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Kotobukiya Haruhi Suzmiya beach side ver, finished Resident Evil revelations

Kotobukiya Haruhi Suzmiya beach side ver

I got this on saturday =] I did have another parcel I think it was my haruhi Artbook but its at the post office ¬_¬ anyway hrees some pics of my model










I really like her a lot :)

Resident Evil Revelations


I finished Resident evil revelation last night, the last boss was such a pain took me 8 attempts Its pretty unforgiving for a boss and tries to trick you into attacking illusions while he attacks from behind. But I finally beat him.


I really enjoyed the game It was a lot like the older ones in tighter environments and the costant worry for ammo and health items. It seems to be playing like Classic resident evil. And Raid mode is awesome!!!

I also Finally got my Vita copy of Rachet and Clanks Q-force (Frontal assaults)


It was a cross by and my brother gave me his vita copy as he doesnt have one. It was meant to be released in Feburary but kept getting delayed, I assume they were trying to fine tune the vita version but I have to say they've done a bad job its a pretty bad port =[

Anyway Thanks for reading on 4 days till my holiday =]


Booked a trip away, A suprise Modela and Lots of new stuff arrived and ordered

Well First off I got a big Interview Friday for a Job as Band 3 Management Accountant in the NHS =? Kinda nervous though I maybe the only one getting an interviewas it goes internally 1st.

Anyway off that and on to the blog Me and My girlfriend weregiven some money off of my Mums partner for a holiday as he got a claim on his loan insurance. Well we were planning to go london but we kinda left it too late as we found we would have the time to go next weekend 31st-3rd. We planned to go the 1st and come back the 3rd but the prices were stupid

Well I checked Centre Parcs which is like Forest holiday place that have lot of stuff there and huge water parks its usually really expensive but I got us a great last deal and we have an appartment. I'm really excited and I can't wait for the water park :P


New Suprise Model

And a bit of a suprise which I got of ebay and am I love with

1/7 Kitobukiya Inia Sentina From Muv-Luv Alternative






I really love this model, I mean look at it and I got it so cheap on ebay, I bought it from a UK company for £35 and therest of ebay is £80 its all legit and everything I think I got a great bargin.

There more picks on my Tumblr

New Deliveries

Onto New Stuff I've had delivered

1st off new Gunpla

1/100 Master Grade Sinanju (My favorite mobile suit) The box is freaking huge :?


1/144 HG Gundam Unicorn Banshee


1/144 HG Gundam EZ-8


Gundam Seed Destiney Battle (I'm not big on seed but I wanted a Gundam game on vita its not bad so far)


Megami June


Resident Evil Revelation: with Pre-order bonus (Which I got Tuesday 3 days before release :))


Shipped Orders

I bought Atelier Ayesha as Grainger games had it for £25 new


I bought on ebay really cheap,

Clannad series 1 part 2 and Clannad After Story part 1 :? No idea why the seller had those but they were about £14 for the pair and the DVD are about £25+ pre-owned everywhere each and I love the series.



I later managed to find Series 1 part 1 for £10 new so I ordered that too :)


I also bough 2 new model kits

Muv-Luv Alternative 1/144 Takemikazuchi Type-00R [w/Initial Production Limited Bonus]


Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse 1/144 Takemikazuchi Type-00F Yui Takamura


Well anyway thanks all for reading I hope you liked my new model, I'll be getting my Kitobukiya Haruhi Sqimsuit ver tomorrow from the post office. Anyway I'm sleepy works been busy and HR are causing so many problems =( so I'm going sleep :)


4 Years on Gamespot Q and A Time

Its come around again another year on gamespot. As some may remember me sayting before I've been on gamespot a lot longer, as another user but wasnt very active. Any time for the Q&A

macrules_640 Asked

 1. Place you wish to visit the most besides the obvious?

:P Emm I would mind going to South Korea or China, and besides that anywhere snowy 

2. Future plans and goals? 

Emm to become a full qualified accountant and hopefully move out soon 

3. Think you'll stay single for a while? 

I haven't been single for 8.5years =P  well we had a break for a few mo this last year 

4. Worst game you've played in a while?

Emm I can only really think of Dirt showdown at te moment I am really struggling to get into  it, besides that I think call of duty black ops declassified even though it was quite good for the vita and it did show what the vita can do it wasn't worth the RRP. 

5. Anime you watched that you ended up regretting because it was terrible.

Naruto can't freaking stand it, and I can't understand why people watch it, it's just so awful. But if its a fall series I've watched I'd have to say ladies vs butler and Lamune 

6. Anime you can watch over and over again?  



Neon genesis Evangelion


Cowboy bebop 


megamannt123 Asked you still enjoying your time on here? :P 

Sure....? For me its far more you guys than the site honestly I think the sites a bit sucky its self 

would you draw more Negima manga if you could?:P 

I wouldn't have the time =P but if I did it'd mainly be about Yue =P


benleslie5 Asked 

1- Favourite game for 2013 so far?

