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The Curtain closes time to take a bow

So if you got the topic tittle yes I am leaving Gamespot,

The only place I had any activity was my union Board and since theyre all going I dont really see the point of staying. 

It's something I've thought about for a long time now. I think this for me is the perfect time to leave.  I may post a monthly blog I may not I'll see how I feel but for now I'll be moving to Tumblr.

Its not all sad, I managed to finda Mika Jougaski Figma on amimai


I've wanted her ever since I first saw her ={ This Figma is extremely rare it was a limited edition only available at an event in Japan. so I'm so happy, But it was soooo expensive =? 

I'm am going to miss the people but I wont miss the site, this sites always been about people for me and I hope to see you on PSN, Tumblr and instagram which I'll leave links and stuff to later.

All I can say is

Bit of Tiger and Bunny refrence

If you want to stay in touch

I am on Steam, PSN, Tumblr and Instagram

a_4c8e4d4e.jpg psn_logo_color_trans.png?w=290&h=290&crotumblr-logo.png?w=300images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHBAdgJ9D-ZeiUCQSgOOq

My user is Hanzoadam

I will now mostly be posting on Tumblr my tumblr page is


I would have liked to give some personal goodbyes to everyone but I'd be there for ever =P

All I can say is


And to gamespot


Rocket to the face you suck

Horizon on the middle of nowhere

So recently my girlfriend has heavily got into anime and manga it's awesome, she's watched madoka magica manga and anime and loves it she's ordererd a load of nendoroids and stuff =P she's watched Baka and test, and is watching the Hentai prince and the Stoney cat now, she watched horizon with me too. So it's all pretty damn awesome


I've been watching the anime Horizon on the middle of nowhere and absolutely love it, it's one if my new favourite animes I'm 9 episodes now.


I've preordered the 2nd series blu ray, as well as K-on! The movie which are both out October.


My girlfriend preordered one of my Christmas presents today Futayo Honda from Horizon it's an amazing model



Over the weekend I finished Crysis on the PS3


It was a good game not as long as I thought it would be but good never the less. I ordered the Crysis 3 which is the only one I haven't finished yet it was cheap online.


Also been playing Xillia it's great but I think I prefer graces a lot more its just set out a lot better and nicer.


Been playing Plants vs Zombies 2 it's about time


Enjoying it so far

Anyway I'm going back to watching more Horizon


A weekend of JRPG's and July Amiami order arrived

So as tales of Xillia hadnt arrived I decided to play some other JRPG's and managed to finish 2 JRPG's I've working on

I finished Atlelier Meruru


I got the Castle life ending which I was a tad disapointed with but it was my 1st playthrough

I also managed to finish Neptunia Victory


I got the normal ending I'm working on the other endings now

My tales of Xillia arrived Monday I've put a some time into it and I'm really enjoying it so far


My copy of Tales of Vesperia was sent today


Really looking forward to playing it to be honest

Amiami order

So my amiami order for July arrived yesterday

Meruru From Atelier Meruru






Komjiki No Yami Golden Dakrness Nendoroid



Air Gear 18 limited edition with Ringo figure


GP01 Full burner Real Grade from 0083 stardust memory


Toradora! Vol 6 with special extra comic


Weiss Schwarz Sword artonline decks English version


Hinagiku Katsura Card sleeves


Gundam 0083 Anehime Electronics Girl


I also got the latest Megami which I didnt get around to photoing but I will at some point later.

Anyway I'm really sleepy its late and I've got work in the morning =[

I couldnt find a great Gif as I'm sleepy but found this very ammusing picture on Tumblr :P


If you dont get the refrence you'll be confused if you do hopefully you'll be laughing a lot :P

Thanks for reading 

Not in a good mood =[, Amiami order and gaming, got my 31st plat

Not in the best of moods had a hard and stressful week at work, really looking forward to playing Tales of Xillia over the weekend, Then the place I ordered my copy of tales of Xillia still hasnt delivered it =[ Which means I wont get it till at least Monday, I planned to play it non-stop all weekend =[ But hopefully Ill have it Monday, I have Monday and Tuesday off so I could play it then and next weekend and weve got a bank holiday next Monday too so Ill have the time next weekend too =] Still not happy though  ¬_¬ I  complained to the zavvi and cancelled my other pre-orders with them :P

Anyway stopping the moaning and onto the other stuff.

