 I bought them to sell at least one but I know Ill probably end up keeping both ¬_¬

Ive requested to buy Shirakiin Ririchiyo Griffon Enterprises Ver from amiami,


Its on backorder which means they are contacting suppliers to see if they can get one I really hope they can :)

I still have a ton of money left I think Im going to save :?

Anyone about my Avatar its now Tharja my new favourite Fire emblem character

And theyre doing a model!!!



Another blog so soon I got a late Birthday present and gaming

Hey everyone I know another blog so soon :P I got a lot done today so I thought Id do a blog,

First up one of best friends brought me round my birthday present as it just arrived, He got me a 1/144 HG Sinanju which is my favourite mobile suit :) He bought it a few weeks back it just never arrived on time but its here and finished.








It took me about 5 hours to put together, its pretty big it making me wonder how big my 1/100 is going to be =?

In that time I played watched the whole series of Okami-san


I actually really liked it, Im actually watching it again now :P

I Finished Metal Gear rising this morning


It was really good but stupidly short it took me less than 4 hours :?

I started New Little King story


Its really good I love it so far and I cant wait to play more of it , I kinda wanted to finish Need for speed so Ill probably juggle the two till Ive finished it, EDF and Ragnarok odyessy just kinda fell on the back bench :?

Ive been playing a lot of Fire Emblem Awakening


I really love this game, Its game my 3Ds some live :P Its by far my favourite 3DS game and I will now say the 3DS doesnt suck as much now it has a game, kinda makes me want an Advance wars more now :cry:

I started The Reminiscence of Haruhi Suzumiya


It kinda plays a bit like the endless 8 arc of the manga/anime, were by you have to keep reliving the school festival unlocking new options each time after taking different routes. Im kinda getting stuck on the last few % of the 1st day but Ill get there :P

Anyway Im of to play something in bed maybe New little king story while watching Ookami-san again :P


I really liked otohime ryugu but I wish she had more screen time :(

All my Birthday purchases and stuff has eventually arrived

Only a week and a half late :P Oh well I had a lot of post when I came home today from a week at work look...


Took a little while to unpackage :P



Fire Emblem Awakening with exclusive artbook


The Reminiscence of Haruhi suzumiya


New Little King story



1/144 HG Chars Geloog


Manga and artbook

Rurhime feat Type-moon Summer 2012 artbook


Its really nice inside

Negima! Volume 38


The last volume of my favourite manga

A certain Scentific Railgun vol 7


Mayo Chiki! Vol 1-2



Also on Monday I got

Okami-san and her severn companions complete series


Die Hard blu ray Quadrilogy


Thanks for reading

Im off to start Haruhi or maybe carry on Fire emblem as its amazing


Sumia (left) is my favorite so far :P

New stuffs, Gundam more gundam but not all Gundam

My copy of Gundam Extreme versus was waiting for me when I got home today :)


So Far its pretty awesome though some of its hard. Im working through the game at the moment but some of the levels are really hard ¬_¬

I got some other new games this week too

Earth Defence force portable


Now its dropped in price I kinda had to get it :P especially as I had a PSN voucher too :P So far its pretty good Its like all EDF games nothing that looks amazing but incredibly fun

Need for speed Most wanted vita


I was it really cheap in Tesco and its not usually my kind of game but I fancied a racing game for the vita, so far its not bad.

The only other new thing is the last volume of evangelion campus apocalypse arrived today =/


I still need to read the one before that yet :P May take a while because my Negima! Vol 28 has been shipped which is the last volume aswell as A certain scientific railgun 07

Custom Zaku Finished






I built my Custom Zaku today took a few hours

I won a HG 1/100 char's gellog on ebay which is on the post at the moment so I'll probably build it next weekend


I also ordered my MG 1/100 Sinanju which is my most favorite Mobile suit. I was a bit put off at the price at first but I have birthday money now :) and its a lot cheaper than what ebay was asking Its gonna be awesome :P


I finished Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT, I liked how Rika became such a better and cuter character, I loathed Sena like usual and Loved Yozora, but the ending to the series SUCKED!!! There needs to be another series.

Well thanks for reading I'm going to watch the new Hayate the combat series and then sleep :P I'm sleepy :?

I still can't get over how Addorable Rika became in the 2nd series :oops:

My birthday blog, and pre-orders and stuffs =P

Hey Everyone its my birthday today I'm 24 ¬_¬ Getting old :cry:

Well woke up this morning get the day off :) and I'm ill :( and none of my presents have arrived besides 1 and a parcel earlier which was awesome, My present off of my friend hasnt come and girlfriend was buying my Ikagura from Senran Kagura but it got delayed ¬_¬ But I do have a parcel that needs a signiture at the post office which I'm collecting later I hope it my gundam game.

Anyway what I did get :P



I decided to get it again and give it another shot now its getting harder to find. I did the first 2 chapters and I'm enjoying it more than I did the 1st time mind you there isnt a language barrier :P So far I think I prefer Katherine to Catherine, I think its the glasses I have a thing for girls in glasses :oops:

Asuna Nendoroid



I think she's pretty cool :P

1/144 HG S.Matsunaga's custom high mobility zaku


As some of you may know I'm a tad obsessed with Zaku's :P I'll probably build it at the weekend.

My girlfriend got me some really expensive Aftershave which was nice as she's getting me Ikagura too. and my brother got me some PSN credit and the rest is money which I'll buy a ton of stuff with :P which gets me on to purchases and preorders.