Probably Fire emblem Awakening



2- Any plans for the Summer? 

Working =[ Me and my girlfriend may go on holiday somewhere and maybe move out hopefully

3- Coffee or Tea? 

Tea I don't drink mudwater 

 josephl64 Asked 

1. What are your top 5 favorite anime?
 Emm it kind changes a lot but I'd say 



2-Neon Genesis Evangelion


3-The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya


4- school Rumble


5- mobile suit Zeta Gundam


(anime-planet images) 

2. What are some great games released only in Japan that you would recommend?

 Gundam Extreme VS

The reminiscence of  Haruhi Suzumiya

Ex Troopers

Senran Kagura  


altyendings Asked  

1. If you could invent anything in the world what would it be? 

The Mobile suit =P or Evangelion  

2. Why do you think Zeon is better than ZAFT? :P

Because like seed it has no soul unlike original gundam  

3. What are you looking forward to the most in the next batch of consoles? 

Emm some new JRPG'S =P 

4. Batman or Superman? 

don't be silly Batman, I hate superman and most superheroes besides a few 

5. Eat more toast.... 

No because its burnt 

resident4evil05 Asked 

1. If you could go anywhere (but Japan) where would you go and why. 

South Korea looks nice, I wouldn't mind anywhere snowy to go snowboarding. Either 

2. Now that Negima! is done, now what are you going to mainly read? 

At the moment I plan to try and catch up with Hayate the combat butler as I'm about 5 volumes behind I own them I just haven't had chance to catch up but I'm reading them mainly I between new volumes  

3. You prefer CD/DVDs or Downloads? 

I prefer a psychical game if it comes to stuff like PS3, vita and 3DS,PC I couldn't care less, I only buy blu rays but I don't have the time or room for CDs at all its a dead format to me. 

4. Seen any good movies lately? 

I rarely watch films, but I did watch the new remake of Total Recall last night that was very good  

5. What do you think of SEGA just giving their IPs to the Wii U? First Bayonetta 2 and now the Yakuza Collection. 

As long as I can play Yakuza on PS3 and later PS4 I couldn't care less 

6. Who are some of your favorite youtube up-loaders?  

None I don't have the time for YouTube, and I'd rather play a game that watch someone playing a game, I used to like the yogcast while at uni playing minecraft but I think they went incredibly douchey 


RangerFirePower Asked Are you into visual novels and if so, what are some that you recommend?

Emm I like the idea of them but I don't have time for them, I don't play hentai games though, I have finished Virtues last reward while I loved and I'm working through the reminiscence of Haruhi Suzumiya and Toheart2DX plus on ps3 at the moment using guides and enjoying them. I also have a ffew on iOS that I'm enjoying. 


matastig Asked 

1.What anime do you regret watching?

 The 24 episodes of Naruto I'll never get my time back there, Lamune, ladies vs butlers, jinki extend special,


2.Your Favorite drinks. XD 

Monster Energy


3.Your Favorite Shooter/RPG/and Action video game ^^ 

Shooter- Binary Domain by far


RPG- Valkyria chronicles or Star ocean till the end of time



Action game- =? Metal gear peace walker  

4.What Sport do you play? 

I used to snowboard but haven't for a while =[ 

5.Whos had the greatest influence on your life and why? 

Emm I can't really say anyone I've tried to live my life by me

6.What are the qualities that you admire in your friends? 

Reliability and guess wer share intrests 

7.If you could meet anyone (Famous ) in the world, who would it be and why? 

Hideo Kojima because he's awesome


Ken Akamatsu convince him to do a Negima! Spin off based around Yue Ayase



8.Whats your "secret" ambition? (a.k.a world domination =P )

To become rich so I can just spend money on models, games, manga and anime and basically live my live like Nagi Sanzen'in from Hayate the combat butler.


9.Your idea of a good time? (other than Anime/Video games XD ) 

Manga, sleeping and I love building Gunpla 

10.Whats one thing youd like to change about yourself? (honestly!! ^^ ) 

My voice when I hear it played back, =[ Hence I won't do Vlogs 

11. If your life were a motion picture, what would the title be?  

I can't think of anything, maybe " You have Parcel" 

12. What is the hardest thing youve ever had to do? 

Probably my degree 

13.How would you describe yourself? =P

 I'm pretty caring, but I always have to takes intellectual approach to everything and I think things through before I do them. 


 what is your favorite fighting game? 