My 1st of 2 amiami parcels for the month arrived with no import charge!!!! =]


So I got the limited edition Mio Akiyama from K-on! Model I was on about





I also got Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling


It will be my 32nd Plat

The art on the game is awesome :P


I have my guide ready to play it.

I also received my Steins;gate artbook during the week its really good



Got my 31st platinum this morning Killzone HD which I've been working on, ona dn off for months, finally tidied up the last 3 trophies this morning.


It wasn't too bad, but involved finishing the game 4 times and hard was was a bit tricky at times as you have health in the game that doesnt full regenerates extremely slowly in stages. I've plated 1 and 3 but 2 takes too much time and is too hard =? can;t wait for mercenaries.

I Finished Spec  Ops the line on Hard. It was really enjoyable and it was a really good game actually not what I was expecting. The thing I found best about it as it really showed the mental and physical injuries the main character takes. It also shows at the end where youve seen things in the game which werent actually there or youve seen it differently. I started the game on FUBAR mode (extra hard though I may have to give up on it at somepoint as it is really hard.


Ive been playing a lot of Tales of innocence R. Im quite far in it now though I think I am going to have to farm some levels as the boss fights are starting get quite hard now =? But Im really enjoying it.


Ive also ordered a copy of Tales of Vesperia for PS3 from Play asia, It says that it will be shipped in 1 week which I assume means its on back order or something Im just hoping they can carry out the order =]


I also finished my lego minecraft set its pretty awesome =]


Anyway Im off to play Neptunia V or tales of graces F or something as I cant play Xillia as Zavvi suck, If you have your copy I hate you till mine arrives =P


If I could shoot Zavvi in the face I would :P

Went out shopping for the day yesterday and gaming

Went shopping yesterday and been gaming a bit

So yesterday I went shopping with girlfriend in Milton Keynes It was really nice and we had a really nice day but I bought a few things

First off Cowboy bebop Blu ray Part 1


One of my favourite series of all time if youve not seen it watch it, I have the original DVD but the this came with an artbook and wasnt too expensive and the pictures a lot better re-watching it now for the 10th something time truly amazing anime thats still amazing 15 years later. Pre-ordered part 2 which comes out next month.


The most awesome Lego set ever from the lego store


Its a Minecraft lego set. Ive seen it online before but I could bring why self to leave the stopre with out, if it was stupidly pricey. Not built it yet, though its mainly a set to make your own stuff with. Its freaking awesome though. I'll post when I've built it.

I also bought a new jacket and wallet which was expensive


My girlfriend bought a matching one but peach instead of orange. I kinda have a thing for dark colours with Orange.

Other stuff I got beforehand

The Horizon on the middle of nowhere Season 1 Blu ray


Tiger and Bunny vol 2




I liked ghost in the shell origonal manga so I wanted to try some of Masamune Shirows other works

Some new earphones as mine broke =(



I started Spec Ops the line on hard it was on PS+ So far its not bad just a little hard the enviromnet is really intresting probably one the best I've seen its like rapture with sand


I finished Black ops 2 on Veteran, I like the challenge to do the call of duty games on the hardest difficulty. I cant beleive it was only worth two silver and a bronze =?


Neptunia V


I kinda fudged my file =? So I started again, Bought the school girl costume for Noire :P I <3 Noire

Anyway thanks for reading


Anime, new anime, new pick ups and pre-orders and Gundam Hazel

Hey everyone second time Ive done this blog as windows 8 decided to crash stupid operating system.