The reminiscence of haruhi suzumiya


I bought it on ebay for a great price, I have a translation guide and I'm ready for when it comes =]


 1/144 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norun


Will be sent with my April amiami order

HG 1/144 Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second


I'm not a huge fan of seed but I had to pre-order this when I was it I think I'm gonna start adding any type of Gunpla to my orders if I like them as I love building them

Persona 4 Arena limited edition with exclusive Golden LP


Yeap we got screwed over here in the UK, While online I saw somewhere had exclusive golden LP's with the game So I pre-ordered one as I have a job now :P I'm quite excited for it to be honest

Thanks for reading Had another suprise today found out another series of Hayate the combat butler is now airing I had no idea, means more Hinagiku :)

Blog part 2 orders and Preorders

New  Stuff

Tiger and Bunny volume 1 (Currently reading)


Fate/extra (Bought on the PSN eater sale so far I love it)


Killzone 2(as I couldnt find my copy :?)



Evangelion illustrations artbook (Should pick it up tomorrow from the post office)


Evangelion Shinji rising project volume 12


Goodsmile company Tsuruya-san (got it on amiami pre-order amazing price to go with my Haruhi and Ryoko) It will be sent with my April amiami order (the magazines and Gunpla)


Gundam extreme Versus


Rurihime Summer.2012 Artbook



Yozara Nednoroid (re-release)


Moekanji (with Limited edition amiami exclusive wallscroll)


Killzone Mercenaries


Tiger and Bunny Volume 2


Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh 2013 June With Misaki figure

Megami June

1/144 HG Gundam Ez8


A Certain scentific Railgun 7 and 8


Well thats about it thanks for reading Ill be blogging at the weekend again hopefully some stuff will arrive to show you by then. My amiami parcel thats for my birthday next week has arrived yet though :cry:


Railgun S2 starts next week!!! I dont know what I'm more excited for mthat or my birthday :P

New Purchases and GS sucks

New Purchases

I went shopping Monday though the 2 main shops I wanted to go were closed :cry: an anime shop and a shop I can get Gundam Model kits from. But I did get

Dogs 6-7


The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan 2,4-6 (I have 1 and 3)


A MSC Keyring from Metal Gear Rising


This Blog was a lot longer but GS sucks and wouldnt let me post it :( I'll post the rest tomorrow as GS is seriously P!ss!ng me off


"Screw you GS"
Kick to the head :P

I may need Akemi power to get through this lot =?

Its been a busy week with the end of the financial year and working in accounts Ive been doing 8am-6pm every day none stop this week besides yesterday where I finished at 4. I finally have moneyz :) I paid off the Gil I owe from my time at university, So I picked up a few new games and stuff.


My Akemi Arrived I won last week Its pretty awesome and Im happy with her :)





Games then

Bioshock Infinite


So Far pretty damn awesome!!!

Metal Gear Rising Revengence (with Grey Fox DLC)


Just starting it now

Resident evil 6


Was 75% off in HMV So I thought Id pick it up again.

Also got

Hitman Sniper challenges 99p in HMV, and off of PSN,

Neptunia Victory DLC (as its really hard :cry:)

Killzone HD and Infamous Blood festival Bundle.


It was on the easter sale thing, I only wanted Killzone HD and its cheaper than usual so Thought I may as well get it cheaper and another free game :)


Ive finished Hitman Absolution it was pretty awesome to tell the truth I enjoyed it alot.


Ive been getting nearer the end of Prototype 2 which I am enjoying which is surprising as I hated the 1st.

Neptunia Victory


Ive been getting a lot further now I have DLC weapons to help me out with all the hours of grinding I dont have.

Senran Kagura


I unlocked the last school and Im going through it now.

Plans for the weekend and bank holidays OD on Games :P


Neptunia Vicotry, Dead or Alive 5 Plus and Akemi Nendoroid Won

So My Copy of Hyperdimesnion Neptunia Victory arrived yesterday aswell as my copy of dead or alive 5 Plus.

Ive not played Neptunia Victory yet, But I am going to a lot today though Im gonna try finish Hitman Ill see how hooked I get. I was hoping to plat MKII before it came but with me loosing my data I dont think I'm gonna have the time now =[


Dead Or Alive 5 Plus is impressive and I forgot my Vita and my game at my girlfriends ¬_¬ It took a bit of getting used to as its on a vita screen and the new stuff like touch battles are quite cool,


I got a load of exclusive Cheerleader costumes too but theyre not available till next week, But when they set up the DLC next week I can get my Premium Swimsuits from my collectors edition.


Ive been playing a load of Senran Kagura this week, I say a ;ot I mean the little time I get after work as its super busy because the end of the financial year I have to do more lates next week =[ Anyway Im really liking the game ALOT, Not platd it yet :P Theres a few trophies I dont really get but I know theyre not too hard. I love Murakumo shes adorable She super shy and usually hides behind a samurai Demon mask but I gave her glasses and she's super adorable :P She's drawing with Ikagura for my favorite


I won a Akemi Nendoroid on ebay the other day paid about the original retail price,  I've wanted one for ages but couldnt decide between the figma or nendoroid but this came up on auction. Ill post some pick next week when It gets here.


Thanks for reading Going to play some Neptunia Victory for a bit hopefully wont get too hooked as I want to finish Hitman and play some prototype 2 for a bit. Thanks for reading as always.



Stuffs got serious this week in Sakurasou


:P That should have been in the episode :P