For many many years it was Dead or alive 2 ultimate on the original Xbox but I think Persona4Arena has taken its place 

Dam505 Asked 

favorite RPG your playing just now  Atelier Meruru its brilliant I love it


favorite anime character this year

 Emm though it won't count as she's been in previous Series Hinagiku Katsura from the Hayate the combat butler series 

If she didn't then I'd have go with either  nanami from Sakura-sou (if it counts as it was 12-13)


Or Ikagura from Senran Kagura


PS vita or DS

Vita my 3DS just sits there gathering dust

what the hardest game you ever played

Emm I'm playing Dragons Dogma at the moment and that can be a bit unforgiving But if I had to pick one the one that comes to mind is Spelunker on the PSN, I can only get through it by saving and reloading if I die too much, but it is a fantastic game

spelunker-hd.jpg G

erardoExber You will continue to be here in Gamespot with us after you get married? :) 

Emm to be honest I've thought of that as being the day I leave but who knows,

Anyway Thats it hope you enjoyed thanks for reading I'm sleepy now Just gonna finish Kousaka's ending on Toheart2DX Plus Then sleep got work tomorrow =[



New stuff, pre-orders, orders and Ask me a question!!!

Hey everyone I got some new stuff and some new orders and pre-orders

The Misfortune of Kyon and Koizumi


It haruhi related so I bought it

I got Dirt Showdown


It was £5 on Zavvi so I decided to get it though I can't really get into it

New orders Sent

Gundam seed Battle Destiny Vita


Sniper Zaku Yonem Kirks Model ver 1/144 HG


Sadly They couldnt back order the other two Gundam model kits I wanted from this order =[

I was able to get a back ordered item of Noizi Itou Art Works - Haruhi Hyakka


Orders and Pre-orders not sent

I pre-ordered the Laura Bodewig Maid Ver. 1/8 (Infinite Stratos)


I can't wait to get it, it comes out theend of the month

gundam NT-1 1/144 HG


HGUC 1/144 Hazel Kai


And well thats pretty much it :P

Anyway Monday is my 4 year blog On gamespot and I'm gonna do a Q and A Blog so please leave lots of questions!!!

Thanks for reading =]


Tsuruya-san what have we got today?

I had 2 more parcels yesterday

Tsuruya-san maid ver (the melancholy of haruhi Suzumiya)





Nyan Ver



I'm really happy with the model I really like it :) I'm glad I finally have a Tsuruya Figure as she's probably my 2nd favorite character in the series :)

Comand Type Z'Gok Char Aznable ver 1/144 HG



Invented a new move a Handstand spining kick :P


Daioh Dengenki June with Mikoto Misaka figure



Its a big magazine full of manga I've flicked through it a few times and found about 4 series that I've started to read on my ipad and really like.

I also Bought Torchlight II On steam last night as it was on the daily sale and I liked the origonal



Gal*Gun Best ver


Its £25 on Playasia which is better than the £60 pre-owned on ebay, Though it maybe fun to play if I dont like it I'll sell it :P

Dynasty Warriors 8


I can't wait :D

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzmiya 16


Not released till october ¬_¬ Mind you I only just got volume 15

Weiss Schwarz Sword art online Deck English ver x2


High School of the Dead: Drifters Of The Dead Edition Blu ray


I already have the series but this have the OVA and is really cheap

I've been playing Persona 4 arena I completed, Yukiko, Mitsuru, Yu and Labyrs's stories I plan to finish some more soon
I'm really enjoying it


I'm off to bed Work tomorrow ¬_¬


Fingers NOM!! :P

I have a new favorite model and I had a mountain of parcels at the post office

So I had a ton of parcels at the post office today :? lots of new models and stuff


Anyway onto new stuff and I'll start with models and first up my new favorite model

Griffon Enterprise Ririchiyo Shirichiyo (Inu x Boku SS)





I also got my Ranka lee models

Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier) Emotion Ver




Ranke Lee limited edition White Version




Sasara Kusugawa (Toheart2) Swimsuit Ver




Sorry lighting sucked if I redo them I'll post them on Tumblr and instagram

Its actually quite big and heavy :?

Sasara Kusugawa (Toheart2) Swinsuit Miad Ver



Other stuff

Persona 4 Arena With soundtrack and exclusive 17' Soundtrack



I'm gonna give it a play tonight and tomorrow



I may play a bit before I go bed

Wizardary Labyrinth of Lost Souls (PSN)


It was in the sale and I liked it on my Iphone when I played the Demo

Foxhound Messnager bag


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya volume 15


Anyway Thats in Thanks for reading I hope you liked the pictures Theres a lot more Pictures on my Tumble



Death Flag?

I just caught up with the Hentai Prince and Stony Cat its quite funny :P

Off to Persona 4 arena!!! :)

My favorite manga came to an end and somepre-orders

My favorite manga came to an end =[


I just finished the Last volume of Negima! Its been my favorite manga since I started it.
38 volumes and 355 chapters. The story kind of ended in volume 37,  38 was more of a wrap up and it showed what everyone did 6 years later when they grew up a bit after leaving school, Luckily the the last kind of bonus chaper was about my favorite chapter Yue :)


Honestly I'm kinda upset it came to an end as I really loved this anime. I guess the next manga that will end for me is Air Gear =?