Anyway Quick blog on anime and pre-orders and stuffs


I finished part 1 of Steins:gate have to say its one of the best animes Ive watched I love, it I ended on a cliff hanger :? And I have to wait till the end of September for Part 2. I know I could watch it online but I kinda want to watch it on blu ray.


But I really recommend it Amane Suzha is my favourite :)


I finshed Part 3 of Tiger and Bunny too which was great but like Steins:gate kinda ended on a cliff hanger, but I only have to wait a month for Part 4.



Ive bought a load of anime too

I bought Samurai Girls Blu ray


Ive watched the 1st episode last night, Ive seen the 1st episode before when it aired but was kinda too busy to carry it on. Its a lot ecchier than I remember unless the DVD/Blu ray copies are uncut or something I dont know =?

Corpse Princess Season 2 (Sikabane Himia)


Finally found season 2 that wasnt stupidly over priced :)

K-on! Series 1


Finally got around to getting it eventually, and all I can say is the dub is sooo bad, probably the worst dub Ive come across :? So its subs again :P

On K-on! My copy of K-on! College arrived


reading now its very very good Im really liking it.

On the same theme amiami had this Rare exclusive Limited edition Mio Akiyama model


So I bought it :P Ive always wants a Mio model but never got around to it :? I'm quite kooky as its over £100 on ebay

and Steins:gate Hiyokurenri No Darlin (Got a guide already to play it)


which have both been shipped.

Steins:gate Soushisouai no True Memories  artbook which has also been posted from Japan


I also got picked up Silent Hill Book of memories


Finding it a tad difficult :?

and Puella Magi Oriko Magica vol 1 Which Ill read soon.



on to pre-orders kinda went a tad overboard :? But Ive budgeted it all in :P

God Eater 2 (November) Though if an English version is announced soon after I will cancel  it


Ranka Lee Nendoroid (Sep)


Mikoto Misaka Nendoroid (Oct)


Kurisu Makise Nendoroid (Sep)


Kurisu Makise Mug and lid


Theres also a new line of Gunpla to go with a new series ending later this year

HGBF 1/144 Zaku (Oct)


HGAW 1/144 Gundam Double X (Oct)


HGBF 1/144 Gundam X Maoh (Nov)


HGUC 1/144 Victory Gundam (Nov)


On the same topic I finished my Gundam Hazel Custom




Anyway Im off gonna play some EX troopers I think

Thanks for reading


need more Steins:gate!!!! :P

June Amiami order arrived and some other stuff, and my 30th platinum trophy

So my orders seemed to all have arrived this week. So Ill go through them

First off yesterday I got this lot


Dynasty warriors 8


Been playing it none stop pretty much I love it, came with some DLC

Steins;gate Part 1 Blu ray episodes 1-12


Going to start it later, Really lookign forward to it

Tiger and Bunny Part 3


Watched it earlier :P Cant wait for part 4 next month

Black Rock Shooter the series DVD


Blazblue Continuum shift extend


Today I got my amiami order


Hyper dimension Neptunia PP Limited edition



It came with an exclusive vita skin


Going to play it later on

Wild Tiger SHFigurarts




Megami The Hentai prince and the stony cat special with  tsukiko tsutsukakushi nendoroid petite



Supersonico Car sleeves


Horizon on the middle of nowhere Neito deck case


Hinagiku Katsura Key chain and strap


Well thats it a lot to keep my busy :P

I got my 30th Platinum this trophy


The platinum for ToHeart2 DX Plus
I was missing three trophies one for the all the music which I found out I just had to go on the music screen as I have collected it all and collect all the CG. I was missing two CG's one was a pain to get but I got it eventually which came with a trophy and which finished the CG collection and gave me the plat.

Anyway thanks for reading Im off for some more Dynasty warriors 8. I have a few new pre-orders but Ill post this in the week


Backs to Dynasty warriors

Tales of innocence R, Project X zone, Touch love application, Hyped for Friday

So I got free new games last week,

Tales of Innocence R


I'm playing it now and enjoying it very much, I've got my translated walkthrough and going through it.