Anyway I made some more pre-orders

Resident evil Revalations with pre-order exclusive


I unlocked Raid mode on my 3DS mode and fell in love with it, Its so fun that I wanted to get it for PS3.

K-on! College


I saw they were releasing the manga that carries on from the manga and the anime where they're grown up.

The Hentai Price of and the stony cat vol 1


Well this is more of back order, it'll take 2-4 weeks to get it from a suplier if they can, I just started watching the anime its really funny :P

Anyway I'm off now to watch some more anime =]


I need to eat too ¬_¬

I got a laptop today

Hey everyone I know another blog, But I kinda bought something big :P

I got a Laptop today, I sold my old laptop after buying my PC, but my PC is getting a bit impractical and hurts my back sitting at for along time, Also my netbook is a pain sometimes. So I've been thinking about one for awhile especially as I live at my girlfriends during the week. So I saw a really nice laptop in currys today, It was really well priced and its really nice and thin. Its only 4GB and has 320GB harddrive but I just want something to watch my anime om, as my PC kinda puts me off watching as much.



So far I'm really happy with it I'm actually lying in bed watching Railgun right now :P

I also spend a lot of time last night playing the Reminisence of Haruhi Suzumiya last night I got quite far
after figuring the game out.


Anyway in a Haruhi Mood I went on amiami and looked at pre-owned Haruhi stuff and found they had a Haruhi Beach version


So I had to buy it :P as its so insanely rare I got it for about 1/3 of the ebay price, which I could sell it for but I'm not :P and the shirt comes off


Surprisingly I'm still not spent out :P I'm saving the rest of my money now :P

Anyway back to anime :)


ARGHHH Windows 8 Sucks

I won some Ranke lee's and other stuffs

Hi everyone another blog, I've been busy at work this week been doing a lot more management accounts this week, going to applying for a new job there next week which is more money and permanent, this weeks also been pretty awesome as I went go-karting Thursday night with work, it was also a great way for everyone to get to know me abit better socially and it paid off as all the management accounts team now think I'm great =P which will also pay off when it comes to filling that position that I've been trained for

Anyway to the blog

Pick ups and deliveries

On Tuesday I think I was I picked up dragons dogma dark arisen



I picked it up as it was really cheap and contained the original game so far I like it, I'm going to play it more later,

My copy of Tears to tiara Gaiden arrived today,



it was a bit weird as I bought it from the same person as ToHeart2 DX and they were sent together but separate = I did the 1st level it's really good a lot like fire emblem

Appleseed vol 1



eBay wins

Ranka Lee emotion style



Ranka Lee limited edition white



As usual I'll post pics when they arrive They should arrive this week

I also bought a new bag for work



Atelier totori plus


What I've been mainly playing this week when I haven't been trying to finish EDF, I'm getting close to getting thelast licence, after that I think I'm gonna make separate saves and take different ending routes, But I am really loving the game, (I heart Mimi :) )

Atelier meruru


Again addictive, I left my ps3 at home this week so I haven't had it during the week as I stop at my girlfriends during the week for work. Played it for a few hours straight today though :P

Earth defence force portable


Finally finished all 60 missions took me 7. 5 hours and unlocked pale wing who's a lot of fun to play as,but I was working out for the plat you'd have to do every difficulty for each character which would be 600 levels and en you'd have to try and fill in the missing weapons you missed =?

Gundam Model kit

I finished my Char Aznable Gelgoog in the week I'm happy with it, it's sitting with my sniper Gelgoog,




Well anyway that's it I was hoping a model or two would have arrived but sadly not oh we'll there's always next week =]


Off to PS3 :P


I gotaddicted to the Atelier series

I got addicted to atelier Meruru


So Sunday I had a good laze about and started Atelier meruru and I have to say I fell in love with the game. I played it for about 6-7 hours straight :P and I cant wait to start again this weekend.


I love how you have to build up your kingdom and completing quests will build up your kingdom buy increasing its population and building etc and I recently got Mimi whos probably my favourite character in the series.

All this atelier made me purchase Atelier Totori Plus


I have it the origonal on PS3 aswell as Rorona which I never finsished.
Ive decided to try and concentrate on portable gaming during the week while at my girlfriends.

The main push was there was a bonus of 2 costumes if you bought it before a certain date. You got the Angel and Devil swimsuits.

Well finally I pre-ordered for next month a Meruru Model that comes out the end of May


Im gonna order the Atelier Arland artbook next month as well as Atelier  Ayesha next month,


gives me some time to finish meruru :P

Anyway thanks for reading.