Project X zone


Was released the week before but didnt get mine till moday, Silly amazon, So far its fun especially seeing all the diffrent characters, Not met the Valkyria chronicles or Renocense of fate characters yet :?

Touch Love application


I've not played it yet, It was a whim pre-order for Playasia Going to play it this weekend at night along with some Gal*gun, but I am going to be busy this weekend.

I also pre-ordered Ys: Memories of Celceta which out september


Well anyway I'm off but before I go I'll explain why I'm uber hyped for Friday, Basically friday is the release of Dynasty Warriors 8!!!! as most of you know I'm a huge fan.


Can't wait to seeing more Wang Yuanji on my screen <3

I've even booked Friday off work :P

Watching lots of anime, finally finished Fire emblem and my 1/100 Sinanju


So Anime I've been watching a lot of anime recently. I finished some of last seasons animes

I finished Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties


Another Hayate the combat butler series the 4th one now :? (not including the movie) I enjoyed it, it focused on a diffrent female heroine each week, I really enjoy the series especially the manga so if your a fan I recomened it


The Hentai prince and the Stoney cat


In generaly its enterntaining and funny but a bit weird. Its about a cat statue that can grant wishes but is really funny, Really recomend watching it.


A bit of an older one I finished GJ-Bu Chuutou-bu


Its a very entertaining slice of life anime with no real plot but I really enjoyed it, though I though the ending a was a little disappointing and uneventful


I finished the 2nd Tiger and Bunny blu ray and it was awesome :P I finished one of the story arcs which was very entertaining where the heroes have to fight this one incredibly powerful next one on one and if they don't win he will blow up Heroes city. I love this anime so much and I can't wait to get the next volume next week


Finally new anime series. So far I've only watched Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3.


I read the synopsis and it interestedme, to begin with I wasnt too impressed but it really picked up it was really entertaining I'm looking forward to the next one. It started of a little like K-on! but instead of instruments its airsoft guns :P


Other stuffs

Finished Fire emblem


After owning it for a while I finally got around to finishing, I really enjoyed Tharja was my favorite :)


I think I may start it again as a Male character

1/100 MG Sinanju


I finally finished it it took me nearly 15 hours but its done and its awesome I'm so happy with it :)







Pre-orders and Purchases

Finally I pre-ordered Mikoto Misaki Nendoroid that's realeased in October.


I also bought cubeworld but its lagging on my Laptop :? So I'm gonna have to wait and play it on my PC at the weekend.


Thanks for reading I'm going to go watch some more anime and read some manga :)





Demon Gaze and Lots and Lots of new Stuff

So I got Demon Gaze this week

So Far its fantastic, Excitingly its rumoured to be getting localised. Its a great dungeon crawler and the character designs are great. I've been playing it quite a lot and I'm really enjoying it.

New stuffs


Demon Gaze




I've pre-otdered the 2nd game and saw the 1st one pretty cheap on amiami so I though I'd order it

I also picked Black ops 2 today becuase it was cheap and I wanted a game I could blow some steam off with



So Last week I picked up


Tiger and Bunny Blu Ray part 1 and 2 (I've pre-ordered parts 3 which is later this month and 4 too) I started watching atuni and loved it but never got around to finishing it, Its such a great series so Watch it


Clannad After story part 2



Durarara! Vol 4


Durarara! Saik arc Vol 2


Mayo Chiki! vol 3


Everything else

Evangelion NERV iPhone 5 case


Sasara Kasugawa Valkyrie Aquaplus Ver, Nendoroid, with Meryan Petite Nendoroid



Idolm@ster Mika Strap


Tomoya Stiker which is on my laptop with Mimi


MoeKanji with amiami exclusive mini scroll


Moeru! Encyclpedia of Demons


Moeru! Encyclpedia of Fairies


Finished Gunpla

I finished my 1/144 Blue frame


Anyway I think thats it I pre-ordered a few more stuff but I'll go through them another time

I want them to do a Shion Model :cry:


Anyway I'm sleepy thanks for reading